STUDIO CITY (CBS) —If you watch the Academy Awards to see who is wearing whom, rather than who wins what, you’re not alone. The Oscars are the fashion event of the year, and the buzz begins long before a Loubotin ever hits the carpet.

Celebrity marketing expert and author of “Will Work For Shoes,” Susan Ashbrook, visited the KCAL9 studio Monday to share her Oscar red carpet predictions.

Ashbrook also has the down low on where to find the same looks for less.

Having worked with top celebrities, designers, and stylists over the past two decades, Ashbrook has been behind the scenes of countless red carpet moments.

For more information, visit Susan Ashbrook online.

Comments (2)
  1. Barbara says:

    I’m thrilled to be the first to comment! Where do I start. I am watching the E! Red Carpet and I cannot believe how AWFUL these dresses are. You would think with all of the money these women have, that they would be able to find and pick out an amazing dress. Surprisingly, I cannot believe that they looked in the mirror before leaving home thinking that they actually look good. I’m sure they are dedicated to the “who are you wearing?” but come on. It never used to be about this. It used to be where the celebrities would wear what they felt they looked good in and now it’s about the designer and promoting them at the expense of these women looking awful. The shoes, jewelry … none of it flows. And the hair?? I don’t get it. If I had half of their money you can bet that I would rock the carpet. The weather in LA was in the 60’s and they’re all wearing sleeveless gowns. What’s up with that? It’s still Winter in LA and these women were freezing and said as much. All I can say is, “yuck.” Let’s do an Oscar where these people can just wear their pajamas or something. I’m sure this would look much better than what they are currently in. I know this is harsh but it’s the truth.

  2. Barbara says:

    In checking LA weather? 61 degrees with 45% humidity. Really?? Sleeveless dresses?! A class act would have been someone like Meryll Streep with a gown with sleeves. What is it about these women who spend so much money on their boobs that they have to show them off? With age comes wisdom. When you are like Meryl? The boobs don’t matter anymore. It’s about aging gracefully without showing your vagina or cleavage.

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