Pasadena Residents To Participate In Disaster Preparedness Training

PASADENA (CBS) — About 150 Pasadenans were expected to participate in disaster preparedness training Saturday.

The four-hour program at the Church of The Nazarene on East Sierra Madre Boulevard is scheduled to get under way at 9 a.m.

The course is being offered by the Pasadena Fire Department and will include a variety of drills, according to a news release by the department.

Participants are expected to learn how to extinguish fires, as well as basic first aid and how to rescue disaster survivors from rubble.

Joy Benedict, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, said the program was created in response to the Nov. 30, historic windstorm that toppled countless trees, damaged homes and left hundreds of thousands in the region without power, some for days.

  • pasadena_resident

    yeah because the windstorm that took place on nov. 30 was a huge fail! Pasadena did a horrible job in responding to residents in regards to power being restored! My family was without power for over a week! Thats an entire week without anything! and pasadena water and power failed for not providing information to us!!! Instead they kept lying and saying power will be on soon. Lie lie lie! Imagine if theres really a disaster… we all would die and must fend for ourselves! Massive fail! Pasadena would never be able to handle any natural disaster!

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