LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A teacher at 6th Avenue Elementary is suspended while he is investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department for alleged inappropriate behavior, according to parents at the school.

Suraya Fadel, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, spoke to concerned parents Thursday about a letter they received yesterday explaining that a teacher was removed from his classroom pending an investigation into possible lewd conduct.

This, of course, on the heels of the sex scandal which rocked Miramonte Elementary School last week in which two teachers were arrested for alleged lewd conduct with students — some which took place over years, and possibly decades.

Fadel spoke to parent Tara Melton who said “when I read the letter, I could not believe I didn’t get a phone call.”

She added, “A school is supposed to be a safe haven for kids. If a kid can not go to school to learn, what is going on? I never thought it would hit this close to home.”

The letter said the unidentified teacher was removed from his classroom on the 7th. The teacher was interviewed but not arrested.

Tara Wright lives across the street from the school. She has two sons, both attend 6th Avenue Elementary. “I trust teachers and the principal — everybody on staff. They are good [people.]”

In the letter, Fadel reports the principal writes, “An incident was brought to my attention regarding a teacher. As a result, the teacher will not be at work for three days while the Los Angeles Police Department conducts a preliminary investigation.”

John Deasy told Fadel that a student in the teacher’s classroom came forward Tuesday and made an allegation of inappropriate conduct.

Parent Jessica Lopez told Fadel the teacher in question has an open-door policy. Her daughter, a fourth-grader, has the teacher who has a reputation of being strict. His reputation is why Lopez questions the allegations.

“I feel bad for the teacher,” she told Fadel, “because of all the stuff going on at other schools, it is easier for kids to come on and say ‘Oh, I can blame this teacher for something else.'”

The teacher has been with the LAUSD for about twenty years.

Fadel also reports the teacher’s students have been interviewed. And she learned the principal and crisis counselors are available to parents during school hours for any questions they might have.

Comments (4)
  1. LAUSD teacher says:

    The witch hunt continues. Mobs at least be authenic and bring you torches and pitchforks.

    1. ^Union Mentality says:

      Ah yes, the union mentality, its all about name calling and distracting, hinder even, efforts by investigators to root out MORE pedophiles. Rather than the taking the position that we must weed out all of these monsters because as we’ve seen, they are very well hidden and imbedded in our schools, unionized teachers ONLY think about how its all a “witch hunt”.

      Stunning if not simply appalling.

  2. And yet people still make excuses... says:

    “I feel bad for the teacher,” she told Fadel, “because of all the stuff going on at other schools, it is easier for kids to come on and say ‘Oh, I can blame this teacher for something else.’”

    This exactly the attitude that got the other children and at this point the countless others into the same danger.

    Just let the investigators do their job, that should be the new attitude, but of course, we live in a society, in a culture that suffer fools gladly and make excuses for others and or turn the other cheek.

  3. missdeed says:

    To union mentality. While I believe teachers do exploit students because the predator is naturally attracted to this profession, I find it difficult to believe you’d assume the worst about all of them. I am a beleaguered LAUSD teacher, who, like many teachers, has been singled out in massive witch hunts orchestrated by the district to defame teachers, remove the union and implement a cost effective crew of temps to replace us. Many teachers, myself included, have long held the union with contemp because we pay the price for the bad teachers it protects. Whistleblowers and other innocent teachers are left to defend themselves in a system with arbitrary and corrupt practices. We can’t win but Mark Brendt was afforded that permission to do as he pleased because the district will never concede someone like him is guilty until its impossible to deny. The real problem is administration and school officials who also have a union that makes sure they rarely answer for crimes against children. The union has to go and so does Lausd. Let teachers and parent take our schools back to the community. They care about students.

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