WINCHESTER (CBS) — It was a story that involved deadly gunfire and a house torched in East Hollywood about two weeks ago. Now, a woman who survived that attack is speaking about it for the first time from her family’s home in Winchester.

The woman, Shaunna Heth, was the shooter’s intended target that day.

She told us that she never saw it coming and did not even know that her ex-boyfriend had a gun.

The shooting on February 16 left two dead and three others injured, one of whom was Heth.

Heth, now home recovering with her family, suffered a gunshot wound to her eye and another shattered her jaw, which is now wired shut.

Using a white board, she explained to us what happened that day, when her ex-boyfriend, Mario Hernandez, busted through her front door.

Heth said that she was in the shower when Hernandez kicked in the bathroom door.

She said that he had already shot her roommates and had set part of the house on fire.

She made it to the laundry room, where she was shot.

Hernandez shot her once in the face and she fell. She tried to block him, so he would not shoot again.

But Hernandez fired again.

Heth said that she then played dead and that is when Hernandez shot himself.

He said, “We’re both going to die together,” before firing the shot and falling on Heth, she said.

Heth, a mother of two children, said that while she was not dating Hernandez, she continued to allow him to work for her graphic design business.

In the days leading up to the shooting, she said that he seemed depressed and was worried that he would end up homeless.

“We don’t have any answers as to why this happened really, said Heth’s mother, Kerri McCullough. “We want people to know that we’re extremely grateful to have her here. And we’re extremely grateful that the others are alive. We’re extremely worried about everybody.”

All of Heth’s possessions were burned in the fire.

She presently cannot work as a graphics artist and her medical bills are rising. Her family has set up a website to accept donations. Click here if you would like to help.

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  1. Junior says:

    She is a Liar, She stole money from her boyfriend and his business.

  2. David says:

    Even if your ridiculous allegation is true, which I, knowing her family, am sure it is not, is that a reason to shoot someone? You need to get a clue

    1. Junior says:


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