Octuplets Celebrate 3rd Birthday

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Nadya Suleman’s octuplets are celebrating their 3rd birthday Thursday.

The landmark set of octuplets – the only complete set in the world – were born on January 26, 2009 at Kaiser Permanente in Bellflower. The set includes six male and two female children, whose names are: Noah, Maliyah, Isaiah, Nariyah, Jonah, Josiah, Jeremiah and Makai. They all have the same middle name: Angel.

Suleman, who already had six children before undergoing fertility treatments and being implanted with 12 embryos, was soon dubbed “Octomom” by the public.

Since the octuplets’ birth, Suleman has used her newfound celebrity to help pay the estimated $15,000 a month it takes to care for 14 children – she has starred in a reality show, posed in a bikini for a photo shoot and boxed against “Long Island Lolita” Amy Fischer. Suleman also staged a widely publicized yard sale to try to raise money to save her home.

Despite her attempt to capitalize on her fame, she has fallen behind on making mortgage payment on her La Habra home and plans to sell it in a short-sale.

Despite the familys’ troubles, the octuplets’ survival is remarkable – they are only the second full set of octuplets to be born alive in the United States and have surpassed the previous worldwide survival-rate for a complete set of octuplets set by the Chukwu octuplets of 1998, according to Wikipedia.

  • patriot

    Won’t read this! Don’t Care about people who don’t think about the consequences of being able to provide for their children. She is gross and a selfish prude. Shame on you for reporting on this media w h o r e.

  • Thomas Tirrell

    nice to see the woman who used her vagina as a human pez dispenser is still getting publicity

    • patriot

      Nice one Thomas. Pez Dispenser, GENIUS!

  • Juli Oh

    why post this? who cares.

  • Jenna

    They are three. Why don’t they talk yet? Why are they not potty trained yet. Why are they so sad looking with dark circles under their eyes? Why do they have facial bruises? Why?

    • me

      You know why, because their mother IMHO treats them like wild animals, not children.

  • JaneSmith

    Fraudya Suleman is cold-hearted, cruel c@nt who believes anyone and everyone should support her lazy ass. Those children were born with a job, dammit; and, that job is to keep Fraudya in the lap of luxury with servile servants. To use a Southern colloquialism, Fraudya Suleman is “useless a teats on a boar hog”! I can feel the fear and pain every one of those octuplets endure EVERY DAY of their sad little lives. Every employee of the California Children’s’ Protective Services should be prosecuted for allowing this travesty to continue!

    • Chucky Picnato

      Amen to that Jane & good one Thomas. She really is a sorry excuse for a human being. Poor kids~ wish I could help them.

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