Los Angeles Man Busted For Smoking Marijuana On A Jet Blue Flight

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A Los Angeles man was busted Monday for smoking marijuana on a Jet Blue flight headed for Newark, New Jersey.

Adam Blumenkranz, 43, reportedly lit up a marijuana pipe in the lavatory and stunk up the back of the plane.

The New Jersey Star-Ledger reports Blumenkranz was arrested by police, who met him at the terminal gate. Blumenkranz was charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Blumenkranz told police he did not believe he had done anything wrong because he has a medical marijuana card.

  • madmart

    Haha good man ! Love it I’ve smoked a joint of black in amsterdam airport the once but smoking on the plain that’s a new one to me ! lolol

    • EnglishFan

      I think smoking on the plain would be pretty common. Smoking in the valley or the hills too. But smoking on the PLANE is stupid.

  • charlie

    Getting high while flying high, just need to join the Mile High Club for a trifecta.

  • John McMahan

    You can smoke pot on a plane but you have to have a one hitter and blow the smoke down the sink. You may ask why the sink, the answer is easy. The sink has a vacuum so the smoke go’s outside.

    • Spignoli

      Like, dude, the sink and the toilet drain into a holding tank. Like, there’s no way the sink vents outside, dude.

  • PAUL

    the pilot was like dam did i just run over a SKUNK AT 1000FT ? wait a minute contact high LOL

  • anon

    In the air or crossing state lines with cannabis, no matter where you are given a prescription is a big no no. When you are on the highways and air, its federal space.

    what he should have used was a vapor pen like iVapor or Atmos which vaporizes oils and has minimal scent. Not ideal for everyday usage but for times like the above….probably would have saved him. He could have done it from his chair with the air on.

  • Perro Snoop

    They serve alcohol. Why not take a hit of the sticky icky…

  • Doug


  • Roxane Marie Faski-Spinharney

    This is funny

  • majBUZZ

    im all for the right to smoke in your home, but on a flight where children and others would be subjected to inhaling and getting high when they did not want to and the whole no smoking on a plane , its just stupid and inconsiderate. But just like every drunk bum outside a liquor store doesn’t represent everyone who drinks alcohol neither does this moron represent people who consume weed responsibly.

  • http://propertycloud.co.za/2012/01/los-angeles-man-busted-for-smoking-marijuana-on-a-jet-blue-flight/ Los Angeles Man Busted For Smoking Marijuana On A Jet Blue Flight - Property Cloud

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