LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The congressional panel tasked with investigating a Southland lawmaker for alleged ethics violations suffered a setback on Friday after over half of its members stepped down.

Six of the 10 members of the House Ethics Committee said they would no longer participate in the investigation of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-LA) in what they said was an effort to erase any appearance of bias or partiality.

“They just did this as they put it in a letter to the Speaker ‘out of an abundance of caution’ and ‘to even avoid an appearance of unfairness’,” Associated Press correspondent Jerry Bodlander told KNX 1070.

An outside counsel had been tapped to investigate possible allegations of bias, but the attorney reportedly found no improprieties were committed, according to Bodlander.

House Speaker John Boehner has already replaced the five Republicans and one Democrat who stepped down and the new panel will get to work next week.

Waters is under investigation for allegedly trying to obtain federal aid for a minority-owned bank where her husband is an investor. She has denied any wrongdoing.

Comments (12)
  1. Carlys says:

    She is the biggest hate-monger on capital hill!!! I hope they throw the book at her!!!!

    1. Whiskey Tango says:

      Typical mudflap, don’t work and earn your money the honest way. Back room deals and under the table hanky panky gooing on.

  2. Craig says:

    She’s the headmaster of the Democratic plantation. Her and Sharpton. and all the other race baiters fortunes and careers depend on it. Gotta keep everyone convinced it’s 1965 and the CIA is still importing crack into South Central or Watts.

  3. Larry says:

    Headline says Democratsquit Panel yet there were 5 Republicans and only 1 Democrat who quit. Misleading Headline.

  4. Eddie York says:

    Maxine Waters looks just like Whitney Houston during her Bag Lady phase.

    Maxine Waters is the Posterchild for a Racist Hate-Filled African American Democrat. Get rid of this trash.

  5. Wolfman says:

    Maxine is untouchable as she belongs to the black caucas

  6. who dat? says:

    I’m tired of all the racist blacks in this country. All they do is complain about everyone else but they are the true racist. If you want to learn about black history this month, take a tour in any state prison. This country caters to all these trashy people. I hope all you stupid bleeding heart liberals are watching this country go to hell because it’s your fault for giving these idiots everything they want.

  7. lmc2 says:

    Two years and these fools can’t figure out if she has or has not committed an ethics violation? Or is it that six out of ten are more afraid of the Black Caucus revenge than doing the ethical thing? The saddest part is that this is the Ethics Committee.

    1. Wolfman says:

      most politicians have no or lose their ethics in our corrupt govenment

  8. tab says:

    Corrupt California DEA where stealing drugs from evidence vaults and reselling them to cover extensive credit card debt.
    They also are creating suspects by planting evidence just so that they can steal from them.
    Given the choice of suspension or dealing with their debt most DEA are thinking outside the box.

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