LOS ANGELES (CBS) — First lady Michelle Obama will spend two days in the Southland next week, speaking at a pair of Democratic National Committee fundraisers and appearing on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

The first lady’s fundraising swing starts Tuesday when she appears on Leno and Ellen to tout the upcoming two-year anniversary next month of her signature “Let’s Move” initiative, her effort to combat childhood obesity.

Obama also is scheduled to speak at a DNC fundraiser Tuesday night in Los Angeles and a fundraising lunch Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning, she will attend an event with Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts and Robert Ross, CEO of The California Endowment, to highlight efforts to provide healthier food options in traditionally under-served areas.

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  1. stan says:

    Don’t you just love the way silk stocking liberals on the west side of los angeles continually ‘brown nose” this woman never having the courage to disagree with anything she ever says or does!

  2. Angry Old Republican says:

    B. OBAMA 2012!
    M. OBAMA 2016!

    Finally, a genuine woman with true class, guts, character and SUBSTANCE, and SMARTS. What a beautiful family. The Obamas and their young daughters all look so happy together. Two very smart lawyers.

    President Obama is a very lucky man to have First Lady Michelle Obama, esq. by his side.

    1. julia says:

      Funny, you don’t sound Republican or angry.

      1. Angry Old Republican says:

        I’m a a hypocrite, like most all republicans. But I hide it extremely well or at least I try do but I think most Americans are on to my party.

        Secretly, I am bitter and jealous that Obama will turn this country around. Sucks to know 16 years ago Bush Sr. tried but failed and now here comes the new kid on the block who is gonna get rid of our policies. And, that he’s Black doesn’t help. I know most of us are racist and happen to be white…so I guess you can say that I’m just as big a hypocrite as the rest of my republican counterparts.

        Oh yeah, and I envy the size of Obama’s package. I just can’t get my arms wrapped around it. A package that works for the middle class. My party is going the drain in hurry and we are all very afraid out here. Our values of bigotry, hatred, classism, is not fitting in this country anymore for the 99 percent. We are all alone and trying to implement as many scare tactics as possible. Deep down, we know we will lose to Obama in 2012. So we can only hope to try to divide the country and scare you all into voting for us right now.

        You could even sense the seething hatred last night in the crowd when watching the SOTU address. I feel confident that Obama will take 2012 and turn this ship around and the American people are beginning to see us all for who are really are. We can’t hide any longer, Romney doesn’t even have a chance. Deep down inside I’m very bitter and hate myself that I am totally defenseless at this point.

    2. progressive democrat says:

      Angry old republican~ I assume you are non christian, non-caucasian, a member of a labor union, possibly gay and are on a government payroll or regularly receive a government check!

      Have the intellectual honesty to admit that you favor socialism and want to destroy the capitalist free enterprise system!!! Hopefully, you will intellectually mature realizing that a strong centralized government is the PROBLEM not the solution!!

      1. Angry Old Republican says:

        I am possibly gay, the only thing you got correct.

        It offers some solace to know that I pay relatively few on my taxable income. I earn over $250K annually and pay about 2 percent of that amount in taxes. Heck, the middle class — or what is left of it, is good for something. Fortunately, I have a great accountant and tax lawyer. I sleep at night knowing that at least I can shield most of my income from the IRS so those in the middle class (like you) can bear the burden of keeping the government up and running financially.

    3. Jerry Frey says:

      Dude, Laura Bush ditto – two daughters also.

      Decide for yourself.


  3. steveB says:

    Another cross-country trip for her and her entourage. How much do you think this will cost the tax-payers?

    1. uhoh says:

      YAWNNNN Jealous much? I’m sure the small taxes you pay on your $20,000 a year salary doesn’t help this country much.

  4. Angry Old Republican says:

    This level of open hate and unwarranted disdain is surely a sign of open envy. Admit it. If anyone should know, I sure do.

    I think all women should aspire to carry herself with the same level of classlessness and tastelessness like my republican counterpart Jan Brewer out in AZ..What a sign of real class, dignity and self-respect, no? Jan knows how to carry herself in all situations…especially, when it comes to respect for the Presidency and how to maintain her composure.

    Take off the English hats and white gloves…and you see a lot of blatant ugliness and open disrespect underneath that reality. I’m not supposed to talk about this, so let’s just keep this between you and me. You can trust me. I’m republican.

  5. uhoh says:

    Best looking first lady we have ever had. Well her and Jackie O

    1. Frank says:

      At least not full blooded Mexican on this one, good news here.

  6. uhoh says:

    Struggling for attention in your personal life? It shows….

  7. us citizen says:

    Angry old repub………….you are full of $hit and the dems are too stupid to realize you are jesting.

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