MENIFEE (CBS/AP) —  A 6-pound Chihuahua died of severe internal injuries after being struck by a golf club by a neighbor.

The Chihuahua, named Lily, and a poodle mix got loose from their owner’s property in the 28100 block of Summitrose Drive in Menifee and roamed into a cul de sac, Riverside County sheriff’s Sergio Rodriguez said.

Larry Edward Jaurequi, who lives nearby, took a golf club with him and walked toward the dogs, Rodriguez said. And with no reason or cause, he “swung the club against the Chihuahua as if driving a golf ball off its tee.”

“The force of the swing sent the animal flying through the air,” Rodriguez said. “The suspect was preparing for a second swing when he was stopped by people that just witnessed his acts.”

Sheriff’s Cpl. Courtney Donowho says Lily died of a lacerated liver, brain damage and a leg fracture.

Jarequi, 58, of Menifee, was booked Thursday for investigation of felony animal cruelty.

Jarequi posted $5,000 bail Friday and is due in court on March 22. His phone number is not listed.

The poodle mix was uninjured.

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Comments (37)
  1. Christina39 says:

    All I want is 15 minutes alone with him while he is in handcuffs.

    1. jack says:

      in handcuffs?!?! the guy is 58 years old! lol. i’d love to take a golf club to him though.

      1. j says:

        YOU got that right jack!

  2. Xen says:

    Such a tragic thing to happen to a little dog. That guy is a coward.

  3. Marissa says:

    A very tragic and heartbreaking story.

  4. Cindy duck says:

    Soo sad, animal cruelty penalties should be harsher, I hope they make an example out of this guy

  5. Nic says:

    If this was my dog, the guy wouldn’t want to get out of jail…

    1. Jaa says:

      The dog should not have been running lose.

  6. Mike in San diego says:

    Everyone knows when your tee off you’re suppose to yell, Foooorrrreee!! This guy needs to be locked up!! Can you imangine, not yelling fore? Jeez!!!

    1. Marissa says:

      You are a s t u p i d j e r k down there in Diego County making a stupid comment like that. Someone should hit you with a golf club and yell fore.

    2. Jaa says:

      Too bad he did not do that to Four Chihuahuas. Then Yell Four Four. LOL

  7. jack says:

    you’re seriously disturbed.

    he “swung the club against the Chihuahua as if driving a golf ball off its tee.”

    can i take a golf club to the side of your head? get help please. if you set fires and wet the bed, you’re most likely a serial killer.

    1. Poor Man says:

      First off, you threaten to murder me then you claim I’m a serial killer? So uh, who’s disturbed?

      You obviously haven’t suffered from sleep deprivation have you? It’s a TORTURE technique employed by militaries around the world.

      Also, did I say what he did was right? NO! I simply shared in the frustration that can drive people to extremes…That I don’t condone….Did you get that part Einstein?

      So please, crawl back into your hole and shut your trap.

      1. J says:


  8. jim says:

    i’m glad they listed his name…i hope a good psycho path dog lover is reading this.

  9. Dog Lover says:

    Dear Poor (pathetic) Man – Buys some earplugs and some Benadryl.FYI, dogs who are cared for by their owners get out by accident. A child can leave the gate open. A gardener can leave a gate open. The dogs can run out the front while the owner is bringing in groceries. Maybe the owner is aged, and forgot to close the door. In any case, it’s HORRIBLE and INEXCUSABLE that someone would do this to an innocent creature. Period.

    1. Issy says:

      Dog Lover…..I completely agree it is absolutely insane what this subhuman did to this defenseless animal. He’s lucky it wasn’t my dog or he’d be wearing that golf club around his head.

      1. Jaa says:

        I want to shake the man’s hand and ask him to please do the same to the terrors who live on my street. Always barking, charging people and just being a nuisance. Chihuahuas are a scourge. Plus I hate anything from Mexico.

    2. Jaa says:

      I have seven dogs and take care of them. Guess what? They never get out. NEVER. They rarely bark and know how to behave.

  10. Dog lover says:

    Dear Mr “poor man” first off your name should be Mr. “I need some help” because seriously u really really do need to seek professional help ASAP!!! Your reasoning is absolutely disgusting & ignorant & quite frankly people with your mentality should have a golf club swung at them!! FYI accidents do happen moron so before you start pointing fingers & trying to justify the actions of these sick individuals who don’t even belong in our society do yourself a HUGE favor a get some professional help first!!

    1. jude says:

      I know wish we had this horrible person in front of us too. What a sick individual – hope his family and friends can see what he wrote. Maybe they’ll commit him before he hurts and animal OR person

    2. tamr21 says:

      Why are you so bitter,Dog Lover? You are a sick, and probably are without human friends so you have to be a ‘dog lover. Do you live under the front porch? Accidents do happen and I expect you were an ‘accident’. You crazy thugs need help but you are probably beyond any kind of help,professional or otherwise. Poss.
      The same goes for the rest of you cretins.

      1. WalterandCindy Alv says:

        What r u talking about? i think u forgot to take ur meds

      2. Tamr21 sucks a fat one says:

        Hey Tamr21 let me guess…you spend your nights in your mothers basement with a box of white Zinfandel and your 30 plus cats…people who love and respect animals are not crazy and without “human friends” . It’s sick losers like you who are. It’s sad lonely people like you who enrage animal owners. Then again it seems like you could be related to pyscho Larry who took a club to this poor pup.

      3. Jaa says:

        You make no sense and talk like a crazy person.

  11. Kill POORMAN says:

    Hey POORMAN do society a favor and take a gun to your head next time you can’t sleep you sick piece of sh!t

  12. Speedy Gonzalez says:


  13. Issy says:

    This degenerate is absolutely sick!!!! Why would he hurt a defenseless animal??!! He needs to stay away from animals and society period!!

  14. Timothy McGarry says:

    I hope the Ua ua’s get this guy every night in his dreams.

  15. Hemet Jeff says:

    This ass should get 20 years but will probably get probation. What goes around, comes around, Larry…watch your back.

    1. Jaa says:

      20 years. What have you been smoking? They don’t give 20 years to child molesters. I would not even give him probation. Chihuahuas seem to all be the same. Nasty disposition. I wanted to hit one who charged and bit my dogs once. The owner always made sure his dogs did not set foot on my yard. They knew I was going to hit the stupid yapper with a shovel. More people need to do this.

  16. Stacy says:

    Tell Larry Edward Jaurequi what you think of his actions when he posts pail. All his contact information is at which is public information. He is listed as residing in Temecula. Have at it!

  17. Jim says:

    OMG i cant believe this!! All I can say is rot in hell Loser

  18. Jaa says:

    The stupid dog should not have been running lose. It probably charged the man. The Chihuahuas on my street are constantly doing that. Charging them, biting, barking. They are terrors. The dog probably did the same and the man taught him not to act like a big dog if you can’t back it up. Good for the guy. I applaud him.

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