I was sitting at my desk, goofing off researching items for this space, when I came across a list titled 10 of the Worst Parents Ever. Aha!, says I: This stuff writes itself. Indeed. It actually turns out about twice as good as I would have thought, because there are ten entries, and we should assume that each involved two parents. At least at some point. 

My favorites:

The parents in South Korea, who raised a virtual child, spending hours in internet cafes, while their very real 3-month-old girl starved to death.

The Tennessee mom who sent her adopted 7-year-old son back to Russia, with a one-way plane ticket, essentially saying he was crazy. Her justification: she included a note saying “I no longer wish to parent this child.”

And the best for last — a woman known to some as ‘the Human Barbie Doll,’  (picture, above)  for her hundreds of thousands of dollars of cosmetic surgeries, to look like a certain plastic plaything from a certain company in El Segundo. She has just gifted her 7-year-old daughter with a coupon for –well, it’s not clear– either liposuction or  breast augmentation. But only after she’s 16 and it’s legal. Oh, well….

Entire article here.


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