Kim, Khloe Kardashian Facing Possible ‘Klass-Action’ Lawsuit

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Kardashian’s are in the spotlight once again, so pay attention because “Klass-action” is now in session. Well, almost.

Kim and sister Khloe Kardashian are facing a possible class-action lawsuit over their endorsement of QuickTrim, the New York Post reports.

According to the suit, the dietary supplement QuickTrim, contains levels of caffeine that are unsafe and ineffective for weight loss as determined by the FDA.

The New York Post reported QuickTrim has grossed $45 million since 2009. Kim and Khloe have endorsed the popular product since 2010.

Both of the Kardashian’s have claimed that they used QuickTrim to lose 15 pounds. Kim even used her twitter account to say she was using it to shed some weight for her wedding.

The Kardashian’s have yet to comment on the issue.

  • JustSayNo

    I’d have to be tied-up and dragged kicking ansd screming before I’d buy anything that the Kardashians are selling.

    And even then, I’d still refuse…

  • punchy

    this family is the biggest con-job america has ever seen

  • alanc230

    I try not to wish ill for people, but this couldn’t happen to a nicer pair. Not. I agree with JustSayNo, that you couldn’t pay me to buy a Kardashian-endorsed product.


    Well, actually it’s dumba$S wannabe whiny b!tches that are their target market. Probably the same type that go online to whine, pi$S, moan and groan about their cheating black boyfriend that they spread their cheeks for.

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