Go fly a kite, or watch the pros do it. Both are welcome at the 10th annual Kite Party in Huntington Beach.

herokiteparty Flyin’ High in Huntington Beach: The Kite Party Returns March 10 11

Whatever you do, don’t call it a Kite Festival. It’s much cooler than that, and the kitegoers will probably kick you out for it. The Kite Party will celebrate its 10th year of feel-good, fun-loving, high-flying stunts this year. Dave Shenkman, owner of the Kite Connection on the HB pier, once again hosts this amazing beach bash.

kitepartypics Flyin’ High in Huntington Beach: The Kite Party Returns March 10 11

See crazy, inconceivable kite stunts from die-hard fliers from around the world. The event goes down (or up) March 10th and 11th from 11 am-dusk. There’s music (even synced to the flying), demos and lots of all-around free spirits out to have a good time. It’s free by the way, and you can bring your own kite to fly in areas outside the main flying field, which is reserved for experienced, registered participants.

kiteparty2012 Flyin’ High in Huntington Beach: The Kite Party Returns March 10 11

You can watch the pros performing at random times throughout the day and an “All Kites Up” event (geared toward having as many kites as possible up and all flying at the same time) will happen around 3:00 p.m. each day.

The kite gurus at the show have often known each other for years and come together to socialize, improvise and just hang with their fellow fliers. The one Kite Party rule: no grumps allowed. Shenkman says, “If you aren’t in a splendid mood, happy to be here, and an overall downright friendly person, you’ll be picked on, then asked to leave.”

hbcrowd Flyin’ High in Huntington Beach: The Kite Party Returns March 10 11

Expect huge crowds on the sand and pier, as people come from up and down the West coast (and across the U.S.) to attend. All ages, all kinds of kites, all around a really great time.

And look for Dave Shenkman on the mic calling out the tricks—such as stunts with over 65 kite lines crossed. It’s not to be missed, particularly if you’re a high-on-life kind of person.

North & south side of the HB Pier
11:00 AM til dusk
March 10-11, 2012

Debbie Lavdas is a Southern California freelance writer who hit the Kite Party last year and will be back, with a smile on her face, this year. You can keep up with her and her writings at DebbieintheOC.com.

All photos courtesy of The Kite Party & John Chilese


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