LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Soaring gas prices are giving drivers a new round of pain at the pump.

The average price for a gallon of gas in the LA-Long Beach area has jumped to $4.25 a gallon, which is up six cents from Thursday, and 25 cents from a week ago.

Prices in the Southland are as high as $5.09 at a Chevron station in downtown Los Angeles, while Burbank’s Fleet Fueling is still at $3.70 a gallon.

It’s not unusual to have price jumps in February, but AAA and the Oil Price Information Service say gas prices were already at record highs.

Analysts say we’re seeing some of the biggest short-term increases ever due to due to escalating tensions with Iran over its nuclear program, as well as the closings of several California refineries for maintenance.

Speculators are also driving prices up, but they are expected to even out, as motorists simply cannot support the increases.

In fact, USA Today reports that during past month, consumption fell to its lowest level since April of 1997.

Comments (17)
  1. Bruiser says:

    What a Crock!!! Refineries never completely shutdown for maintenance!!!

  2. cj says:

    it surprises me how no one complains about the gas prices! our goverment doesnt care.oil companies are getting fat and our president doesnt care! talks a good game but thats it!

  3. FidelityBraveryIntegrity says:

    Yo Mikey…SHUT UP!!!

  4. VoltOwner says:

    The Chevy Volt is looking pretty good right about now…
    I have not had to put ANY gas in mine since June, as in last year. By plugging in each night and charging while the sun don’t shine, I can drive up to 40 miles each day for about a dollar. My nighttime rates are about $0.13 per KWh, daytime is much higher. Still, I only drive 20-25 miles per day. On those rare days when I need to drive further than the battery can take me, I get around 40MPG, but I have only used about 2 gallons of the gas the dealer put in so far. I expect to have to use that tank up by June, as the car is programmed to use it up in order to keep the gas fresh.

    Not looking forward to standing in the heat to fill my car, but once a year is not all that bad.

    Record highs? The prices have not even gone up to 2008 peak yet…

    Oh, and refineries shut down whenever their owners want them to. Big Oil anyone?

    1. Beni says:

      I never had a volt but my buddy at work did. You could buy it from him because he says the volt is a piece of junk and he’s selling it. It’s now parked in his driveway until someone buys it. He bought a Nissan Leaf and is very happy now.

  5. voice940 says:

    To really understand current gas prices, you have to understand the dollar and inflation. The cost of gas hurts us more now, because we have less buying power than we have had in decades. But in real cost… well, this guy explains it best… http://lewrockwell.com/orig12/woodhill2.1.1.html

  6. DanTheMan says:

    You need to fire your editor because there are as many mistakes as a 6th grade kid in this article!

  7. Ted Gianoutsos says:

    Please check out my website http://www.tedandfran.com for more Alaska oil for California and spread the word, Thanks, Ted

  8. Aros says:

    Stop Driving, only for necessary (Work, school) reasons people!!! The Giant marketing firms that big Oil hires know that People are as sharp as a butter knife! They meticulously lower the price for every major holiday so that the dumb sheep can DRIVE to vacations and waste their money! WAKE UP, LET’S send them a message and break records in the coming months with the lowest gas consumptions they have ever seen! I don’t care how educated or eloquent you sound when protesting these Leaches!! The only voice you have is your WALLET! No let’s shut our mouths!!

  9. Pat Robinson says:

    It’s time to boycot one gas station at a time for one or two weeks we will make a calendar and stop buy gas just from one gas station then another the next two weeks we can go see our family with the gas like this, every time its Election time gas go up this is not the peoples problem its time to vote every year this happens so people can’t get to the poles to vote this is unexceptable
    people need to fight we need to get so back bone

  10. Bruiser says:

    Refineries don’t shut down period!!!

  11. andy says:

    just like to know how a mobile station on Mobil 201 S Azusa Ave Garvey Ave S West Covina, CA 91791 can charge 5, 21 per gallon while other are charging a dollars less. I know smart people wont pull in there, just wondering how they can get away with this price

  12. Everyday Guy says:

    Keep voting Dum ocrat you California idiots. So happy I left.

  13. JeepGuy2k says:

    Couple this with the latest C.B.O. report that shows the taxpayer cost of Obamacare doubling over the initial touted cost and we’ve got a lot of money leaving our pocket.

    I hope CBS has the gumpshun to report this latest finding from the C.B.O. but I’m doubtful.

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