LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A suspect originally wanted for speeding was chased on the 10 Freeway and surface streets in Fontana Wednesday night.

The chase started on the 10 Freeway at Dudley. Officials said the man was doing in excess of 90 mph during the pursuit.

About 40 minutes after the chase began, the suspect pulled over on a surface street and complied with an order to exit his vehicle. But for at least the next thirty minutes, the suspect kept police at bay with a series of bizarre behaviors.

The man — the car’s sole occupant — kept one hand behind his back in a threatening manner to officers, said Derek Bell reporting overhead in Sky9.

He appeared to be smoking something as he continued to hide his right hand. Bell called that “an incredibly dangerous move.”

The suspect also gestured at police several times.

He got off the 10 Freeway, made a u-turn and pulled over at East Arrow Highway on the Fontana/Rialto border. The car is registered to an address in Fontana.

Police set a K-9 officer on the suspect at least three times. But each time the dog got near the suspect and his vehicle he got back inside before the dog could reach him.

The suspect got back into his silver-colored vehicle and appeared to practice parallel parking.

At least eleven patrol cars were involved in the pursuit.

The K-9 officer ultimately was able to grab the suspect and pull him to the ground. Officers with guns drawn surrounded the suspect about 50 minutes after the pursuit ended.

Bell, observing the dog holding on to the man said, “that was almost too hard to watch…that dog wouldn’t let go.” He is going to need some medical attention after the dog held on for that long, added Bell.

The suspect was put into a patrol car and taken into custody. Paramedics worked on the suspect at the scene.

Comments (8)

    Police did not shoot him because there were news camera crews on top of this..

    1. Rick says:

      Not true, they wanted him to finish his blunt and chill.

  2. Robert Santellan says:

    Where did the pursuit end?

  3. lemuel says:

    this idiot stopped nearly two blacks from the police station

  4. wobbles says:

    Hope the dog doesn’t catch anything from this animal.

    1. greg says:

      Latino chase for sure.

  5. PatricParamedic says:

    I have an idea. Let’s give 80,000 more people in So Cal Driver’s licenses.

    That ought to make the streets safer.

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