Pit Bull Suffers Severe Injuries After Being Dragged By Car In Lucerne Valley

BEAR VALLEY (CBS) — A dog that was believed to have been dragged by a car was stable Monday and is being prepped for surgery, a veterinarian technician said.

A 10-month-old blue pit bull since named Valentine was brought in to the Bear Valley Animal Hospital Thursday, the extent of her injuries so severe veterinarian technician Bridget Meaden says she cried.

Valentine’s muzzle was taped shut with electrical tape, Meaden said, and both her paws were severely injured. The dog’s right front paw bone was severed completely, so it has been amputated. Her left front paw was broken and her skull fractured, but Meaden says Valentine’s prognosis is good.

“This poor baby,” Meaden said. “She never once tried to bite. She’s just sweet, completely sweet. She’s been so cooperative for us.”

Valentine was brought in by a rescue group called Helping Paws, which found her in Lucerne Valley in San Bernardino County.

“She’s pretty skinny,” Meaden said. “We’re thinking she was abused before.”

According to a post on PetConnect.US’s Facebook page (warning: disturbing photos), Valentine dragged herself into a cement plant with her stomach full of rocks and dirt and believe she was dragged behind a car and left for dead.

Valentine’s injuries include several cuts and scrapes to the right side of her body.

Meaden says Helping Paws is working to pay for a prosthetic for Valentine. Donations can be sent to the group via petfinder.com or by calling the Bear Valley Animal Hospital at (760) 240-5228.

  • bob

    Who are the animals here? This poor dog could have been taken to a shelter and adopted out,. I hope the trash who intentionally hurt this dog have to endure the same treatment some day.

    • Bobby

      where is this chicken S@#$%^, i have a bull just like her, 2years old, all she wants to do is play love. i’d love to confront this weak person. these dogs are so misunderstood, the coward couldnt get her to fight so he drags her, chicken S#$%^, come drag me !

    • bcb

      I agree with you Bob.

  • Marcello Fabricio

    Poor baby.

  • deen

    No fan of dogs, but animals who did that to the pit bull should be thrown in jail and slapped with a heavy fine.

  • juztees

    True. This world is just getting worst with hateful people.

  • Anabelle Felix

    It makes me sick that the person who did this to this poor puppy is still out there and probably won’t hesitate to do it again. I hope they get the same treatment in return for that they did!!!

  • Bryan

    A life human or animal is still a life and both have feelings and experience pain. They need to increase the penalties for these types of crimes. If someone is willing to do something like this to an animal I classify them as a danger to our society.

    • Roxann Watson

      Right on Bryan, animals then people, it’s been studied, and proven throughout history, mame, kill animals…. grow-older, and do the same. Our justice system thinks it is not ALL that bad, they will grow out of it, hand slapping, truth be known this crime is increasing, and has for many years. They found two kids (of many) responsable for “Whos burning the dogs of Arizona?” a facebook page, went to trial, and….hung jury. and it goes on, and on…….

  • Kathleen Cecchin

    I have heard recently that this pup died. I hope whomever did this suffers some instant karma.

    • Debbie Sherman-Whaley

      There was nothing on the webpage for the rescue organization that said that Valentine has died. Where did you hear this? Either way, I just made a donation to assist with her medical bills. The only way that evil ultimately succeeds is when good people do nothing.

  • Terri

    So sad when children and animals end up with horrid, demonic people. Lord have mercy and may He protect those who can’t protect themselves.

  • Lenny Fisher

    So sad, makes me agry. so many people get puppies not having a clue the dedication that it takes to raise and care for a dog.
    But doing something like this is a crime.

  • Cindy Banos


  • mojo

    I hate ppl who do this to animals and children, both of whom can’t defend themselves. I guess it makes them feel real big and strong now doesn’t it? Nothing but a bunch of cowards

  • brian

    This dog did nothing but love unconditionly – jail time for the offender would be to good a punishment for a crime like this.

  • Rich

    I just called and valentine is doing good. The persons or person who did this doesn’t deserve to live.

    • Debbie Sherman-Whaley

      Thanks, Rich. That is good news!

  • Robert S.

    Well, we ought to place this guy in jail for 20 years!

  • Robert S.

    After we remove the rope from his neck!

  • Terri

    Thanks for posting the news that this sweet Angel Girl is still with us. Hope she heals – physically & mentally.

  • Wolfman Thomas

    who would do such a thing ?

    • Roxann Watson

      Sadly this has been excelerating at an enormous rate. FB pages “The Patrick Miracle” and “Who is burning the dogs of Arizona?” are two pages of thousands in attempt to stop the animal abuse happening every day. Our government with the new BSL can be searched on the web, or FB, just “BSL” dosen’t help any causes by slautering all “lookalike” dogs in cities like Denver. If you drive through Denver with a dog that resembles a Pit Bull, it will be seized and euthinized, even if it is a theropy dog, they don’t ask, they don’t care, it’s a Pit looking dog, it is dead. Our system has been failing US citizens for 15+ years, few have even noticed. We are not free to have the dog we want, our justice system looks the other way for these sick people and their crimes, kid gets shot in the back, killer running free, the dead boy, they check for drugs. c’mon, it is growing, and our system has failed us, & needs changed.

  • Isabel Clark

    I really believe the kind of people who could do this to a defenceless puppy are too dangerous to walk free.

    I wish they could be found an punished in a similarly nasty way.

    • Roxann Watson

      We the people do, them our Justice system, and Government don’t care, and haven’t for sooo many years.

  • Deb Barry

    I don’t see the comment I just left about these stupid ass pet killerd>

  • Anita Mohler

    Someone knows the person or persons who did this terrible act and they need to come forward .This should be viewed as a crime and punishable.I am a yorkie owner but i do think . . that pit bulls really get a bad deal most of the time . Please stop senseless cruelty to animals.

  • Richard B

    The rapper Pit Bull? I just saw him on tv not too long ago. Wow…

  • http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2012/03/22/boy-17-accused-of-dragging-pitbull-puppy-partially-severing-her-paw/ Boy, 17, Accused Of Dragging Pitbull Puppy, Partially Severing Her Paw « CBS Los Angeles

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  • Roxann Watson

    As studies show, first animals, then humans, starting with the innocent children, and elderly, whorking their way up to??? Family, friends, neighbors, or just a killing spree. It has become an epidemic….I can’t figure it out, I’m 50+ yrs old… I don’t ever remember anything like this. The last 7 years and increasing dramaticly. I’m afraid how this world will be in 5 years. I cry for my loved ones,my family, son, grandchildren, and my pets. Our Government, justice system, freedom, all became destorted. Dogs being burned in Arizona, a FB page due to the 100s of victums, they found some kids that were doing it, apparently it was a hung jury. Kid get shot in the back, and they check the dead boy for drugs, and the killer is still free? Bet the shooter was an animal abuser. FB page “The Patrick Miracle” if you want a small look at abusers, read his info. and then read his wall, look at pictures, I can’t, but the world watched this sweet dog thrive into what you see on his profile pic.

  • http://propertycloud.co.za/2012/02/pit-bull-suffers-severe-injuries-after-being-dragged-by-car-in-lucerne-valley/ Pit Bull Suffers Severe Injuries After Being Dragged By Car In Lucerne Valley - Property Cloud

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