Apple plans a Big Announcement. This probably isn't it.

So the Milwaukee Zoo is letting its Orangutans have access to iPads. And they like them: especially the drawing function.  FaceTime, maybe not so much. A nonprofit group called “Orangutan Outreach”  is watching to see if the Milwaukee orangutans like iPads enough to get other zoos to sign up. If the monkeys are so smart (They’re not monkeys, Kent, they’re orangutans. -Ed.), why aren’t they doing some comparison shopping against the more affordable Kindle Fire?

Orangutan Outreach is looking for consumers — human consumers, I imagine — who are tired of their old iPads,  to donate them.  The program is called Apps for Apes. Hey!  I don’t even have an iPad, and they’re giving them to the monkeys? Let’s see a monkey write a clever blog. (Too easy. -Ed.)

Well, I saw Planet of the Apes,  and I know what could happen. I say the orangutans should be perfectly happy doing what they’ve been doing for years: watching basic cable.

(Photo credit:  National Post)



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