Deputies Discover 200 New Photos Allegedly Taken By Miramonte Elementary Teacher

TORRANCE (CBS) — Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies have discovered approximately 200 new explicit photos reportedly taken by a teacher at Miramonte Elementary School.

Authorities say the pictures were taken by Mark Berndt, 61, who was arrested in late January on 23 felony counts of lewd acts on a child.

According to officials, the new pictures were found at the same South Bay CVS Pharmacy where he had taken other sexually explicit pictures of his students to be developed.

Berndt is accused of taking at least 400 photos of students bound, gagged and blindfolded in his classroom between 2008 and 2010. Some photos show cockroaches being placed on the students’ faces. In other pictures, police say the children are being fed a milky-white substance on a spoon or cookies.

The new photos were recovered late last week after a search of the drug store’s computer systems. Sheriff’s department officials say the pictures are similar to ones already confiscated.

Other pictures from the same CVS developed in the fall of 2010 led authorities to begin a more than year-long investigation of the educator.

Berndt is being held on $23 million bail.

  • Miss Ouchie

    If photo developers are supposed to report these types of pictures, what took CVS so long if there were that many being sent in over a period of time? Someone just noticed?

    • CVS may have known... before

      CVS just implicated itself in this.

      It may mean several scenarios, many of which are just awful thinking about it:

      – Either employees before that one employee who did report the photos were NOT reporting them and ignoring them. Which in itself is facilitating a crime and immoral at the same time on the part of those employees.

      – CVS employees before probably DID notice something wretched was going on, reported it and management ignored it until they worked a plan of exposure at corporate.

      I have a strong feeling that CVS is implicated in this now at some other level. They probably COULD have notified police sooner but sat on it and consulted legal as well.

      We live in a messed up world man.

  • Christina39

    This is one horribly crazy story. I feel so sorry for those children. So many unexplained questions.

  • Christina39

    Who looks Mexican to you?

    • 1stman


      Did you know GR0WAPAIR is a white rapist anchor baby?

      • Christina39

        Did you know you’re a freak?


        Everyone knows that this limp d!ck puS$y dumbf**k is a freak, it has several posts here with different names and it’s not hard to guess which ones belong to the aS$breath.

  • Christina39

    I am sorry that you find such atrocities against children meaningless. I find this story very relavant for the safety of other children.

  • Christina39

    I am glad that I left So. Cal.



    You’re a puS$y dumbf**k talking with your daddy’s balls up your aS$.

  • So he was getting away with it before

    This also means that this creep got away with these photos being developed at CVS because OTHER EMPLOYEES there didn’t say anything to anyone about those awful photos.

    (grammar is bad, Idont care, I am sleepy)

    So, will those employees who never reported these 200 or older photos won’t get busted?

    I mean, if you turn the other way, you’re a facilitator, much like the faculty and office staff at that Mirimonte school.

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