J.C. Penney Rolls Out ‘Fair And Square Every Day’ Pricing Plan

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — J.C. Penney stores across the Southland are rolling out the retailers’ new pricing Wednesday. The company said the “Fair and Square Every Day” pricing plan will help put an end to the confusion of multiple promotions, percent-off sales and coupons.

Shoppers should immediately notice the changes, including new signs, less clutter and pricing that doesn’t include percentages off. The retailer announced last week that it was permanently marking down all of its merchandise by at least 40 percent. They said, this new pricing strategy, will make it easier on shoppers by not having to wait for sales or special coupons to get the best deal.

The chain will simply offer three prices: (1) “Every Day”, (2) “Month Long Value” and (3) “Best Prices” (clearance). Prices will also now end in “0″ instead of “99″ and price tags will list just one price.

In addition to that “Every Day” pricing, the retailer will have “Best Price Fridays” twice a month and “month-long values” on featured items, which in February will be spring clothing, jewelry and lingerie aiming to riff off Valentine’s Day this month, according to a company spokesperson.

J.C. Penney also is rolling out a new “Happy Returns” policy.  Customers can bring back any item, anytime, anywhere.

  • kimo

    Good for them! There has always been the theory of a 300% mark up on retail items! Glad to see a powerhouse take a bow to the people!!!

  • Lee

    Now all they have to do is to get ridi of their ANNOYING commetcial with everyone screaming.

  • alg


  • Ginger Tipton

    IT IS ALL A LIE! I have been watching several items, waiting for them to go on sale. Most were not reduced by one cent! One item for $20 was reduced by $2, that is not 40%. I will NEVER shop there again! Liars!

  • Gary

    I went to a JCP store today for the first time since the new pricing policy went into effect. I honestly am not impressed. I could see little if any change in the prices of items I would be interested in. In fact, they were much cheaper in the past when I could get them on sale. My take: This new policy is a dud that will die a quick death!

  • Crystal

    I went Saturday and while I could tell most of the items were truly marked down from original prices, they did not seem to be any better than the sale prices, in some case not as good, but the thing I don’t understand is without my reward coupon and my 15% survey or whatever, what will drag me in there and why should I buy today when it will be the same price later. I think I will save a lot of money, won’t be in there so much or tempted as much, but what is in it for JCP? I think it will fail…jmho.

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  • Jessica

    I hate this. I will not be shopping there anymore. I am a huge sale shopper, and I love being able to use coupons and get a deal. I bought a pair of jeans on the clearance rack for $13, went back with these new prices and they are $40 regularly. This is so ridiculous. Very disappointed in them.

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