Deadly Monterey Park Officer-Involved Shooting Caught On Camera

MONTERY PARK (CBS) — A deadly officer-involved shooting in Monterey Park was under investigation Monday after police responded to a disturbance call and shot a man, who reportedly went on a rampage.

The deadly confrontation at a Carl’s Jr. restaurant was caught on camera.

The video taken by KCAL9 StreetTeam member Frank R. captured the deadly gunfire by police, who shot a man reportedly armed with a pipe.

“He was just like, nervous breakdown, you know; we didn’t know what to do,” said Jimmy Aragon, who witnessed the incident.

Police and witnesses described a man in his 20s carrying a backpack, who placed an order, but left empty handed.

“He just came back and started breaking all of the windows,” Aragon said.

All of the restaurant’s windows and the front door were smashed. Police say the man shattered the glass with a 3-foot length of pipe.

“‘Stop, put the pipe down,’ stuff like that. Because they were yelling at him,” witness Nick Escalante recalled.

First the man was struck with a taser gun, but witnesses said it did not seem to faze him.

“He took the shocker off… the taser. He threw it at the cops,” Escalante said.

“He managed to just yank it off and was still walking away,” Aragon said.

After several warnings by police, Aragon said the man lifted the pipe up above his head near an officer and officers responded with gunfire.

Shots from an officer hit a neon sign a block away. A piece of the sign broke of and struck a woman, who suffered minor injuries.

Police did not release a motive, but said that they did not believe that the man was trying to rob the restaurant.

He later died in the hospital.

  • Trill Tony
  • John

    Pretty weird… Anyway where is the video from security cameras? It had to be caught on some of them I guess. I always check video from my security cameras on this recorder:

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  • A

    When I seen the footage from the suspect being shot by Monterey Park Police officer, I am very surprised to see how the officer was holding the gun to shoot. There is no excuse for him to miss a shot and hit a sign from that close. That’s like a gang shooter shooting at that range while holding the gun like that.From the angle it’s unsure if he was still holding the pipe when he was being shot. But adding 5 more shots while on the ground and 5 more while standing up or minus 1 – that’s pretty amazing not utilizing the next step. The other officer started off basic with a taser. Whatever happened to the bean gun? The K-9 would have been injured. What about the baton? Now the question is – how long did it take for emergency personnel to arrive and give him aid? At the end I see in the video on the far right firefighters coming out. There should have been three officers displaying something and not two. One displaying the taser, the other officer with the K-9, and the other with the gun. Or you have one moving up from behind to tackle the suspect.


    monterey park officers are races , till this day , when i was in school every time i got off the bus they will stop me, just for being in the area of monterey park . the officers will cover up every thing and the department .. officer are killing first then asking qusetions . the officer could have shot him in the legs but how many shot . “too many” one officer told me one time ,” WE DON’T MEXICANS HERE.”

  • j.luevano

    People the shooting is on You Tube look it up Monterey Park Shooting, Excessive force, the man had a pipe they had a tazer, but if you look at video the cop with the dog he had his gun pointing at the suspect if the tazer didnt work than send the dog in but the cop wanted to be the hero, shot 10 times , less the 10 feet and when the suspect fell the cop kept shooting. Raza stand up and protest Mexicano Unidos

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