SANTA ANA (CBS) — Police in Santa Ana say a pedestrian has been killed after being struck by two hit-and-run drivers.

It happened about 8:35 p.m. Saturday as the victim tried to cross the street in front of his house in the 400 block of South Broadway.

Witnesses say the man was struck by vehicles going in opposite directions — a white pickup that knocked him across the road and then hit by a green Mustang convertible.

Both drivers left the scene. A witness said a woman was driving the Mustang. He said, “She just left.”

The dead man has been identified as 55-year-old Jose Javier Diaz.

Greg Mills reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9 said officials believe both vehicles would have sustained front end damage.

Mills reported that neighbors described the street as dangerous and poorly-lit.

Police told Mills that Diaz was intoxicated and likely walked in the street unintentionally.

He lived about 150 feet from the home he shared with a nephew and his family.Mills spoke with a distraught Marcelo Cruz, the nephew. He wondered how not just one, but two people, could leave a man to die in the street after hitting them. Said Cruz, “We want justice. That’s all I want.”

Cruz showed Mills’ Diaz’ bedroom. His glasses left on top of his open Bible.

Diaz’ family said he served in the US Navy for two decades and that he sailed around the world three times.







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