ECHO PARK (CBS) — The pregnant woman who was struck by a car and dragged into a pizzeria Tuesday evening is speaking out.

Raquel Tellez, 19, tells CBS2 and KCAL9 reporter Suraya Fadel that the car was on her within seconds. She didn’t even have time to get scared. “It was all so surreal,” she says.

Tellez — who is eight weeks pregnant — was walking home, and waiting to cross the street at Alvarado and Sunset when all of a sudden a car struck her. “I held on as the car took me inside. I was yelling, ‘No, no, no!’ I didn’t want to let go.”

The owner of Buona Pizza Italian Restaurant told KCAL9 that he was working in the kitchen when he heard a loud crash at about 5 p.m.

When Israel Palacios came out, he found an Acura sedan had driven into the front of his pizzeria and there was a woman screaming from underneath the car.

He saw the woman, now identified as Tellez, bleeding and vomiting.

It was a near death experience. All Tellez could think about? “My baby, my baby.”

pizza accident1 Pregnant Woman, 19, Struck By Car And Dragged Inside Echo Park Pizzeria Speaks Out

Firefighters rescue Raquel Tellez after she was pinned under this car. (credit: CBS)

She feared the worse. But already home, and healing, doctors tell her the baby is OK.

“I broke my pinky toes, I have bruises and scratches. But the baby is 100 percent fine.”

Fadel asks her if the whole experience has been amazing. “Yes, very amazing. I’m blessed to be alive right now. And my baby is OK.”

Investigators still don’t know why the driver lost control of his vehicle.

And Tellez is angry. The driver was using a friend’s car and driving with a suspended license with no proof of insurance.

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  1. Carmen Davis says:

    Glad they are both Blessed and recovering. I was behind the vehicle that hit her and flagged down the fire dept.

    1. Same thing happened worse nearly 20 years ago, same place. says:

      What did you see? What caused this driver to lose control or NOT control their car? What can you tell us?

    2. Whiskey Tango says:

      Well, I guess anchor baby and wetb@ck welf@re mom are fine on our dime. Ship her back to the third world country she is from. 19 and pregnat.

  2. michelle says:

    Omg! This is a repeat of a horrible accident that happened about 20 years ago! I was a witness and there was a woman with a baby in a stroller waiting to cross the street on the corner of alvarado and sunset. Suddenly a car lost control and dragged the baby in the stroller into the same pizza restaurant. Unfortunately the baby did not survive. Thank God for blessing this woman and her baby.

    1. Same thing happened worse nearly 20 years ago, same place. says:

      ^ I just posted below without reading your comment. You were a witness, that must of been awful. I thought the same thing today as then – driver AND pedestrian error. NEVER place yourself in a position where you can be hit by a car. That intersection since then has always left me cold. I try to avoid it like a danger zone.

  3. Same thing happened worse nearly 20 years ago, same place. says:

    Amazing. Amazing because about nearly TWENTY YEARS AGO roughly, a car also crashed through that same entrance of that restaurant and KILLED a baby in a stroller, something like that.

    Amazing because the media doesn’t know this or remember it. I remember. And it was awful.

    My question is this – how is this girl? She looks about 18 or so… and a baby?

    So telling of the culture of baby making that community has, its like they MUST have a baby at 18 or their not themselves or something. That hasn’t changed either in 20 years. I remember 20 years ago, teen mothers like her. Its like the same thing in Echo Park, generation to generation. Same ___.

    My observation. I hate that corner. I’ve grew up in and around Echo Park. I hate that corner. I do my BEST to avoid it. Its like the Bermuda Triangle of intersections.

    You have to ultra careful approaching it, its always super busy and you get the vibe that people get stupider as they approach it. The streets are falling apart too, the intersection is at an odd angle. Its just gawdawful.

    But PEDESTRIANS have to be careful and seek to stand behind things like light posts or away from the edges of the corners. I see this all the time, pedestrians NOT paying attention to traffic conditions.

    When you stand at a corner waiting for the light, you have to watch traffic as if you’re a driver, seeing whats going on. As a pedestrian you have the responsibility to protect yourself and not be distracted or stand right in the center of where cars can possibly end up heading to after an accident.

    The driver is an utter idiot. I thought I heard something about him/her stating that the steering wheel locked. B_u_l_l____t.

    They were either distracted or nearly had an accident avoided it but were not engaged IN driving that they accelerated or were to laid back in their seat to fully control the car. They do NOT know how to drive they need to never be issued a drivers license, simple as that.

  4. moto says:



    I am really glad she is doing well

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