Dispatchers Taking Demi Moore’s 911 Call Confused Over Who Should Respond

BEVERLY HILLS (CBS) — When actress Demi Moore needed an ambulance to come to her home in Beverly Hills recently, she found just how confusing and infuriating the jurisdictions between cities can be.

Moore, 49, was taken to the hospital Monday night following a frantic 911 call that first began with confusion over which city’s fire department should send an ambulance.

Beverly Hills Operator: “Beverly Hills Fire.”

LA City Fire Operator: “Hey Beverly Hills, LA City Fire over here. We got a lady at 9740…”

Woman:  “9740 [address redacted] in Beverly Hills. We need an ambulance here as soon as possible please.”

Beverly Hills: “OK. We don’t cover [address redacted]. Is it spelled…[unintelligible]

Woman: “Why is an ambulance not on its way right now?”


Beverly Hills: “Ma’am instead of arguing with me why an ambulance is not on the way, can you spell it for me?”

After the woman spells the street name for the operator…

Beverly Hills: “OK, sir, that’s not going to be ours. My supervisor’s advising me that’s LA City.”

LA City: “That’s coming up in LA City? OK….I will handle it Beverly Hills…”

The exchange over which city fire department should respond to the home took over two minutes. Listen to the audio:

Jurisdictional confusion is a fact of life in Los Angeles and its surrounding cities, where 911 calls made on cell phone calls go straight to the California Highway Patrol, which then has to route the call to the proper agency. The problem is further compounded by many people dropping their landlines, which show emergency dispatchers a physical address, in favor of using their cell phones solely to make calls.

Often, as Moore’s 911 recording demonstrates, even the agencies handling emergency calls aren’t sure about the jurisdictional lines. In some cases, the city’s fire or police department will respond, in others, county fire or the sheriff’s department will answer the call. For freeway and certain highway incidents, the CHP responds.

As for Moore, she is being treated for exhaustion at a rehab center. TMZ reports that Moore’s friends told paramedics the actress was doing “whip-its,” or sniffing canisters like whipped cream for its nitrous oxide. The caller also revealed Moore has been having “issues.”

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  • http://losangelesforme.com/2012/01/dispatchers-taking-demi-moores-911-call-confused-over-who-should-respond/ Dispatchers Taking Demi Moore?s 911 Call Confused Over Who Should Respond | Los Angeles for Me

    […] When actress Demi Moore needed an ambulance to come to her home in Beverly Hills recently, she found just how confusing and infuriating the jurisdictions between cities can be. More from: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com… […]

  • Stevve

    What? They couldn’t decide if it should be the publicist or the ambulance?

    • Buck O'Fama

      Dim-E Moore is the next Lohan. I think I’ll shoot my TV now.

      • freecheese

        Aw, ‘cmon. She is a poor left wing liberal limosine liberal multi-millionaire who probably freaked out becausw her BMW didn’t get a sedond coat of Simonize by her car boy servent.
        Any Hollywood Puke would shove toooooo much of something up their nose, or smoke too much crack over that.
        Also, you have to consider that she is not comfortable with growing REAL old gracefully, hence the Toy Boy for a Cougar !
        I’ve met my share of meth heads. They always lose a lot of weight. Then their teeth start to rot. Keep an eye on the teeth.

    • freecheese

      This is almost “Michael-Jackson-Like, except she didn’t croak — yet.

  • http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2012/01/27/911-caller-tells-operator-demi-moore-smoked-something/ 911 Caller Tells Operator Demi Moore ‘Smoked Something’ « CBS Los Angeles

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  • Bill Jones

    It is Dave!!! Dave is not here man!!!!

    • Chippy55

      Ha ha ha ha, Cheech and Chong, ha ha ha.

  • Null

    “Similar to incense”… yah.

    With the “confusion” over the address, whether they were in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, its appearing more and more that that caller was a PR person, carefully making sure that say the right thing so as to protect Moore’s celebrity.

    Its evident with the almost desperate NEED to make sure they or Demi lives IN Beverly Hills and not with the rest of us of course, in Los Angeles OH NO that would be awful.

    God forbid that at the moment where Demi Moore is in apparent life of death situation that she be noted as living with the rest of us… people in LOS ANGELES.

    Incredible. In… credible.

    • snort

      If it happened on a street corner: ” Quick, take her across the street before calling 911. That’s the BH side of the street and appearances matter. “

    • gloria

      If it was like incense, it was probably a new designer drug called “spice”. A few teens have already died from smoking this. Do a search on it.

    • Johnny Blaze

      One report said it was NOS, another said adderall was the cause, but if she was smoking something, that would leave me to guess that she had been smoking crack cocaine, which would explain the weight loss, she overdosed or fell out as some call it, had a seizure, and then probably stopped breathing would be my best guess.

  • Bob A

    Its hard when you leave a real man for a boy toy, and the boy wants something other than you. Poor Demi. But as my old gramma said “you make your bed, then you must sleep in it”.

  • ANNE B.

    Remember, she pledged “allegiance” to Obama in those commercials in 2008? Forget an ambulance, why not call the anointed one to heal her? He is the all and everything right? I have no sympathy for this spoiled brat, the rest of us, the little people suffer under her GOD while she pouts over a little man/boy.

    • truthbtold

      Bush was anointed! He is the one that the country allowed to cheat and change an election to put in office. He is the one that the country allowed to start a war just to get a man for threatening his daddy. he was was allowed to spend $1.3 trillion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which have not accomplished anything at all in 11 years (terrorists are still blowing up bombs every week with no end in sight), and there are no reprisals or complaints from supporters like you. I would say that makes him the anointed one!

      • Yourna Mehere

        That’s nothing truthtold, Obummer spends $1.3 trillion on date night with Moochelle. It costs alot to fill that trunk with junk.

      • Bill Smokey

        Bush? Dude bush is not the president, nor has he been in this decade, you maroon.

      • Georgiasaraann

        Go back over the 2000 election results. Even without the Supreme Court Bush won. Get over it. Nobody wanted Al Gore, including his wife. He did not get his own state’s backing. Quit living in fantasyland. Prove your point, show any proof Gore won the election. You can’t do it because he lost. A loser like you ought to recognize that.

    • ALVIN Q.

      Clearly, this is Obama’s fault. We need to elect a good upstanding American like Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney so that celebrities won’t overdose any more.

      • Jackson


      • DaPower

        Actually…we may see more of them overdosing if Obama loses! Oh well…Darwinism rules and may thin the herd one way or another!

    • Allihave2say

      Your comment was unnecessary. This report is about Demi’s overdose and has nothing to do with President Obama. You sound bitter, as if you are looking for someone to blame of your problems. This union, is in the condition its in because of the years of Bush, Clinton, then Bush x 2.

      You are so busy looking to blame Obama because of the color of his skin only. Because white has to be right.

      Everyday children pledge allegiance to the “flag of the United States”. The flag being material representation of the people and our leadership.
      Focus on the issue. This idiot OD’d because of a man. Grow up and take a good look in the mirror.

      • Yourna Mehere

        So Allihave2say, are you saying that Obuma was involved in this?

      • LOL

        “You are so busy looking to blame Obama because of the color of his skin only”

        LOL, your a racist, yet appearently not smart enough to know it.

        No one mentioned race, but you based on the asumption the commentor was white and white people who don’t like Obamba are by default racists. Very weird.

      • TheAlamoIsOurs

        Thank you. It needed to be said, with loads of Republic idiots coming here from drudge, you’d expect this kind of response.

      • Max17

        Obumbler is half white. Quit being such a racist.

      • Dan

        Who is this Obama guy?

      • Randy Davis

        Allihave2say, it seems you are the bitter one. YOU are the one who mentioned his race. You’re a racist and bigot of the worst kind. You suck.

      • Rocky

        “Thse s idiot OD’d because of a man” (???) Way to blame it on someone else. She needs to take accountability and realize she left a man for a boy. That reality must be difficult to handle.

      • Bill Smokey

        No one said anything about the color of anyone’s skin, by definition, you are predisposed to thinking of race which therefore makes you the racist. Fact.

  • Chelsea

    I like Demi Moore, but she needs to flippin grow up and act her age instead of trying to be a teenager. Great bod and great surgeon aside, she’s starting took look road hard. But that’s just me….

  • Afghan Whig

    Whippits, really? Is she 14?

  • Kip Noxzema

    This chick is a nutcase and everyone in Hollywood knows it. The Boytoy got out to keep his sanity.

  • Garr Obo

    Bush’s fault?

  • Jim Hampton

    And so many of you idolize these idiots of Hollywood! LMAO!

  • yankeefan

    Put her in the same cell with LiLO, Paris Hillon and the other washed up screen sireenes. There are younger and more beautiful starlets around.

  • jerrystr

    She was just trying to be a good liberal Democrat. After all they want to legalize all drugs for thier social use and pleasure. If these morons want to overdose and kill themselves, they will do it whether the drigs are legal or not.

  • Fed up

    This is the state that thinks it is the best/???? Just a bunch of idiots all of them. But then again Demi is a liberal so she is getting what she gives.

  • Satch

    Interesting,Hollyweird now chooses to call it’s drugs of choice,—-incense.

  • Richard Halloran

    Demi… poor girl.

    youtube search: walter cronkite hillary clinton

  • John Galt

    What kind of idiot huffs whipped cream gas that isn’t under the age of 13? Demi has always been hailed by hollyweird as their poster child to artistic excellence. This speaks volumes about hollyweird. They shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

  • dsptchr645

    This kind of thing happens all the time. It is especially true with cell phone calls for emergencies that go thru CHP dispatch and have to be transferred to another agency. Dispatchers at centralized 911 centers take about 50 calls an hour…everything from a shoot-out in progress to an inquiry about the weather in Topeka. Jurisdiction problems arise from the telephone number being from one jurisdiction and the address being in another jurisdiction, duplication of street names in several jurisdictions and, sometimes, the caller giving an wrong address. Trust me, two minutes to unravel this kind of problem is good work on the part of dispatch.

  • Long John

    Another drugged up burned out Hollywood loser, who cares who responds?

  • matt2717

    What she smoked is “spice” as its street name. It’s in essence synthetic marijjuana, and is marketed legally as herbal incense. Its packages plainly state that it’s not for human consumption, but since when does that stop anyone? The chemical in it was developed as a fake cannabinoid by Clemson University during a study of pot’s effects on the brain. Clemson researchers discarded the formula when it was found to be dangerous and have no medical value. Someone picked the formula up and started coating herbs with it and selling it on Kool-Aid-side packages that in many areas even kids can buy. Now, it’s killing people and sending them into convulsions across the country. We’re so smart.

  • Agent Jimmy

    Sounds like it’s NOT whippets, rather it’s the synthetic marijuana substitute called INCENSE or K-12 SPICE.
    It’s made in a lab and has been shown to be very dangerous to some users.

  • UyeahU

    “when a problem comes along
    you must whip it
    before the cream sits out too long
    you must whip it
    when something’s going wrong
    you must whip it ”


    Never a dull moment in Hollywood. Seems like huffing N2O from whipped cream cans would be rather self limiting, there can’t be that much in each can. Sure does make one think fame and fortune are not all it’s cracked up to be.

  • Anonymous

    She smoked Salvia concentrate

  • SHRKB8

    Meth head…

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