LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Authorities Friday released the alarming 911 call made by Demi Moore’s friends before the actress was hospitalized earlier this week.

“She smoked something,” Moore’s friend says on the tape, which the fire department redacted in several spots before its release. “It’s not marijuana, but it’s similar to incense and she seems to be having convulsions of some sort.”

The operator tells the friends not to give 49-year-old Moore, who was having difficulty breathing, anything to eat or drink as they wait.

“Has she done this before?” the operator asks.

“I don’t know,” another friend replies. “There’s been some stuff recently that we’re all just finding out.”

Celebrity web sites have been reporting that Moore was inhaling nitrous oxide, or whip-its, which CBS2 could not immediately confirm.

The call lasts several minutes before the paramedics arrive.

Callers initially expressed frustration after a Los Angeles City Fire operator transferred them to the Beverly Hills Fire Department, which then determined that Moore’s crisis should have been handled by the original operator.

Two women can be heard pleading for an ambulance several times before they are transferred back minutes later.

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Comments (23)
  1. xxx says:

    Wow, all this because of Ashton? She’s obviously DW’d and pathetic. Too bad because I would’nt kick her out of bed for eating crackers.

    1. XXo says:

      Even if Crackers was my dog.

      1. Kilo Echo says:

        She still is hot. I would eat her corn hole and give it to her fast and hard.

  2. Robert S. says:

    She “smoked a white owl”!

  3. skynr says:

    I think Ms. Moore need to come clean about her affinity for various past time amusements!

  4. MARIO E HERRERA says:


    1. WRONG says:

      Uh, no….The caller alluded to marijuana and the synthetic marijuana poison that head shops sell is labeled as “incense” and it can cause convulsions.

      Please don’t make stupid, uninformed comments,

  5. Neo Leo Poe says:

    Seeking help for stress and exhaustion. . .give me a break! I ( like some others), think also that she is smoking either meth or crack. I hope this is a wake up call for her to come clean about her use of drugs.To me health is more important than wealth. To try and appear to the general public that you are squeaky clean can be deadly. Lucky Demi had friends with her when this happened, or we might be reading about another celebrity drug overdose. Here’s hoping a full recovery is in her future.

  6. mojo says:

    she is merely looking for publicity and attention, poor thing, Ashton is not even worth it

  7. Jason says:

    It was either crack or meth…her physical appearance only confirms this.

    1. She's Dumb says:

      It’s neither crack or meth…It’s that synthetic marijuana nonsense that is sold as “incense”.

      What a freakin moron.

      1. She's Dumb says:

        …her not you.

      2. Frank says:

        She is doing exactly what the Mexicans do, and this has always been the problem.

      3. bdj says:

        OK Frank, what is it exactly that Mexicans do? Or are you just making a generalized comment about minorities?

  8. Richard B says:

    Yup, it’s meth. The same thing Frank’s momma was smoking when she spawned him

  9. jose says:

    dont talk about mexican people, they are nice.talk about you puto.

  10. Mr. Wee Wee says:

    Mr. Wee Wee sez “yOu gO girl” and STAND FIRM behind Barack!

  11. Jim Bunion says:

    She’s a LOSER and Ashton is a friggin two year old AHOLE.

  12. Chaco Burger says:

    Demi is more evolved and intelligent than most people and whatever she was doing was probably helping her to tap into that higher consciousness and power grid asthetic that most folks aren’t even wise enough or creative enough to have awareness of. I am glad she is ok and hope she keeps pioneering great thoughts and creative energy!

    1. SammiD says:

      “Demi is more evolved and intelligent than most people and whatever she was doing was probably helping her to tap into that higher consciousness ”

      That higher consciousness she was tapping into is called DEATH.

      1. Chaco Burger says:

        The jealousy of her talent is so sad to witness

  13. Studly Mann says:

    These ol bags don’t know when to quit do they. Some of these khunts are fifty years old, and still tryin to be khool. Get real, go hang out with streisand and anderson and madonna, just get yer saggy boobs and scary restretched faces the hell off the street!

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