LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Another top law enforcement official has come out publicly in favor of driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca said he would get behind a “sensible” plan to issue licenses to illegal immigrants who have been in the country for years without breaking any other laws, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Baca’s support comes the same week Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck said he believed the state of California should issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, although they don’t have to be identical to regular driver’s licenses.

Beck said he believed allowing illegal immigrants to have driver’s licenses would reduce the number of hit-and-run accidents and uninsured drivers on the roads.

Baca says he would support licenses for illegal immigrants only after they fill out comprehensive applications, similar to those for citizenship. These licenses should be up for renewal annually and noticeably different from those issued to citizens.

It’s not the first time Baca has thrown his support behind driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants. A decade ago, he headed up a task force for then Gov. Gray Davis exploring a plan to give licenses to illegal immigrant. The controversial issue eventually led to Davis’ recall.

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Comments (35)
  1. Rooney says:

    Well, whatever you said, I agree. They’re both sleeping with the mayor. It’s all about votes!

    1. sparky says:

      It takes a special kind of idiot to agree with something he doesn’t even understand.

  2. wobbles says:

    How about these tools stop runninig their mouths and ENFORCE THE LAW. Their job isn’t to make law or even have an opinion, it’s to do their job and enforce the laws WE make.

  3. Lame says:

    Lets see, too Hispanic officials ignoring the law to benefit their countrymen….Scarry stuff people….Next thing they’ll be advocating for their rights to vote.

  4. GREAT says:

    Hey, this means we can ALL carry concealed weapons (you too growapair) because now the cops ignore laws then advocate for the rights of the law breakers!!!! SWEET!

    Then later, they’ll be advocating that all criminals get CCW permits out of compassion!!! NICE!!!

    After all, cars kill people just like guns kill people and illegal is illegal right?

  5. Rooney says:

    I am from Canada. Twelve yearss ago I became a citizen. I studied, paid my fees, and stood there proudly, taking my oath of citizenship. I did it all legally. This story makes me ill and so sad. That certificate means a lot to me and these buffoons make what I did worthless. Keep giving illegals freebees and there will no longer be an America. Shame on them! Everyone needs to bombard their offices with e-mails.

    1. diane says:

      I also came from Canada and did everything required to become a US citizen. I am very opposed to issuing liceses to illegals who should be arrested and returned to Mexico. Where are they getting money to pay for a car and as soon as they get insuranc, they will cancel it the next day. All of these idiots who want to change the law are hispanic.

      1. Astonished says:

        Congratulations to both of you! You should always be proud of that certificate! My co-worker said it took 20-years for her to enter the United States legally, and some of her family are still waiting. Hopefully legal residents and citizens will start screaming at their law makers to stop this madness.

        As far as I’m concerned it is reverse discrimination against legal citizens. We sure don’t get anything handed to us like this!!

  6. Mad Monk says:

    What’s wrong with this picture! An illegal is an illegal and should not have ANY priveledges in this Country. If you condone this as right, you should re-nouce your citizenship and loose your rights here too.
    Pack your bags idiots, and go back to Mexico.

    1. GROWAPAIR says:

      Mad Monk

      Sorry about all of my immature, mean posts everyone. My boyfriend left me and now I have to scour the bars in West Hollywood to find tricks- I am always tired so forgive my ignorant ways.

      1. mike says:

        So where were are you puS$y d!cklips? Still having your daddy’s balls up your ass do all the talking.

        Hey 1stman, we all know it’s you hijacking screen names to say something stupid since you started using one of my screen names “up//yours.” Your limp d!ck fell off when I called you out to show your puS$y ass at a Kelly Thomas rally,chickensh!t no-show dumbf**k.
        So show your puS$y ass by where they had the Kelly Thomas rally. There is a sculpture that looks like a big check mark in front be there at 1:00p 02/22, if your $lut mama can sew your limp d!ck back on.

        Why isn’t anyone paying attention to me when I hijack these screen names to say I’m a puS$y dumbf**k loser?

  7. Jay says:

    Just open up the border!

  8. MMB says:

    Thanks representative Baca. Oh wait Baca works for law enforcement not the legislator. That means he’s supposed to enforce laws made by elected representatives. I wonder how he would like it if Sen. Boxer ect. were to start responding to domestic violence calls?

  9. Doug says:

    So if illegal doesn’t mean illegal everything must be legal. I guess we don’t need the cops anymore.

  10. juztees says:

    😮 😮 😮 he he he…now children behave…

  11. LOL says:

    Pipe down and finish mowing my lawn…and tell your wife I like the toilet paper facing forwards and tell your kid he makes a good burger.

    1. Pedro says:

      See, you hire us but dont want us to have good life. I have mucho children. We will out breed you and take over. My children are legal and went to college. YOu will clean their toilet some day soon.

      1. Astonished says:

        Naw, we’ll just relocate you next to a Neuculear Power Plant. That should sterilize even you (and your mucho kids)

      2. ??? says:


      3. Astonished says:

        Sorry about that. Hadn’t had my lunch yet.

  12. juztees says:

    I am a chicana, however, I don’t agree that ppl that don’t have legal status here should have a driver’s licence if they don’t have no social other wise they they will be using innocent ppl.’s social then that’s where the problem come’s. No tax refund. And if these individual’s have no legal status , how will they have insururance if an accident should occur? I went to TJ yrs ago to visit and they drive crazy over there with no care for other humans. I say the way they drive. There has to be another way , yes, the metro….

  13. icecream says:

    Now we see that Sheriff Leroy has now clinbed on the clown wagon with Mayor Viva La Razza and Chief puppet Charlie.


    Is this still The United States of AMERICA or is it now a new colony of MEXICO ?

  14. geeM says:

    Perhaps we should give them a job too without a S.S.. #.
    Oh wait, we already do that.
    And free lunch at Tony Villar’s house.

  15. LOL says:

    Twenty years ago the California voters passed prop.187 by a 60% majority S.O.S Save our state was the mantra, they (illegals) appealed it and the Supreme Court agreed it was unconstitutional. The Vote of the people can and is ignored now by the Courts. What has happen to California is a silent invasion of an economical terrorism, to the destruction of democracy Government officials are all guilty of treason and anyone who employs illegals.

  16. Metro says:

    Has anybody thought if this idea would become a law how many accidents it will prevent. How much money the State of California will have from all the Illegal Immigrant?

    1. Astonished says:

      It will stop exactly ZERO accidents because having a little card in your pocket doesn’t have any impact on how you drive. As for money into the States coffers? Well, that depends on how many illegals decide to get on this band wagon. My guess is not too many.

      Think about it: Right now illegals and unlicensed drivers don’t have to pay for:

      1. Vehicle registration and tags
      2. Smog Certificates
      3. Insurance.
      4. Income taxes (Illegals mostly)

      If they get this “license”: supposedly, they will be required to:

      1. Pay for registering the cars and yearly tags
      2. Smog Certificates
      3. Insurance
      4. Be responsible for any accidents they are involved in.

      WHY WOULD THEY GIVE UP PAYING NOTHING FOR ANYTHING AS THEY DO NOW, just so they can carry around some little card that probably doesn’t have valid information on it anyway?

      Well, why would they?

  17. Greg Franklin says:

    As an L.A. resident, I’m particularly incensed over this. It’s disgusting to have to go into many of our neighborhoods and see that over 90% of the people are probable here illegally. The work force in this city is already over half illegal!

    Our public schools are now over 80% latino, and rank very poorly…..etc….

    If Baca and Beck have no respect for rule of law, why should Americans respect them, or any laws that enable the disgusting situation we’re increasingly having to endure?

  18. Conney Denali says:

    Who is going to pay for their new licenses??

  19. Conney Denali says:

    Beca needs to retire.

  20. ??? says:

    NO NO NO…no licenses should be issued. Are we just throwing all of our laws out of the window? Just because an ill. alien has a license, does not mean they will stop when they have an accident. Just rediculous. It seems that the problems that our state has are completely out of control and unfixable. It’s as if the officials + police have given up the fight.

  21. ??? says:

    Also, what is the thing with the police not wanting to impound the cars of illegals when they are pulled over, bcuz it will be “ian nconvenience” for the illegal…??? WHAT??? r u kidding me. What a flawed system we have.

  22. Hardmoney says:

    Handle illegal aliens the way Mexico would…just make the bodies go away.

  23. Wolfman says:

    Too bad for all of us

  24. The Mad Man says:

    Does the word ILLEGAL mean anything anymore. Obviously NOT!

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