OC Deputy Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex With Inmate

SANTA ANA (CBS) — A five-year veteran with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department has been arrested for allegedly engaging in sexual acts with a male inmate.

Jennifer Tamara McClain, 29, was arrested Thursday night, for allegedly having sex with an inmate at the Men’s Central Jail where she worked.

The alleged crimes took place in the intake release center between November and December of last year while McClain was on duty, sheriff’s department spokesman Jim Amormino said.

The male inmate came forward recently and told a supervisor that the sex was consensual, Amormino said. It is unknown how many times the pair were intimate.

Officials say McClain is also the mother of a young child.

McClain’s own colleagues placed her under arrest when she reported in to her shift Thursday and transferred her to a jail down the street.

McClain is free on her own recognizance and has been placed on paid leave, Amormino said.

  • Alan Di

    Hey Grow//apair, there is medication that will eliminate all those delusions you have.

  • Robert S.

    Guess that the county has not used common sense in putting female jail personell in with male inmates. Oil and water do not mix, but the county never heard of the “water in oil” theory. Never should the Two mix!

    • sexbeforebeatings

      She use to be on the womans side. I believe they transfered her to the male’s side because she was facing multiply complaints/charges of excessive force and brutality to the woman. I guess they thought the men could take it….HAHAHAHA!

  • geeM

    Apparentlly this is concilation prize for taking away their TV privliges.

    • sexbeforebeatings

      LOL!!!!!! And who complained??

      • GROW/APAIR


        Wow, the only options I get when I’m in jail are Bubba, Bubba, and Bubba.

  • Chuey

    all lies..just picking on her because she is (insert your complaint).

    • villaraigosa is a rat


      • Jeezus

        Nice try, but the point is that you can insert anything in that parenthesis and it’s still just a reflection of you as a complainer of things for any reason whatsoever….as long as you’re complaining. I know first hand because i just typed this complaint.

  • Chuey

    Jeez….what I am attempting to suggest is this: I doubt she will accept or admit responsibility for her actions. It is always some else’s fault. She certain;y did not exercise sound judgement here.

  • Alan C Rhine

    With a face like hers I’m sure she left the hand cuffs on THEM ( you ain’t get away )

  • Jeff

    This puts a new twist on the saying “your so ugly you couldn’t get laid in a men’s prison”.

  • Charlie

    And why is her face splashed all over the air and his isn’t?

  • John Ashton

    Sure hope that you have more proof than the inmate word?

  • Carol Donofrio


  • April

    America please grow up, the racial thing is getting really old. You can find a suspect of any race committing vile, disgusting acts, look at Josh Powell and his dad Steven Powell. He took naked pics of his daughter in law, the son killed his wife, then he in turn blew himself and his kids up in his home, Now who really cares what color he was?

  • snoop dogg

    had to get that muh dik. just like in Apefrica

  • Mustang

    Sex was that good that he had to tell somebody. There goes her 5 year career. She couldn’t ask her male colleagues for sex? It’s horrendus to seek somewhere cheap. Calling all cars! Calling all cars! That was excessive force if force was used during the intimate encounter. Even the guy with whom she had sex with turned his back on her and her colleagues turned their back on her. What are friends are for? She went to the Academy to become a Sheriff. Now she gets to become a Crminal 101. The inmate received a bonus.

  • http://propertycloud.co.za/2012/02/oc-deputy-arrested-for-allegedly-engaging-in-sexual-acts-with-inmate/ OC Deputy Arrested For Allegedly Engaging In Sexual Acts With Inmate - Property Cloud

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