RIVERSIDE (CBS) — Student protesters interrupted a Board of Regents meeting at U.C. Riverside Thursday morning.

Demonstrators, who are upset about proposed budget cuts and fee hikes, refused to stop talking after a 20-minute public comment period. Board member Sherry Lansing then asked police to clear the room.

The board is studying Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax proposal, which will cut $300 million in education funding if tax increases for individuals making more than $250,000 a year aren’t approved. Brown also wants to raise the state sales tax by .5 percent.

U.C. officials say they’ve done what they can, but their hands are tied.

“We’ve absorbed $750 million in cuts in the last year alone, and thanks to some good planning and good decisions by the regents, we’re able to continue to assure access to California students,” U.C. spokesperson Steve Montiel told CBS2.

Protesters disrupted one meeting and prompted the cancellation of another back in November.

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  1. pedro says:

    Kids, you can have a debt-free college education. Check the immigrant box on your application.

  2. open your eye's says:


    You knuckle heads need to walk up to Sacremneto and visit moonbeams home and protest there (yes, the gov. residence). He is why your fee’s are being hiked, not the university. Bunch of dummies!

    The fact that he gives free schooling to illegals should open your eyes to how mucked up the univerisity system is.

  3. Diane says:

    Tell Gov. Brown that you are not giving free education to non-US citizens! Tell him that they will need take out student loans just like US citizens are forced to do. I don’t see why non-US citizens can’t pay back the cost of their education once they graduate and get a job. Quit rolling over and stand up and fight for the rights of US citizens!!!

  4. john says:

    sorry kids, no free education. you want fees cut go home and tell yours parents to pay more taxes or tell the schools to stop paying up to $1 million per year to the deans

  5. Fighting 4 A New GOV says:

    All of us students should focus our protest tied to specific reason as to why tuition is going up. Matters like (The Dream Act). Digging deeper into pockets of American students who haven’t even began our life and increasing our tuition fees to help subsidize the illegal immigrants is just flat out wrong!!!. Sorry but; their parents put them in that predicament, so let their parents figure it out or the person needs to file immigration papers like my wife did when she can from Brasil. I don’t have a problem with illegal’s getting an education but; I do have a problem with politicians making treasonous type decisions by wanting to help illegal immigrants get an education over helping first Americans then legal immigrants get higher education. This is all just a ploy to get more people to side with the Democratic side when all the while; people can’t see past the smoke screen. Also, we need to hold our politicians account to unscrupulous spending and vote them out of office. This is a perfect start. A Dream Act? A Dream Act for who?

    1. Whiskey…Tango…Foxtrot says:

      Well said!
      Also about 78,000 UC employees will be eligible to receive 3% pay raises, officials said; as well as 400 employees — senior administrators and non-teaching staffers who earn more than $200,000 a year. The increases and extra costs for pensions and health benefits will total about $164 million and will be paid for by state funds, student tuition, hospital revenue and research grants. L.A Times 8/2011
      No one in the private sector is receiving this type of pay increases.

  6. rankin1 says:

    these ARE the anchor babies and recipients of the dream act.

  7. icecream says:

    And these morons wonder why U.S. students consistently score significantly lower than foreign students.
    We are supposed to take care of our own FIRST. Then AFTER we are all provided for, assist others !!!

  8. Francisco says:

    I wonder what should I do so that I don’t have to pay for college tuition? I also want free medical insurance, free room and board, free apartment & free books? I want the big universities to take me in as their student and provide me with everything for FREE. After four to five years, I want the universities to do the same thing to my children…and their children…and their children…Life is full of FREE stuff. That’s my American dream (act)

    Live in America and let the folks who are citizens and legal immigrants pay for my education, rent, food and also an occasional cerveza. Who cares about the laws here? I can do whatever I want. Its my dream and I can do whatever I want and nobody can do anything about it….and if a bunch of people complain, all I need to do is call them racist. Yeah, poor old me being discriminated just because I get everything for free.

    Please give me free stuff…I need more.

  9. Ardell says:

    Wow this could not be more off the mark on what students are fighting for, please take more time to research the issue before you start attacking them

  10. charlie says:

    I have a dream,
    i dream that i sneak into Mexico, once i’m in, Mexico will give me food, housing, and medical care. I can drive, without license, without insurance, without a care in the world, because if i do hit someone, i’ll just go back home.

    Now Mexico just passed the Dream Act, all illegal Americans can go to college for free !!!! While Mexicans have to work full time, and go to school full time.

    an amazing dream,

  11. FFL says:

    “Learning impaired idiots, all” -but most all liberal democrats fit this label! Winston Churchill said (words like this) , “When I was twenty years old if you were not a liberal you had no heart. When I turned forty if you were not a conservative you had no brain!” It fits then as well as now, BIG TIME!

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