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On this most romantic of days, scroll down past all the preformatted stuff that makes it impossible to present this blog in a tidy, organized package helpful links to valuable advertisers,  to read this year’s best love letters, as they appeared online, so you know they’re true. (Source: oddee.com)

Thanks... I think?

–and my favorite — way down below…..

Geeks need love too


  1. Tim says:

    Can I add a more positive Valentine’s Day option? I’m an Aussie living in southern california, and I’ve released an iphone app called ‘For You’ – allowing you to email or text a beautiful flower to a loved one, or someone you’d like to love, on Valentine’s Day.
    Oh…it’s free! So this technically isn’t some sort of horrible ad. More like a community service…here to save the chronically disorganized!

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