Restaurant Calls Photo Of Banker’s 1 Percent Tip, ‘Get A Real Job’ Message A Hoax

NEWPORT BEACH (CBS) — A wealthy banker set off public outrage after he allegedly followed up a $133 meal by leaving his waitress a one percent tip and a personal tip – “Get a real job”. But the restaurant where it supposedly happened said it is all a hoax.

According to Huffington Post, CNN and several other news sites, a person claiming to be an employee of the “wealthy” banker took a photo of the receipt and posted it on a blog, “Future Ex-Banker”. The blogger paired the photo with their own caption:

“Mention the ’99 percent’ in my boss’ presence and feel his wrath. So proudly does he wear his 1 percent badge of honor that he tips exactly 1 percent every time he feels the server doesn’t sufficiently bow down to his Holiness. Oh, and he always makes sure to include a ‘tip’ of his own.”

hoax receipt Restaurant Calls Photo Of Bankers 1 Percent Tip, Get A Real Job Message A Hoax

(credit: Huffington Post)

The blogger surmised that the post would probably mean losing his or her job. Not surprisingly, soon after the blog started getting a lot of public attention it was taken down.

The post set off a hailstorm of online comments that touched on the 1% vs. 99% class warfare embodied by the Occupy movement.

The Huffington Post posted a correction to their story, indicating that the restaurant called the blog’s photo “altered and exaggerated”.

The restaurant told CBS2/KCAL9 that they have been receiving hundreds of phone calls and e-mails from people outraged over the reported story. They have confirmed that the receipt was changed and that the original receipt lists the meal as just over $30, with a 20 percent tip and no message aimed at the waitress.

  • mojo

    Maybe the service WAS lousy, did you ever think of that? What is the restaurant patron supposed to do now tip the waitstaff on EFFORT?

    People go to restaurants for the food but ALSO for the service. If you don’t know how to be a good waitperson or can’t learn then YES, you should get another job. It is no different than being lousy at repairing cars or cutting hair.

    • Zman

      They say its a fake, but is it really….
      Or was it removed because it shined a bad light on the situation.
      Either way, there is so much other stuff going on now days, to pay attention too.

    • Mike

      get a clue. the “banker” never left the lousy tip and did not leave the belittling note. It was a HOAX…what part of HOAX do you not understand????

    • Paul

      Which part of Hoax are you having trouble with? Or are you just one of the HuffPo/DailyKooks/MSNBC dimwit patrons who doesn’t care about whether a story is real or not just that it fits the narrative?

    • Tomas

      It was a hoax! By the way, a tip is earned. It must be difficult to you to grasp.

    • james g

      Why are you clowns commenting on an article you clearly have not read? The whole story is a hoax. Do you know what a hoax is?

    • FidelityBraveryIntegrity

      @ Heresyourtip……SHUT UP!!!!!!

    • JohnD

      Did you even read the article Dummy?
      IT WAS A HOAX!!! You do know what a hoax is don’t you? Idiot.

    • j james

      I cannot believe that people would read something like this fake story and get so worked up.Look either start reading if you can, or go back to your mommies basement.Not necessarily the post I am responding to, but just look at some of the garbage.

    • RHO

      Can’t you read? It says it was a hoax and the banker left a 20% tip. You owe him an apology.

    • fungoking

      Poor example. My boss can’t withhold 30% of my salary due to a contract; a bonus is a different matter. The entire “tip” system should be done away with, pay wait staff a fair salary, and put the total price in the menu.

    • bob

      if it was a banker and if he did leave the note and if he was a jerk and if he was part of the 1% and if …

      THEN i hate him…

      always waiting for an opportunity to hate someone and have some kind of self righteous indignation otherwise what else do you have to live for…

    • HeresYourTip

      This story, like most of the stuff being dumped on cbslocal linked to by the Drudge Report over the last 2 weeks, is completely made up.

      Unelected officials have taken over Washington and the media following the coup and cover up. They’re afraid people can’t handle the truth. We have no democracy, no president, and freedom of press is only an illusion.

      Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

    • Billiam Hillary

      Its a fake you goof.

    • WarPony

      I most always tip 15% or better and offer verbally “Sea Biscuit in the 5th at Aqueduct.” Always gets a laugh.

      • Ed

        Don’t bag your own groceries.
        I love that one

      • astralweeks

        ‘Buy low, sell high’ is also an excellent tip (after leaving 20%)

      • TiminPhx

        “Don’t smoke in bed,” was one I always liked…

        And yes, it’s amazing and so typical of the liberal mind, that even after the story confirms what anyone with a brain knew, that this was a hoax, so many little leftists want to still be outraged.

      • MemphisRebel

        “Here’s a condom. Don’t reproduce.” is sometimes appropriate depending on the establishment.

      • EntireStoryIsAHoax

        Everything about this story is made up like anything getting national attention and linked to cbslocal from the Drudge Report. After the coup and cover up it’s hard to believe much of anything reported.

        Made up news, polling numbers, fabricated surges, idiotic endorsements, delayed vote counts, I cannot imagine democracy prevailing in November.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        The biggest cover up in world history starts here

    • Julie Zanzig

      I am a server and will be the first one to admit that sometimes I deserve to getted stiffed. The paying guest doesn’t have to care why my service was not top notch.

      • JustAGuy

        I am a stickler for tipping at least 15%, sometimes more for superior service.

        But then again, I’m not part of the 1% and I think Occupiers are morons.

      • ZMEEKER

        Makes sense to me.

      • ZMEEKER

        Hey! This comment was meant to be a reply to Julie Zanzig’s comment.

    • E. T.

      the government tax’s on tips it doesn’t matter if you get them or not. bad service is usually caused by a snafu in the kitchen. thanks to reagan’s tax policy tips are mandatoraly taxed there fore , thanks to the government not tipping is stealing. welcome to europe

    • Patriot Act

      So the picture was photoshopped, eh? What does that remind you of? It wouldn’t surprise me if it was done by the same hack graphic artist who did Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate. After all, the class warfare meme is part and parcel of the Obama campaign, coming straight from the top.

      • robadude32

        Come November we are throwing the trash out of the White House so we can get all this BS behind us!

    • LA_SUX

      @andrew You spend too much time in the back hitting the reefer if you think 20 percent is just a good tip. That’s an excellent tip in my book. Let just say I go to your restaurant that has a ridiculous mark up on the food and drink that cost me $100 for a meal. The waiter, sorry server, spends a total of 10 minutes explaining the menu, refilling my drinks, placing and retrieving my order and you feel they deserve $20 dollars for that. Do you think and feel that server deserve $120 an hour for what they do(based of $20 for 10 min. of work)? I certainly don’t think the skills of a server merits that. I know the honest hour of work that took me to earn $20 was way more intense and skillful.

      We’ve heard your whining before “if you have ever worked in the restaurant industry” nonsense. Try this one on, if you ever worked outside the restaurant industry you would know that earning $20 an hour requires way more work than simply “would you like to hear our specials today” or “can I get you a refill.

      Get over yourself you’re not that special.

    • Mitch

      Reading comprehension is not your strong suit is it?

    • Rich

      Read the article. It said the original receipt had no message to the waitress.

    • Alex

      My take is this: Good service, tip. Bad service, don’t even THINK you’re getting a tip, and I may also speak to the manager.

    • Spoofen

      This was a hoax! Dang, very smart, since it went viral on youtube so now the poster got alot of checks from youtube.

  • Pat

    At least he paid the bill; when my daughter had a first job as a waitress, people not only didn’t tip, they walked out without paying. When that happened, her pay was docked for the amount of the bill.

    • Tom

      “When that happened, her pay was docked for the amount of the bill.”

      Yeah, I highly doubt that.

      • colonel

        indeed – often the server doeshave to pay for the skipped payor

      • ex-bartender

        actually Tom in most restaurants the server is responsible for walk outs. In a restaurant a server holds the money paid to them throughout the night. At the end of the night a sales report is run that tallies cash, credit card and promo sales. The server owes cash paid for cash transactions less the tips from credit cards. If someone walks out that is typically closed to cash and therefore comes of out of the servers tips. So since the servers pay is based on tips, the servers pay is “docked” for walkouts.

      • Patrick

        happens all the time

  • marc

    @ annalee DOING US A FAVOR?? how do you figure? yes you do all the things that you listed BUT that is YOUR JOB you are doing NO ONE a favor. yes wait staff does not get paid a decent wage but that is not the customers fault that is the CHEEP ASS OWNER of the restraunts who should pay you better to start with. do you tip your auto machanic? do you tip your the people at the market?? do you tip your doctor?? no and why not? BECAUSE THE PEOPLE IN THOSE JOBS HAVE THE SENCE TO PAY THEIR PEOPLE RIGHT TO START WITH. the concept of having to tip someone to do the job they already get paid for is a stupid concept if it was a bright one then every job would accept tips and as you know only food service does. not even the box person at the market can take tips and i know as fact they get a rotton wage also

    • JimmyJohn

      here’s a tip: learn to spell

    • J.

      If the “cheap ass owners” paid better, no one would be able to afford to eat out.

  • greg

    @Annalee, you hate America because you are a waitress? Assuming you’re not a student working through school than you are an uneducated adult who has nobody to blame for your inability to get a career job except either your parents or yourself, nobody else. Also, you’re not doing us a favor serving us, it’s the JOB you took, I wish you posted where you work so I could come by, sit in your station and just complain about the service and leave you a .10 tip (not 10% but 10 cent)

  • John

    We know it was a hoax now. And for the record, you’re not doing someone a favor serving them if you are paid. They are doing you a favor by spending money to eat out rather than cooking at home for a fraction of the cost.

    • astralweeks

      Poor J, still desperately trying to believe in the 1%, 99% b.s. By the way, a new AP poll shows 75% believe ‘the rich’ should pay 30% in income tax. In reality they pay 35%, meaning 75% believe the rich pay more than their fair share.

    • B

      J, you just want to hate someone who makes more money than you. Even if proven false, you’ll continue to believe it is real and continue to parrot the “1%” BS. Grow up.

    • demsvoteblindly

      Something tells me J you are part of the 49.5%… that’s the number of people who do not pay taxes. Us 50.5% are tired of paying your share!

    • demsvoteblindly

      But J you believe the story of someone that has since shut down their blog and twitter account since the truth has come out… Thanks for proving you are your village idiot.

    • Billiam Hillary

      “J” cannot handle the truth.

    • ladyruth54

      John, my daughter is waitstaff at Outback and only gets paid a salary of $2.15 an hour plus tips. That is typical of most restaurants. They depend on tips to make a decent wage.

      • Nick

        They should change the law to require servers to be paid minimum wage.

      • Tina

        And it’s been $2.15 an hour for over 20 yrs. Most restaurants are too cheap to hire cashiers/hostesses and the servers take on the extra jobs at no extra pay from the establishment. This takes time away for them to give good service. Also, when there is a walk out, the restaurant doesn’t take the loss, the server does. Next time you feel you are not getting proper service, look around, if the server is running around frantic, at least she is trying. She is trying to juggle all the different jobs that are put upon her. If the server is just standing around or walking like she is in a comma, then yes, bad service on her account, If you’ve never done the job, then you don’t know what it’s like. It is not an easy job, like most people think.

      • John

        ladyruth, that may be the case, but it doesn’t make your daughter’s (or any other member of a waitstaff’s) job a favor that she is doing out of the goodness of her heart. It’s a service that she is paid for, no matter how little that might be. People do now have to eat out. They can still get food from the store and cook it themselves for a lower price. I never said anything about the tipping itself. As a rule, I tip double the sales tax when I eat out. I just objected to someone saying she was doing the customer a favor by waiting on them. Your job isn’t a favor.

      • John

        By law, if they don’t make enough in tips, the owner has to make up the difference to reach minimum wage for the week.

  • duh

    @Dave – Obvious Pat troll post was obvious. As a police officer, you weren’t a detective, correct?

  • Pat

    About 15 years ago in California.

  • Video: The 1% tip hoax « Hot Air

    […] The story was too good to be true.  A wealthy banker runs up a three-figure bill, only tips 1% (!), and writes a note to the server to “get a real job” as a parting insult.  CNN, Huffington Post, and other media outlets ran with the story of the arrogant banker and his miserly recompense to the help.  There was only one thing wrong — it really was too good to be true: […]

  • Eddie

    That’s the difference. Service is included in most European countries because the waitstaff gets a higher wage and health benefits included in their salary as well. However, it is not uncommon to leave waitstaff some Euros on their table if their service was very good.

  • Patricia D

    Okay, was I the only one reading this was a hoax?

    • mugsy

      wow pat, i was asking myself the same thing, this country is in trouble, human procreation has really taken a turn for the worse

    • littlemike

      I thought I was the only one, LOL! And are we surprised that it was a hoax perpetrated by a fleabagger?

      • LA Doc

        Yea, funny how that “fleabagger” suckered all you crybaby, liberal, “victims,” huh?

    • Chris

      Never let the facts get in the way of a good rant.

  • Ronchris

    The writing was added to the payment slip AFTER the people left.
    The bill was a
    The tip was actually about 20%.

  • Tom

    I read the comments hear and you are not reading the news piece. It was doctored. Never happened. In California waitstaff has to be paid a minimum. They do not have to make up the Min wage in tips. And to Pat,. State law and fed law does not allow an employer to deduct from a employees wages theft by a customer. Or even breakage, they can terminate you for breakage if its recurring. And BTW pat dine and dash is not that common. A lot of waitstaff has come to think a tip is not a gratuity for good or great service but now an entitlement

  • ChangFow

    lol, thats amazing, pretty elaborate hoax I think.

  • J.

    Because the feds allow service workers to get paid BELOW minimum wage, that’s why. So unless you really think people should work for wages that are well below poverty level, you should freaking tip.

    I think everyone should be required to spend a year waiting tables, it might teach them to respect hard working people who get paid jack spit to serve them.

    • Dan

      Nice try, this was supposed to have happened in California.


      “Unlike many other states, tipped employees in California are also entitled to the full minimum wage of $8.00 per hour”

    • Maeve Sheren

      Umm, if you are a good waiter, you make good money in tips. If you suck as a waiter, you should NOT be tipped because why would society want to encourage people who suck at a certain job to continue in that job providing good service?

      I think everyone who is a waiter should spend time being the victim of a bad waiter. It might teach them to respect the customer more and understand why many people have problems with tipping bad service.

    • Macfad

      It’s not the customer’s place to provide a waiter a decent living, that’s the EMPLOYER’s job. Stop demanding tips from waiters and start demanding at least minimum wage from the employer!

  • User

    It’s easy to fool the willing.

    • astralweeks

      Brilliant six word statement sums it all up.

      • Chris

        A lot of people realy, realy wanted this story to be true.

  • longun45

    The exercise that was demonstrated here, is that most people jump to conclusions. That is most exercise they get. Many media outlets are content to just parrot PURE BS, before they engage their brain. Or do any thing that actually looks like journalism. Wonder why we don’t listen to the media anymore?

    Facts just confuse them.

  • alongfortheride

    This is what happens when biased news orgs (Huffpo, CNN, Yahoo and others) get too eager to parrot the Obama class warfare theme without checking their sources. Nobody should be surprised that this was a hoax.

    • T.K.R.C.

      exactly. i read the story yesterday and knew immediately it was a politically motivated hoax.

  • James

    So a banker who works with numbers and money everyday rounds 5’s down?? I don’t think so. Everyone I know with money has started off poor, waiting tables and working minimum wage jobs. They always tip well above 15%. This story is bogus and is just trying to promote class warfare.

    • Anonymous

      a $34 bill from that restaurant is nearly impossible. $ 133.00 is more likely and that restaurant is likely now afraid of the 1%’er lawyers and trying to diffuse the situation to avoid being sued into bankruptcy .

      Original complaint post still most likely
      no menu combo would add up to $ 34

  • Bob

    Okay THIS WAS A HOAX you service whinning fools. Most, MOST, people tip well, including “bankers”. This was an attempt to cause more attacks on the “1%ers” Gawd, I hate that term….Remember, chances are it’s a “1%er” that OWNS the business that gives you a job and wage….

  • Jim

    News flash, did you hear, it was a hoax!!

  • ablecynic

    Reading all the blogs is better than going to the zoo to watch the animals. I love to read the liberals go nuts. And best of all, the original story was a fake! Some bigoted liberal wrote a lie that the HuffPo sucked on like a commercial s*x worker in Olongapo City. What clowns these liberals are!!

  • Drew

    service staff are allowed to be paid lower than the fed/state minimum wage to allow for competitiveness in marketplace for staff. The waiter/waitress that you feel shouldn’t be tipped for taking care of your wants is probably only getting paid $4.00 an hour. If you think this is sufficient for taking care of you and your party for an hour or two in your day then there is something seriously wrong with you and your perspective of the world.

    The amount of a tip should never be reflected back on the total of a bill but on the quality of the service received.

    • annoyed

      If a server doesn’t earn more at least minimum wage with tips the employer is obliged to make up the difference. Nobody makes less than minimum wage,even if they never get a penny in tips. If your service is so bad nobody wants to tip you, maybe you should get a different job, one you don’t suck at.
      Get over yourselves you ignorant SOBs, you don’t know everything. You don’t even know what you’re talking about.

  • NH DAD

    Thank you for your comment Mr. Pink.

  • John Purl


  • Bruce Benedict

    You sound like you have the perfect disposition for a customer service job. Keep up the great work, I’m sure you’ll be a success!

    • Double J

      OMG!!! Best answer to date!!

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