Radio Hosts Suspended After Calling Whitney Houston ‘Crack Ho’, ‘Bag Lady’

LOS ANGELES (CBS) – Two of the Southland’s most outspoken radio personalities will go silent all next week after making controversial remarks about the passing of Whitney Houston.

KFI AM 640 suspended John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou, the hosts of the “John and Ken Show,” for “making insensitive and inappropriate comments about the late Whitney Houston,” it said in a statement Thursday.

“Management does not condone, support or tolerate statements of this kind,” the station said.

According to audio posted online at, the hosts called the late singer a “crack ho” who was “cracked out for 20 years” and left looking like a “bag lady” after she “blew through” her fortune.

The popular on-air duo even asked “It took this long?” when discussing her untimely death.

Kobylt said in statement that he and Chiampou “used language that was inappropriate” and they “sincerely apologize” to their listeners and to Houston’s family.

“We made a mistake, and we accept the station’s decision,” said Kobylt.

The hosts, who broadcast their show weekday afternoons, will return to the airwaves Feb. 27.

Kobylt and Chiampou often rail against taxes and illegal immigration. The National Hispanic Media Coalition said last year that it targeted the show’s advertisers to urge them to stop backing the program.

The group said the hosts promote hate speech and appealed to listeners to call and harass an advocate for immigrant rights about state legislation to give financial aid to illegal immigrant college students.

“A temporary suspension is not enough,” Alex Nogales, president and CEO of NHMC, said in a statement. “How many times do John and Ken get to spew their hate, apologize and then do it again after taking off a long weekend? KFI must permanently remove John and Ken from the air. Los Angeles deserves better.”

The pair will be off the air until Feb. 27.

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  • Hollywood Reporter

    They didn’t say anything that alot of people and promoters in the music industry have said or thought in private or behind closed doors , her career was in a shambles due to her dependence on addiction we felt sorry for her when she moved in to the neighborhood in Orange county but always wished her the best.

    • Roberto Madurno

      These folks typically pass by the Amy winehouse’s and Demi Moore’s to showcase Latino’s and Blacks who are similarly situated thus providing a rear guard for white supremicist’s……..They should have been fired with prejudice!

      • juztees


      • Another John

        lol, they were saying even less “sensitive” things about Demi Moore just a few days prior. Get a grip. This isn’t about race. Whitney Houston may not have been a crack ho but she was strung out junkie and that’s exactly what John and Ken were highlighting, that the response of those around her would be akin to “Great, here comes Whitney the junkie!” Their choice of words was inaccurate and juvenile but their sentiment was completely on the money.

      • Giggity-goo

        Another John, you are right, it has nothing to do with race. Unfortunately John and Ken are the wrong race to make comments. Whites CANNOT make any comment about non whites without it being racist. Look above at Roberto’s comment. Absolutely NO evidence to back his claim but that’s okay, free speech. Just don’t let a white man have the same. For the record, she was a crack ho who cared more about her habit than her child. Good effin riddance. And that has ZERO to do with race.

    • #Can'tfightangerwithanger

      It is really sad that people live in glass houses. I am shocked that something so insensitive and mean spirited can fluently escaped from another human being mouth! I am not here to judge nor wish any harm on another soul, however, I think all parties involved should be fired including the female who chimed in. It is good to know that God is in control and that our final verdict doesnt fall on the hands of these individuals. “I am so sure that all is well within their households and your families.” I am going to pray for all three of you. I am going to ask God to forgive you because its obvious that there isn’t a higher source in your lives. When a man calls a women a derrogatory name and another woman chimes in, it leads one to believe that dysfunction must be the driving force. People of intelligence and self respect should never conduct nor condone such behavior! WOW!

      • Razzy B

        @Can’tfightangerwithanger You are absolutely correct!

    • #Can'tfightangerwithanger

      stop it!

    • Jay

      How does that make her a crack ho? Do you know what a ho is? Was Brett Favre a pills ho? Funny, I didn’t hear them call Amy Winehouse a crack ho. Is Joe Namath, who is currently being celebrated on HBO, a alcohol and pain killer ho? They are insensitive jerks, plain and simple. Drug addiction obviously affects millions, or America wouldn’t be the main consumer.

      • Phil

        I agree with you, Jay, but I’d talents a stepmother. John and Ken have cultivated an audience of nitwits by pitching hard to the lowest possible common denominator. Their discourse is puerile and they work hard to coarsen the conversation, not lift it or address issues intelligently and lift up their audience’s discernment. They’re bad for MRI, LA and bpodcasting itself. They are quintessential “dumb-downers.” Stupid hos, if you will.

      • John

        Good point. She was a crack head, not a crack ho. She wasn’t trading sexual favors to get her crack (unless you count her marriage to Bobby Brown as a sexual favor.) Unfortunately, like with Michael Jackson, people want to make the unpleasant facts go away now that she’s passed on.

      • juztees

        True. These radio host’s are racist and just awful people. They should be off permentanltly

    • Frogarth Hogarth

      She was a crack-ho!

  • Marion

    wow, whitney a bag lady and crack ho and single older men, child molesters and perverts, etc.. I wonder what is hiding in these big mouths closets?? Used to be a fan, but enough is enough. Stong believing in your cause is “great” but “being strong by putting others down, purposely” is the weakest kind of strenght a person can have. Infact, weakest kind of strength is no strength at all.

  • George

    Well, sad but true, they were right. Of course, NHMC doesn’t like free speech nor people speaking the truth about things.

    • Jay

      Do you know what a ho is? Is Josh Hamilton an alcohol ho? Did they call Amy Winehouse a drug and alcohol ho? And why don’t you go read a con law book on free speech. I’m sick of people saying free speech who don’t have a clue what the law says.

      • crispus attucks

        Unfortunately Jay, the Black community won’t stick up for her either as they saw her as a sellout for being to “white” and being a cross-over artist (whatever that is). Most of her decline was due to non-acceptance in the black community thus a change in her image and persona n(Bobby Brown years) and the following drug addiction. It is a shame what happened to a beautiful and extremely talented woman!! I hope you will demand the same treatment of the black radio show host in Memphis who completely went off on a black woman republican candidate by cussing on the air while in an interview with her and refused to shake her hand after the interview (which she left because of the rudeness of the radio host) and stated, “I am afraid your whiteness will rub off on me”. Don’t be a HYPOCRITE JAY, do the right thing and demand he get fired too!!! Or is it his right to free speech?!?

      • Jeezus

        Jay you’re a truth and justice ho for sure.

      • Giggity-goo

        Crispus, that story didn’t even make national news. Shocker huh? I have no doubt Jay ond others like him will not denounce it. Doesn’t fit the agenda.

  • 1feduplady

    Yes, LA residents deserve better — they deserve a city that is filled with legal citizens, a city that has no unlicensed, uninsured drivers causing death, a city where healthcare can be affordable to the working Americans and not to illegals who only come here for the benefits and not to work and assimilate into the American culture.

    • lala

      yeah, because there are no “white” unlicensed and uninsured drivers causing deaths. give me a break.

    • Jesus Vargas

      I agree with you 100%. Get the illegals out of here, all they do is destroy neighborhoods with their trash and stolen shopping carts. And don’t get me started on the crime they bring….

    • Babby

      Hey Fed Up – Leave!

      • Giggity-goo

        Babby, why should an American have to leave LA? Shouldn’t the illegals be the ones leaving? Oh wait, you enjoy them trying to turn our city into a third world ghetto? Press one for English.

    • Razzy B


  • The Mad Man

    These guys didn’t say anything that the rest of us know already. She had a voice but her career was over with. Sorry the truth hurts.

  • Me

    These guys would sell their grandmother if it boosted their ratings enough! They thrive on controversy. That is how they make their living. They are loyal to no one, just their pocketbooks!

    • Wow...

      That sums it up!

  • David

    Right wing, self righteous, arrogant. I’m sure FOX will be calling any day now with a job offer.

    • Sheryl

      Is that your best insult David – that FOX (a network that literally has 4 times the viewing audience of CNN) will be offering them work….wooo scary!!

  • Tom

    Even bad publicity is good for these losers. It’s easy to call out someone when they are dead. Lowlifes hoping someone will make fun of them when they die.

  • j.d.

    About the Jon and Ken issue:
    If you realize that the show is for entertainment and ratings ONLY and not getting a balanced viewpoint you WOULD NOT be concerned about what is said! Remember all you need to do is SWITCH stations by pushing a button!
    Wake up and SMELL the Coffee! -start thinking for yourself and make positive decisions!

  • Willian B.

    Apparently, the truth hurts.
    These guys are great DJs, , , and only spoke their opinion.


      So you like the truth….it is awesome….but frequently unpleasant. I dont listen to the radio (my dog doesnt like the competition).But; if these guys had said their ‘ truths’ while she were alive and could defend or respond;.I would give a nod for their candor and balls…..if they had not….. no balls or honor have they.

      • Giggity-goo

        To be fair, whitney was all but completely forgotten while she was alive. She was a has been with her last hit decades ago. Why would they discuss her?

  • wobbles

    Good censorship CBS. Notice how every comment made by people decying the total lack of respect for free speach–that offends some liberal minded folks–gets wiped off their site too. Good job being socialist fascists using your bully pulpit to shape what news people see so you can shape the way they think. And don’t forget to tall people we have always been at war with Eurasia while you are at it. Papa Orwell would be proud. And you manage this manipulation of facts and thoughts less than 30 years after he predicted. Well, he couldn’t get all of it right, but he sure did get what you do right, didn’t he?

    • Manup

      Love your comment! Leave it the Liberals to want to take away everyone’s right to freedom of speech. If they don’t like John and Ken, then change the channel.

      Bunch of crybabies!

  • The Big Logic

    Makes no difference, it’s one less, and that’s what counts.


      2 less…….if only for a week………and thats what counts

  • iamhe

    these two hate mongering dogs should have been banned from the public airwaves a long time ago…

    • FidelityBraveryIntegrity

      Really…really…really…just because they are ignorant and you disagree with them…your name soinds like a japanese F up.

  • How dare them

    Oh no, they encouraged their listeners (people who choose to listen of their own free will) to call and complain about giving away state resources to non-contributors. What could they have been thinking? Maybe we should just build free colleges in Mexico and raise tuition here to pay for it, same idea right. Why should we as taxpayers pay for college educations for people who can’t even work in our state legally, why? Clearly if it is illegal for them to work here we will never recoup our resources, or benefit from our investment in their education. Until we stop rewarding illegal immigration we can count on it not improving.

    Since when is telling the truth a punishable offense? She was in fact a crack head, no question about it, a well docmented crack head even. If you don’t want your legacy to be “Crack Ho, Crack Head, Crack whatever…” maybe you should put the pipe down. There is no such thing as a small crack habit, just saying!

    • White Female Minority

      Here, here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not have said it better myself. Everyone is shouting out racism by 2 “WHITE” men. It is okay for people of color to call us honky, whitey, cracker, gringa, etc. Isn’t that racism in the truist form? I say lets have a white million man march on the Capitol. Oh we can’t, that would be racist, even though it is obvious that whites are the minority now. Maybe we need to start crying to the government and they can give us all the freebees too. Anyone who has a problem with people talking the truth can go back to where they came from. Lastly, I grew up in LA, left 30 yrs. ago and wildhorses couldn’t drag me back even for a visit.
      Food for thought. The last time I checked the legal drinking age in California is 21. Did it change to 18 recently? The night before Houston died she was doing tequilla shots with her 18yr old daughter in a nightclub. I guess we can now call her Crack Mom.

  • Jeezus

    you just went ahead and laughed at your own joke.

  • Jeezus

    ya this almost just makes me want to listen to these two on the radio


      as entertainment for sub humans……certainly……..these 2 stir things up and a bunch of idiots respond …….and myself and other idiots respond to the 1st group of idiots…… $ in pleasant exchanges…….so we get down and dirty and vent and everyone is left a little less humane

  • John and Ken’s Racist Radio and Whitney Houston – Reuters

    […] CommentsBETJohn and Ken apologize for Whitney Houston 'crack' commentsLos Angeles TimesCBS Local -New York Daily News -Boston.comall 244 news articles » Filed Under: […]

  • Bill

    Whether they were right or wrong, in today’s USA comments against any minority result in an attack on the one making the comments. The only ones who can be freely criticized are white males.

  • FidelityBraveryIntegrity

    And your a moron so i guess the jokes on us?

  • GORT2012

    John….you’re a Coward, this time !!! You said it…. don’t “Apologize” now, Tuff Guy !

  • FidelityBraveryIntegrity

    Grow… bout Get a life!!!

  • SE

    @ John and Ken FYI….you two should not belong on our airwaves in LOS ANGELES…If i had my way i would send your@#%& to Mississippi some where in the woods…We dont need your racist views here in LA…and as a LA Native…Im embarrassed…I think a vacation away from the station isnt good enough you two need to be permanently silenced on air…that would be poetic justice

    • GROWAPAIR \\//

      everyone that is black and latino needs to call kfi and give them hell. bane all there affiliates.

      • Fran

        Actually, the black population in California is only 6%, half the national average. In Mississippi, it is 25%. Who are the bigots?

      • Giggity-goo

        Who are you two to think what you believe matters? Does your beat up Pinto am radio have a dial? Change the station. I know, weird that no one taught you that. Listen to Piolin or Big Boy, but leave others alone. And SE, you should be embarrassed. Not due to John and Ken, just in general. When you use the word “our”, that means everyone. You don’t speak for me.

  • SE

    @ John and Ken FYI….you two should not belong on our airwaves in LOS ANGELES…If i had my way i would send your@#%& to Mississippi some where in the woods…We dont need your racist views here in LA…and as a LA Native…Im embarrassed…I think a vacation away from the station isnt good enough you two need to be permanently silenced on air…that would be poetic justice

    • Steve

      way to defend free speech, maybe you should be exiled for your comment…

      NO you should not, and neither should they, if you don’t like something turn it off, if it is not popular enough to make money for the station, it will go away, and be replaced.

      If it is popular, then you can be relieved that you turned the station and can not hear it…

  • Miss Floyd

    You are the lowest of the low and you can be lower than dirt when you do a personal attack on someone who is passed away. Am sure everyone know why. If I must answer, I shall. Because they are gone and can not defend themselves. Your opinion and speculation must remain to yourself and let the authorities do their jobs. If these two hosts were suspended, what of Ms. Nancy Grace? Should she be the next one to be suspended?

    • John

      How does the fact that she has died make her behavior in life any more acceptable or discussing it somehow a taboo? That’s superstitious nonsense. Were the comments made inflammatory? Yes. They were also targeted at a specific audience that would mostly agree with them and were intended for ratings shock value. People seem to forget that freedom goes both ways. If someone wants to listen they can. If they don’t agree, they are free to argue or change the dial.

  • Jason

    these guys are Fox News, except on the radio … ultra right-wing … they think Obama is a Muslim … they’re Glenn Beck wanna bee’s … racist/bigot subtext for years on end here in LA … tax evaders love them … just a couple of twits

    • Larry Wheaton

      Obviously you do not listen to the show very often. They bash every politician that does stupid stuff regardless of party. To me they lean towards libertarians with a bit of Canadien style socialism. Yes, they are anti-illegal immigrant which in SoCal is 99.9% hispanic, hence the activists remarks in this article. They went too far in what they said, they should have just said she used crack and had a drinking problem. A lot of people were surprised she lasted this long with her problems. And I too believe the press and the music industry tends to glorify her and her accomplishments without stressing all of the negative things she was into. The truth is what it is. How you put it is what got these two in trouble.

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