1 Dead, 5 Seriously Injured After SUV Crashes Into Tree In Hyde Park

HYDE PARK (CBS) —  One woman is dead and five others critically injured after an SUV crashed into a tree on Florence Avenue Friday morning.

The LAPD says the women were riding in an Infiniti SUV when it lost control, hit a curb and slammed into a tree at 2:45 a.m.

The woman riding in the front passenger seat remained in the car, but the five others were ejected.

Some ended up dozens of feet away from the car at the intersection of Hilldale and Florence.

Investigators say they found empty bottles in and around the vehicle, which was purchased recently in Moreno Valley.

The women, who were all wearing club attire, were taken to California and Harbor General hospitals.

Officials say speed and alcohol could be factors in the crash.

  • gmoney

    Love the 30 second commercial followed by literally 3 seconds of an actual news report. Brilliant!

  • Delores G. Wright

    I agree, who the heck cares about a commercial out here? CBS you can do better, this is not good.

  • Whiskey…Tango…Foxtrot

    Thank God these idiots only injured themselves and no incent people; I’m willing to bet these morons don’t have any medical insurance.

    • Tre in Inglewood

      Another IDIOT; what difference does it make if they have medical or life insurance? Do YOU have any? Are you gonna have to pay for ANY of their expenses? The point is; speeding, drinking and driving will most likely have a BAD outcome. It’s a DEADLY coalition.

    • Sunny

      Ignorance! What the hell does them having medical insurance have to do with anything? 5 – 6 families are hurting right now and they best thing you can do is keep them in prayer or shut up! Let God judge the rest.

  • Tempus Nunc

    6 Women!

  • luckys

    kcal9 can’t spell..WOMEN

    • A

      They actually spelled it the right way!

  • Astonished

    Channel 2 showed the paramedics putting a sheet over one body. . . I wonder if the actual count is 7 women, not 6.

    This car hit a palm tree. You have to be really flying to take out a large palm tree!

  • Mike in San Diego


  • Mike in San Diego

    I bet one of them was about to leave her man, was out with the girls for that, let’s get you laid by the first man we come accross because all will be better, was talking smack about men and KARMA made them meet a tree a dude planted.

  • Mike in San Diego

    Who the hells goes out and is still out at 3.00 a.m. on a Thursday night? Umm, something tells me they are are probably singe mothers. Any bets?

    • Tre in Inglewood

      YOU’RE AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! What difference does it make if they are/were single mothers, why they were out, or what time it was?! They are NO LONGER HERE with their familes, FOOL!!!!! Apparently you don’t have a life that’s why the time amazes you,nor do you have a woman thats’s why you have a problem with why they may have been out. It’s an unfortunate situation all around. Maybe you should use some of your NEGATIVE energy for lawmakers, who are trying to accomodate immigrants; if they had impounded her car, this may not have happened. STOOOOPID!! And NO< I don't know any of them. LOOOOSER!!!!!

  • Astonished

    I’m thinking like maybe someone in that car just turned 21 and they were “celebrating”!!!!!! I mean isn’t that what they do now days, get falling down drunk while clubbing and driving around for that day?

  • Derrick

    They came all the way down here from Mo Valley to party, hell they didn’t even make it to the freeway. Alcohol and no one using there seat belts, no smart. Really a damn shame, their lives are changed forever now.

    • tiffanie32

      No they did not live in the valley and no thats not where they came from. i cant stand for people to assume.

  • tiffanie32

    idiots??? the only idiots is the one who wrote the comment…and for your info, my family is well tooken care of…so u already know what u can do crawl up in something and ????

  • tiffanie32

    no one was having man problems or was a single parent. have you ever heard of enjoying your life. this is why people need to mine their own. if only i could say what i really wanna say. but god give my family the strength to look past this and move on.

  • Lucy

    People can be so cruel! Know that these women are someone’s daughter, sister,mother! Just know that “KARMA” is soooooo forreal and U/YALL will get ur JUST DO!!!!

  • Keysha

    This is my family and I would appreciate the dumb stuff to stop

    • Sunny

      How are all the girls doing? Are they recovering? I don’t know them, but they have been in my prayers all weekend….

  • Sunny

    Has there been an update to this story? Are the girls better? Have they all been identified? I haven’t seen any updates since the story broke the news….

    • MsPooh Blessed

      yes they hav 3 r passed away 3 still alive n will recover.ty 4 ur concern.those were my 3 baby sisters.

      • Sunny

        Are donations being accepted? My co-worker and I would like to donate something. May not be much, but it breaks our hearts to know that these women had children and have lost their mothers. Please let me know.

  • els

    i cant believe people could be so rude !! i feel for them all, my prayers are with the girls and their families and the ones that were unfortunate…my they rest in peace

  • Wolfman

    I don’t care what the posted speed limit is as most of us go at least 50mph or better on surface streets so what do you expect

  • http://propertycloud.co.za/2012/02/1-dead-5-seriously-injured-after-suv-crashes-into-tree-in-hyde-park/ 1 Dead, 5 Seriously Injured After SUV Crashes Into Tree In Hyde Park - Property Cloud

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