PASADENA (CBS) — Officials say Arune Kavaliauskaite, who appears in a music video on youtube, used her car Friday as a deadly weapon against a Los Angeles County Park employee.

Authorities say the employee repeatedly warned Kavaliauskaite about having her dog unleashed in Eaton Canyon Nature Center in Pasadena.

Kristine Lazar, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, talked to sheriff’s deputies about the incident.

Lazar reports words were allegedly exchanged between Kavaliauskaite — who was sunbathing — and the park employee after the employee warned the rocker to leash her dog for a third time.

Kavaliauskaite allegedly then got in her white Mustang and struck the employee with her vehicle, leaving her with injuries to her legs — cuts, bruises and some swelling.

Kavaliauskaite, 28, a resident of Altadena, was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, according to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Parks Bureau.

The county worker, who was not named, was released from a hospital several hours after the incident.

Deputies told Lazar that the rocker was the aggressor. After the third warning, the worker called her office for help after Kavaliauskaite allegedly became hostile. Sheriff’s deputy Johnie Jones described her behavior as “bizarre and erratic.” He added, “She got very angry with [the employee]. She started cursing at her. The situation was going south.”

Jones said the park employee tried to take a photo of the Mustang’s license plate when Kavaliauskaite tried to run her over and accelerated her vehicle. When she left the scene, sheriff’s say the car rolled over the top of the park employee’s shoes.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested Kavaliauskaite at her home later that evening, and she was held on $35,000 bail. The Mustang was taken in for evidence.

A court date was scheduled for Tuesday in Superior Court in Pasadena.

Comments (9)
  1. Devon Shire says:

    Well given that a guy was tasered last week for not leashing his dog, I’m not sure how sympathetic I am for this park employee. Not to say that the ‘rocker’s’ actions were justified, or even sane. I’m just saying. . .it’s not black and white.

    1. Roger Wallace says:

      Hmm…let’s see. She was warned three times to leash her dog and then assaults a county employee with a 3500 LB weapon. How much more black and white do you need it to be? The b**** obviously belongs in a straight jacket.

  2. Tom Woodsmann says:

    lol, thats like the funniest thing I have heard all day dude.

  3. null says:

    It has been very scary the many times unleashed dogs have run up to me on hiking trails. They always show up minutes before their masters do and many of them are big enough they could kill me.

  4. LOL says:

    Stay home null and void!

    If you are afraid of a domestic dog killing you, than the real big wild animals in the forest will really freak you out!

    Just pull the blankets over your head and count to three, slowly.

  5. Reason says:

    You are kind of stupid LOL, considering that Dog attacks AND DEATHS are MUCH more common than wild animal attacks – ESP here in So Cal.
    The amount of times a wild animal has killed someone in the LA forest in the last 100 years can probably be counted on one or 2 hands tops – while the seriously injured and killed by domestic dogs is far greater.

    Ive personally witnessed a severe attack by a pit bull on a human – and while Im an avid hiker – hiking here in So Cal more than most – including in evenings and even at night in the mountain trails, and I have never once seen a wild animal even act threatening.

    go back in your hole LOL – you have no idea what you are talking about clearly.

    So null’s feelings are somewhat justified.

  6. Seederman says:

    My wife was bit by an unleashed dog *in Eaton Canyon* last year. She did nothing to provoke the dog; and the dog owner, who was a good 30 to 40 paces away from the dog at the time, had absolutely no idea how to handle his animal. “He’s really very friendly” he said, unlatching its teeth from her torn jacket. “You must have threatened him” he said. No, she was attacked from behind and never saw it coming. Thank God the dog only got a mouthful of jacket. I am a dog lover, and have owned dogs. But a dog with a careless owner can be very dangerous indeed. So the warnings were appropriate, as is her arrest for assault.

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