COLTON (CBS) — A Chihuahua puppy is now safe in the home of a foster family after being discovered dumped in a trash can Tuesday morning.

The male puppy, believed to be just a few weeks old, was found crying at the bottom of the trash bin by Maria Nelson’s daughter at the gas station where she works in Colton.

“She was inside working,” says Nelson. “And one of the customers heard the puppy crying.”

The woman called Nelson and asked her to pick up the puppy. Since Nelson’s home is already full of pets, she took the dog to the home of a friend, Cindy Lundgren.

“I’m a little disappointed that somebody would throw him in the garbage like a piece of trash,” says Lundgren.

The pup was still trembling and whimpering Wednesday night.

Lundgren took the dog to the vet to get all of his shots and he is now ready to be adopted.

“We have to hang on to him, legally, for three weeks,” says Lundgren. “We can choose to adopt him out to a good family.”

Lundgren’s six-year-old daughter Hailey wants to keep the puppy. “He’s little and he doesn’t want to be away from his family,” she says.

But Lundgren says it’s not an option since there are already four dogs and three cats in their home.

The cameras at the gas station did not capture images of the person who dumped the puppy, making it difficult for police to track them down.

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  1. Eric Harryman says:

    I would be very interested to adopt the puppy found in the trash can. I am a accomplished television producer and recently lost one of my toy poodles to kidney failure. I would be honored to love this little dog the rest of his life. Please contact me to discuss any terms arrangements or details. I can be reached at or on Facebook @ Eric Harryman. I am very serious about this and hope this reaches the persons in charge of this arrangement. Thank you! Sincerely, Eric Harryman

    1. bcb says:

      I hope you get the dog, Eric. Sounds like you would provide him with a loving home which he deserves.

    2. Erika says:

      CBS Los Angeles Phone: 818-655-2000
      I just heard about this sad story & read your comment. I looked up # to station (above) so you can contact them if you are really interested in adopting. Let them know you are interested & to put you in contact with Cindy Lundgren who is fostering the puppy. I’m an animal lover & hope that you are serious & you can offer it the forever, great home it deserves.

      1. Eric Harryman says:

        Thank you, Erika. I already called them. They had no answers…

      2. Eric Harryman says:

        Thank you, Erika. I called this number and the lady was very rude and said, “we don’t have any contact information on how to adopt the puppy…” I said, you just ran a 5 minute segment on a puppy who was abandoned and needs a home and you have no information?! Sounds like they just wanted the human interest side of it and really have no interest in the little guy getting a loving home… I pretty unhappy about how I was treated by CBS. Any help would be great! Thanks!

    3. Erika says:

      This link is where I found the phone #…I would go to it and email people & call all #’s until they direct you to correct place. Don’t let one person ruin it for the poor puppy finding a home…If I find out anything else I will let you know…

  2. amber says:

    im so glad he was found.horrible anyone would do that to any animal

  3. sharone says:

    humanity is truly disgusting and to know my very own species is capable of such a cruel act just keeps draining any respect you try to have for your fellow human beings.

  4. jim says:

    aww i love dumpster puppies

  5. * says:

    I hope they find that piece of poo – shame on them !!!!

  6. Robert S. says:

    Looks like there are “Low Lifes” in every corner of our little universe! Sociopaths are sadly alive and well. Wonder why God lets um live? There is a special place where it “Gets really hot” for psyco’s like this. Sorry that we let um continue to live! Heard a story out of San Antonio where a neighbor “drug” a neighbors dog out in front of her, and shot the Lab just because it “jumped the fence” into his yard. What an “A” hole! Don’t want to find him in a compromizing position thats for sure!

  7. ELI LOP says:

    I hope they find that piece of KAKA who put this little dog in the trash, and you that piece of KAKA, I hope the cops find you and put you in the dump, were you belong. shame on you KAKA HEAD.

  8. Andrea says:

    Please guys keep posting infos about where one can adopt this dog. Like you Eric my dog died a few months ago, age 16. He was the most spoiled dog in the entire world. I’d love to adopt this puppy and give him a happy home but I’m not in LA for the moment.

    PS: I wondered if someone might have stolen a car and the dog might have been in. And he just got rid of him.

  9. Barbara Long Beach says:


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