BOYLE HEIGHTS (CBS) — One person was killed and two others were critically injured Friday in a collision in Boyle Heights.

The two-car crash at 4th Street and Boyle Avenue in East Los Angeles occurred about 3:10 a.m., Sky2’s Mike Case reported.

According to Case, Central Traffic officers responded to the scene.

The LAPD tells CBS2 that there is no indication that the crash was due to street racing.

The cause of the collision is under investigation.

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  1. juztees says:

    When I saw the news early this morning, I rushed to my son’s room to see if his girlfriend and him were there. They were. What a relief. We live very close where the accident happened. Its awful to have seen that woman on the street like that. I feel this kind of tragedy should not be shown right away on the news., due that the family memebers could have a serious heart attack.

  2. villaraigosa is a rat says:

    “I rushed to my son’s room to see if his girlfriend and him were there.”

    Responsible parenting!

    1. And I'm A Raider Fan With Morals says:

      Responsible Parenting! And where is the girlfriends parents? Does morals exist anymore?

  3. villaraigosa is a rat says:

    The sarcastic sandwich i had for breakfast was delicious.

  4. mayor villaraigosa says:

    latinos can give anyone a heart attack with their driving, and the illegals can drive around without license, even there is a large number of legally born latinos who dont care about the american laws drive around with no license or suspened license. and as usual…once they hit and kill someone…they always run back to mexico.

  5. Etilcia says:

    Were is our councilmen Huizar? were is all the gornhboihoed organizations such as BHNC, BHR HOA, BHSA, BHNO that promote quality of life, this is important, wake up and help this people.who can we contact to help?We need a community meeting with our Councilmen Huizar to answer all this that have been falling through the cracks. I thought, Huizar was concern for the children, so why is that, that a smart light on 4th street and Fikett has not been put up because no money. tentative meeting with Huizar, April 1, 2009 at El Sereno Office. Councilmen Huizar can you confirm the date time and location.Huizar should cortail his traveling and budget and start fixing the street and putting up street signals were needed. Mayor, Villaraigosa, you cannot syncronize the signal lights untill we have them.

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