LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck is under fire for throwing his support behind the idea that illegal immigrants should be able to obtain a driver’s license.

“I believe that we should license undocumented immigrants in the state of California; I think it makes motoring safer,” Beck told CBS2.

According to the state, there are one million unlicensed drivers in California.

An unlicensed driver is five times more likely to be involved in a fatal car accident than any other driver, the Automobile Club reports.

Beck said allowing illegal immigrants to obtain licenses, which would be non-resident or provisional, would make them safer drivers and less likely to flee from the scene of an accident. The police chief also plans to address concerns that it could make it easier for terrorists to go undetected.

“Having a de facto class of illegal drivers all that does is insure that they don’t get insurance, insure that they don’t have their cars registered to them, insure that they aren’t responsible when they get in a traffic accident,” Beck said.

For years, Assemblyman Gilbert Cedillo has sponsored a bill that would make it legal for undocumented residents to have a driver’s license in California. In 2003, Governor Gray Davis signed the bill into law but it provoked such public outrage that it led to the recall of the Republican politician. Subsequently, Cedillo and his other supporters withdrew the bill.

“If Jerry Brown wants to end up the same way as Gray Davis then he’ll support Charlie Beck’s plan,” said Mike Spence of the California Republican Assembly. “It would absolutely be used for identification purposes. You can’t have a two-tiered system that works that way.”

According to L.A. County figures, nearly 110,000 tickets were issued to unlicensed drivers.

“I look at this almost like we wouldn’t want to deny someone health care if they have a communicable disease because they were here illegally because then they’d spread it around and we’d get it,” Dan Rosenberg, a driver safety activist whose son was killed by an unlicensed driver in 2010, told CBS2. “So in this case, I’d much rather have somebody learn how to drive and reduce the number of accidents than to let them keep driving without licenses, without any accountability and continue killing people.”

However, many Angelenos don’t support the proposed licenses.

“I don’t know where Beck’s coming from. I can’t believe that he’s our chief with that attitude,” Michael Gillespie said. “Illegals are illegals. I can agree that, sure, they probably won’t run from an accident if they do have a license and aren’t afraid of being arrested, but, no, I don’t agree with him at all.”

Beck is already battling criticism from public safety groups, including the Los Angeles Police Protective League, which are fighting another LAPD proposal that would keep unlicensed drivers from facing a 30-day impound.

“I think this is a democracy where we have conversations about laws that we make. I’m certainly in a position where I have an opinion about public safety and I’m making that opinion known,” Beck said.

The current policy calls for drivers who are stopped without a license to have their cars immediately impounded, which can cost as much as $1,500.

The plan would offer a reprieve to individuals who were not involved in a serious accident and whose licenses had not been suspended or revoked.

Comments (77)
  1. Jose says:

    Bull! They still will do what they do. They won’t get insurance. Hey, I got an idea. Lets follow the laws of our state and country and ship them back to their own country when they are caught! Problem solved.

    1. steveB says:

      Exactly what I was going to say. We cannot reward illegal actions. Deport them!

    2. Frank... says:

      Mexicans should be sent back to where they came from.

      1. jkl says:


        The article said Illegal aliens, not Mexicans. You need to read before commenting.

      2. SHUT UP FRANK says:

        Frank is an idiot whose parents are illegal and he’s ashamed of them.

      3. Beck is not well... says:

        The majority of illegals are Mexicans. Thats a fact. There are many kinds of illegal immigrants, but MOST if not near all are Mexicans.

      4. Robert G says:

        SO Frank you must be an American Indian, right?

      5. Jose Dejesus says:


    3. Rooney says:

      Right. An illegal did some big damage to my car and he didn’t have insurance or money so I had to pay for the repairs. Charlie Beck is an idiot. He’s kissing up to the mayor cause he wants re=elected and yes, illegals do vote. Shame on both of them!

      1. Alan Hart says:

        Although I agree with most of your statement, however, the chief of police isn’t elected, he’s appointed by the mayor and city council. The mayor is termed out and we will be rid of him soon.

      2. Greg says:

        Wow, Rooney.. really?

        1) You’re complaining about the “illegal” not having insurance. This is exactly what the point of this proposal is: to grant some form of identification to them, that way you have their information and they must pay (also so they CAN have insurance registered under their name).
        2) The chief of police is NOT elected, like Alan said.
        3) “Illegals” do not vote. Try voting without any valid form of identification. You must be thinking of “Mexicans”, which are not always necessarily “illegals”.

      3. Teufel Wolf says:

        You are confusing Beck with Sheriff Caca (Baca).

    4. diane says:

      They should go home as most are punks that cross the bordrer.

    5. SHUT UP JOSE says:

      I’m throwing my support behind Chief Beck and those that agree with him. All you illiterate and ignorant people posting on this site, shut your smelly mouths and get jobs.

      1. GROWPAIR says:

        You’re a puS$y dumbf**k talking with your daddy’s balls up your aS$.

    6. Kris says:

      exactly! I am sick of everything going to the illeagals! They should be allowed to have ANYTHING! If they were to get a drivers liscense, then they end up hitting someone with insurance, then the illeagal gets away with it and doesn’t have to pay anything because they cant get insurance!

    7. Lion says:

      Cali is going down first. Look at how incredibly stupid this is. Look at the state of the economy in California, flooded with illegal immigrants who have no prospects or desire to really be American, really learn English and really move up in society.

      We can’t find jobs, we have over 8% unemployment and we allow these third world midget filthy uncultured violent animals run rampant. They disrespect our laws so we erase or ignore our laws to accommodate them.

      Our immigration policy should be the same as Mexico’s, look at what the Mexicans do to the Nicaraguans. The beat, tortured, killed, jailed and deported. And then you liberal morons want to invite everyone with open arm when there isn’t even enough pie left to go around for Americans.

      An economic collapse is going to happen very soon and then we’ll get back to common sense laws. Vigilante justice. My $0.02.


    8. Teufel Wolf says:

      Actually insurance companies like AIG are writing policies for illegals.





  2. rankin1 says:

    when Beck retires he will be raking in $269k from pension same as Bernard Parks, then like most of the LA city council Beck will be another cop elected to the LACC for another $180k

  3. Jess Mather says:

    Let’s solve this “driving without a license” problem and focus on the “source” that is causing it. Enforce the laws on the books regarding illegal entry into the US.
    As for the illegals who are being allowed to stay, (for their value as a political base ) what makes you think that the information they give for their driver license will be valid? And what makes you think that an illegal will stop at an accident scene solely because they posses a driver license?
    This example of myopic thinking is what got us to this point.

    1. allen dear says:

      illegal mexicans crying cause if car gets impounded etc , they cant get to the job they are illegally working at , taken from a legal citizen of usa .hummmm why is beck etc trying to change usa laws to cater to illegal mexicans ??? ca is already giving them free college , while legals can go cant afford to .go . plus changed law so illegal mexicans no longer have to be fingerprinted to get food stamps etc etc .whats wrong with this picture ,

  4. The Old Guy says:

    Requiring E-Verify for EVERY job applicant will result in most of the illegals going home. This would solve ALL of the problems we have because of them. Offering illegals a driver’s license is a totally stupid idea. Maybe we need a Police Chief who doesn’t have his head up his ***.

    1. Sam Sindaha says:

      problem is that they dont apply, they just get hired. did your gardener apply, did the guy washing your car apply, your painter, roofer, taco stand, buss boy dish washer?

  5. mike says:

    Headline should read like this,” Former Chief Beck Makes Stupid comment.” That has to be one of the most ignorant comments i have ever heard. Beck needs to be deported to Mexico since he shows such favoritism. What an idiot!

  6. Don't dent me says:

    We allready have a “provisional icense”, it’s called a “Bus Pass”.

    1. Al says:

      I thought it was called ‘feet”.



  7. not very pc says:

    What’s the big deal?

    You have the top cop not following the federal laws regarding Illegal imigration, and now he want’s to allow them a C/D/L.

    Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!!!

    This country is headed for the pile with people like bary and charles in charge!

    1. not very pc says:


      I forgot moonbean too!

      Bring in the clowns!!!

  8. Sam Sindaha says:

    Yes I know, illegals are illegal but they are here and we dont know who they are, if we let them have licenses with a fingerprint and a picture we can at least identify them when things go wrong.

    1. Wantodrive says:

      hmmm….this is a good way for me to get a driver’s license. 🙂 🙂 Let me pick a name….Franko Sinatra? Arnel schwarzenegger? El Presley? Jose Kennedy? choices…choices…Help me out please…I need a good name for my driver’s license.

    2. osiris1964 says:

      fingerprint and a picture?? would not it be easier if we just deport like..like the law suggest??

  9. Al says:

    A better idea is to allow . . or perhaps even require somehow . . illegal aliens obtain CA identification cards. The biggest problem we have, as I see it, is that there is no official way to identify who these folks really are. Without any official and verified form of identification, I could tell someone my name was Bugs Bunny, and there currently no way to officially prove otherwise. However, a driver’s license, which actually goes beyond identification and actually bestows a privilege (the right to drive) upon the holder, iis going too far.

    1. Astonished says:

      Uh HUH, and whose identity do you really think they’re going to give any government agency to obtain that ID Card?

      Be SERIOUS!

  10. Steven Cooper says:

    We need to get Obama out of office and let somebody who cares about America into office and fix this illegal immigrant mess. Maybe we need to tell all the illegals that we will give them CDL’s, and when they line up at DMV, have an INS bus waiting to take them back across the border

    1. Astonished says:

      Your kidding too, right?

      Ronald Regan said that the illegal alien (actually he said worker) is the greatest asset California has. That was when he was Governor. Now the politicians see them as an easy way into the White House, and who cares about the legal residents and citizens. Do you really think they want to stop this train wreck to the presidency?

      As far as I’m concerned Beck and the Mayor AND Baca are all coming very close to committing reverse discrimination against those who are citizens and legal residents by granting benefits that we can’t access.


  11. Greg says:

    When someone is pulled over and has no license, they should be required to take a driving class to get their vehicle out of impound. No license. The idea is safer drivers.

  12. The Big Logic says:

    He’s a Cali resident, the lunacy eventually infects all of them, south of Napa. Something to do with Latitudinal moonwaves.

  13. cloudnine says:

    So lets give Herion drug dealers clean needles. Hey since we can’t stop them from selling it you might as well make sure they are giving out clean needles.
    California is sooo stupid!

  14. ck says:

    Don’t like this idea specialy cus I use my california I’d to Ross the border in to, now it won’t mean anything cause everyone can get one not just us citizens.

  15. William says:

    People can get an INTERNATIONAL Drivers license in their NATIVE COUNTRY and can drive here with that, It isn’t that foreign nationals cannot drive here. There is already a way for them to do so. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

  16. Wantodrive says:

    Fake social security number….what’s next? Oh yeah, fake names on driver’s license….I hope they don’t start making fake cars.

  17. icecream says:

    So is Chief Charlie now snuggling up to Mayor Viva La Razza with the idea that since they are incompetent regarding the enforcement of the law that they should just bend over and give the lawbreakers whatever they want ?

    Is this the effective police work that we pay for ?

  18. .Frank says:

    How about the Mexicano lovers…you see how they destroy the country.


      Not as destroyed as your white politicians sitting in the white house!!!

      1. .Frank says:

        I agree with you on that.

      2. GROWPAIR says:


        You’re a puS$y dumbf**k talking with your daddy’s balls up your aS$.

  19. USC Trojan Girl says:

    People can whine about illegals until they are blue in the face, if you live in California you have to come to terms with the fact that this is a pro-illegal alien state. Don’t like it? Leave because its not going to change in your lifetime. Wake up and smell the coffee people life is NOT fare…there are legal US citizens doing worst things then a lot of illegals – case in point, LAUSD teachers. We all know illegals should not be here but they are NOT going away and all people can do is vent to no avail 🙂 By the way I’m a white girl who married an illegal from Mexico and I made him legal so there!

    1. Jeff says:

      I agree, people can vent all they want but nothing is going to change in California. If you don’t like it you have the right to leave but your complaining does nothing but get you all upset. By the way i married and illegal from Mexico also and made her a citizen. Can’t beat em then join em!

      1. C town says:

        you and the other trick should take you and your illegal people and go to there home land and see if they take you with open arms. The way i see it you too got played we will see how long it may last???????????????????????????

    2. Beck is not well... says:

      Some of those students parents ARE ILLEGAL and DID NOT REPORT the things their offspring were telling them because they feared deportation.

      Now, that means that illegals are willing to LET THEIR CHILDREN be abused in order to continue their illegality.

      Eat that white girl who married an illegal to give him the green card. Which by the way, is illegal. You just admitted a crime.


    3. james says:

      Good for you and him..

  20. osiris1964 says:

    these liberal politicians in los angeles do not care..all they see is potential revenue..

  21. Tyler says:

    Looks like he is trying to help his new career after chief of police. Can we get rid of this guy? I was for him when he first took over now we see his real colors are not blue… they a re red, green and white. As a Notary in California, I am appalled at his latest immigration laws. Get rid of the chief.

    1. Rooney says:

      Can’t. He’s in bed with the mayor!

  22. Annoyed says:

    So… Since they are illegal, they can have more perks than the average citizen? Let’s give them free car insurance too!

  23. Anoyamous says:

    I’m sick and tired of hearing the news talk about illegals. There are no rooms for any illegals, that chief either steap dowon or get out of this nation. The only thing he is inviteing is trouble he got to go ! NO MORE illegals ! Beck has to go, hear my words anyone who favor illegals are carzy.

  24. Rooney says:

    To get a drivers license you need insurance. To get insurance, you need a job = $$$$. Since an illegal “shouldn’t be hired”, where do they get the money from to buy the insurance? Answer that Charlie! If illegals from any country want to live here, they have to do it the correct way and that takes a lot of $$$$ also. You don’t see illegals at the immigration office!

    1. Astonished says:

      Actually, the real question is why would they bother? As it stands today, they don’t pay to get licensed, they don’t pay for insurance or vehicle registration. They drive anywhere they want in vehicles they bought but has some one else register for them. Financial output. . .$0.00. Getting a licesne would mean unlicensed drivers would have to start paying for all the things law abiding people do.

      Even if Mayor BooBoo and the Chief get what they want, what illegal would take them up on it.

  25. Beck is not well... says:

    It absolutely ludicrous, stupid, to think that illegal immigrants will somehow be transformed into angels with halos and become saints of safer driving and attain insurance and become instant driving experts.

    It doesn’t work that way.

    You see, illegal immigrants already have to live a cheat-cheat lifestyle in order to pass smog checks, to attain false IDs and registration, steal other stickers from license plates, skimp out on car maintenance, etc. etc.

    Their cars are unsafe, their brakes cheap, they have terrible driving habits, they drive slow, or too fast and ignore signs and rules of the road. Why? Because they are illegals.

    Illegals live under the radar almost all their lives, cheating their way through it in anyway they can, HOW do you think a Drivers License is going to stop that mentality?

    Please, its ridiculous to think any reasonable person can believe this idea to be a logical, smart one.

    Beck doesn’t to me, at this point, seem like a well balanced individual. I think he should step down, be recalled, something. Something is not straight in his logic.

    But then again, there is a HUGE push by Mexican pro-illegal organizations getting in there with the help of Villariagosa convincing the chief that its the way to go.

    So its really not all Beck, its all these pro-illegal groups in there in the background pushing and pushing for ludicrous laugh-at-the-USA ideas and agenda’s.

    And I don’t like it.

    1. Astonished says:

      Yeah, and Beck showed such promised when he was appointed. Too bad that went by the wayside so quickly.

  26. mike says:

    I can’t even get a job.That’s because that aS$hole lawyer Robert Hale from Hale and Nguyen in Brea couldn’t help me with my case. Now I’m a bitter aS$puck that has a beef with law enforcement and everybody on the internet. I used multiple screen names like [GROW..APAIR], [wg//af], [up//yours], [Mike in San Diego], [Mike in Upland], [1stman] and [kma] so no one can track me down. I challenge people to meet me in front of the Fullerton P.D. station for my protection. I’m such a puS$y dumbf**k with nothing to say I post to myself.

    I’ll use your screen name next, puS$y d!cklips

    Why isn’t anyone saying how smart I am when I hijack screen names to say I’m a puS$y dumbf**k loser?

    1. james says:

      good job mike, or growpair.

  27. Phil says:

    I am a legal immigrant (Brit) Honorable Discharge from the US Army (1970-1974 combat veteran) In order to renew my Oregon drivers license last year, I had to replace my Alien Registration Card (the original, it had been through the wash too many times) That meant 2 days off work, a drive to Portland (Department of Homeland Security) before the DMV would renew. And now they are GIVING them away in California??? BS

  28. Chuey says:

    How about: ‘Don’t drive a car if you are not licensed & insured? Why is it so horrible to take the bus? My uninsured motorist coverage is about 2x what it should be because of this. Why doesn’t LAPD simply tow the vehicle for safekeeping? Just tow the car to a lot until a licensed and insured driver can pick it up with the owner’s permission. Silly, malleable politicians.

  29. John says:

    Is the National Guard doing anything right now? Can they be sent to bolster INS ranks to check for, apprehend, and deport people that entered the country illegally? I mean, it’s a matter of Federal Law and the local government has no intention of helping to enforce it. Why can’t our federal tax dollars be used to enforce federal laws instead o giving money to countries that hate up like Pakistan?

  30. Me says:

    Just say “NO WAY chieffy!”

  31. Chuey says:

    John..INS was abolished nearly 10-years ago when Homeland Security was created. There is no INS….

    1. John says:

      Fine CBP, then. It’s still the same border patrol issue either way. Or Homeland Security directly. Whoever it is that should actually enforce federal immigration laws.

  32. Jose Dejesus says:


  33. Jose Dejesus says:


  34. John says:

    It must be nice to be Chief of Police here in “The City of Angels”. It probably affords Charlie Beck the opportunity to saunter by the narcotics division evidence room of an afternoon and smoke a boatload of crack before issuing forth with ill-considered commentary like what he has been spewing forth with! CHARLIE! GET A GRIP! RESIGN! NOW! YOU IMBECILE!

  35. Sol says:

    Wouldn’t this make them easier to track?

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