Breitbart Autopsy Results ‘Deferred’ Pending Toxicology Tests

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Los Angeles County Coroner’s office has made an announcement regarding an autopsy on conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart.

The statement read as follows, “The examination took place, today, 03/02/2012. The final cause of death has been “Deferred” pending the receipt of toxicological and microscopic studies. It is anticipated that these test results should be available in 4 to 6 weeks. Once the results have been received and evaluated, a final cause of death will be entered for Mr. Breitbart.

No further information or reports will be available until the final cause of death is established.”

The statement was issued by Craig R. Harvey, Chief Coroner Investigator & Chief of Operations.

  • Keats

    ARE YOU SERIOUS? NO COMMENTS? Obviously it wasn’t a massive coronary. Is this a murder investigation yet!

    • E. Joyce

      Sorry sparky, the sane folks know Bretbart was not a real journalist and he had nothing important to announce. There is no conspiracy. Or murder. Except in your head.

  • Texan waiting for Texas to secede

    Of course he was murdered. And if the CIA can’t swap out the results of the toxicology test in those 6 weeks, what do we give them billions of dollars for?!

    Democracy is supposed to elect more skillful liars than this!!!

    • Loose Era

      So you concede the toxicology will show he was drunk and coked up at the time he croaked?

  • E. Joyce

    That people actually think Breitbart was significant enough with his misologic nonsense that he was somehow murdered by the government demonstrates the degree of insanity that’s taken hold of a certain party of people in our country. I guess if I looked at the video in reverse I’d find the tin foil hat conspiracy that has been kept in secrecy for four years. Yeah.

  • Adam lee

    Breitbart has uncovered the tip of the ice berg. Stay tuned for the crime of the century, the harm Obama has done to America. We pray for him as well as all the leadership. God bless America.

    • E. Joyce

      Deliberate ignorance is the greatest crime of all. My truth, your truth, is not always THE truth.Always seek THE truth,no matter how uncomfortable and believe it, even if you discover you are wrong.

      • Virginia

        Someone REALLY needs to take her own advice.

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