LONG BEACH (CBS) — The two women accused of cramming 142 animals into a Uhaul and driving it across country with no food or water have been released on bond.

Founders of Long Beach’s Hearts for Hounds Bonnie Sheehan and Pamela McCraken were being held at the Fayette County jail after police pulled them over on I-40 for a traffic violation and found the animals in deplorable condition.

Sheehan told CBS2’s Stacey Butler that she never planned for the incident to turn out the way it has.

“This wasn’t something from out of the blue we decided to do by taking a bunch of dogs and run of in the night,” she said.

Sheenan said that no one was adopting dogs, so she put up ads online geared towards the East Coast and began to hear back from numerous interested people shortly after.

The women never made it to their destination because they were pulled over and arrested for keeping the animals in “deplorable condition.”

Shehan and McCraken have surrendered all rights to those 142 animals on Jan. 24 in a Somerville courtroom and gave them over to the Fayette County Animal Control Series.

They are each charged with one count of aggravated animal cruelty which is a class e felony. They could face up to two years if convicted. Other charges are still possible.

“That one count is essentially for the transportation of these 141 animals in an inhumane manor which caused death to at least one animal and significant injury to others,” said District Attorney General Mike Dunavant.

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  1. Dennis Bryan Coppens says:

    This is amazing, I KNOW these women, and we have the nerve to treat them as if they were being “Cruel” to animals? It’s insane. These are two of the most compassionate women I’ve ever known. I connected with them instantly and they would NEVER hurt another God being! I felt as if I’d known them forever. I am so disappointed at the media and society as a whole for portraying these two women as criminals. We should be ashamed. It’s US who are criminal. Let’s get it together people. Let’s just love.

    1. Page says:

      Well…..they were being cruel! If were to use that word(cruel) so loosely like so many cocrete thumpers(city slickers)like to do. You see,there’s something people like you, and these two broads need to learn! It goes; Compassion isn’t s@#t without brains backing it up!!

  2. Leslie Jensen says:

    Bonnie was my neighbor and she is still my friend. All of the dogs I have are from Hearts for Hounds and they have always been healthy and beautiful. She has always been there for us with anything for the dogs. The media spins the story so that the public thinks the worst instead of getting the facts. It is a shame to break another human being in this way.

  3. Page says:

    If you worthless reporters would get your “investigative” tools out and “investigate”,it wouldn’t take you long to find out that it’s these damn “animal rights” and/or “rescue shelter” people who are the one’s that are cruel to animals! But,it probably wouldn’t do any good,since you,just like them,aren’t big enough to admit that fact!

  4. Julie says:

    One charge?? There should be 142 charges, one for each of those poor animals that suffered.

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