Report: Plane Carrying Marijuana Intercepted By Fighter Jets Over LA

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Two F-16 fighter jets were sent to intercept a drug-smuggling plane over Los Angeles Thursday morning just as President Barack Obama was on his way home.

Aircraft in Los Angeles were under a temporary flight restriction, which the single-engine plane violated at about 11:30 a.m., as the president was on his way back to Los Angeles International Airport to continue his West Coast fundraising trip.

The president was reportedly never in danger.

The two fighters were under the direction of NORAD and were scrambled out of March Air Reserve Base in Riverside County, according to a news release. The jets intercepted the Cessna 182 and followed it until it landed.

Local police met the plane at Long Beach Airport, where officers found marijuana inside, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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  • Qstorm7

    And………. The president was never in danger or nearby and this made the news. With so much needing to be brought to our attention and isn’t getting reported, there was time to add this fill-in. Great job reporting something not so useful!!! Anything positive going on in the world?

  • wobbles

    So this guy got caught because today it was a no fly zone. Makes you wonder how much is buzzing around overhead every other day?

  • SleepsWithCats

    At least they weren’t high jackers.

  • Fred Ryder

    Arlo Guthrie?

    • curtis falk

      Now, THAT’S funny !! Thank you !!

  • FidelityBraveryIntegrity

    Oh he in big trouble now!

    • mike


      I can’t even get a job.That’s because that aS$hole lawyer Robert Hale from Hale and Nguyen in Brea couldn’t help me with my case. Now I’m a bitter aS$puck that has a beef with law enforcement and everybody on the internet. I used multiple screen names like [GROW..APAIR], [wg//af], [up//yours], [Mike in San Diego], [Mike in Upland], [1stman] and [kma] so no one can track me down. I challenge people to meet me in front of the Fullerton P.D. station for my protection.

      I’ll use your screen name next, puS$y

      • FidelityBraveryIntegrity

        @ Mikey…..Obviously you have nothing better to do. Im suprised mommy let you use the computer this long. Once again you dont even know where Fullerton PD is you turkey biotch.

  • *inhale*

    This story is so blown out of proportion. It was only 30 pounds of pot.

  • Nick

    Go bust some real criminals.


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