LONG BEACH (CBS) — A longshoreman was killed Thursday when he was pinned beneath a fallen container on a ship at the Port of Long Beach.

Around 7 p.m. the Long Beach Fire Department received a report of a person possibly trapped beneath a container on board a ship.

A crane operator reportedly dropped the container on his boss, 47-year-old  Steven Nicholas Saggiani,  by accident.

Harbor Patrol was at the scene and an investigation was underway.


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  1. Lorena A Sandoval Rodriguez says:

    how could it be dropped on his boss by accidents my friend work at the port and he tells me that some of the workers there are aggressive that are also careless and a few months ago he almost got hit by a container and that they had to discipline some of them for not following orders ….. now I just afraid to hear this horrible news I can’t imagine the family sorrow and pain when they get this horrific and tragic so called accident …. my prayers and deepest condolences to the family…. may he rest in peace …. and I do hope they investigated this …….. may god give the family strength,comfort,abundance in life and peace in their heart god bless

  2. Lorena A Sandoval Rodriguez says:

    I hope they released the name of the men so his family ….. can be notify of this horrible accident at the docks …….. god bless the family and give them strength and comfort ….. sorry for your lost … he is at our father home resting in peace and watching over his family

  3. 131340 says:

    I’m disabled now. It is because of an accident related injury. I will never work again as a Longshorman. I sometimes believe God put me where i am today so that i’d still be here for my family. I GIVE MY DEEPEST SYMPATHYS TO THE FAMILY OF THE DECEASED. AS FOR THE CRANE OPERATOR MAY GOD BE WITH U.

  4. E.Y says:

    Unless u actually work out there , u should watch what u say. Not always point ur finger at the crane operator. They have the dockhand whom has to hook up and secure the lines to the containers.So research ur info

  5. Proud ILWU girl says:

    I agree with E.Y. Unless you have stepped foot on one of those yards to put in an 8 hour shift of work you have no right to talk. All of us who have know the importance of the two words down there most often used which are “be safe”. And there are many people at the job that require this to happen for us all to go home at the end of our work day. There is so much going on not only on the ship but also on the ground that sometimes thats not possible and unfortuntely last night some one went to work and didn’t go home. I thank god every time my shift is over that I was safe and able to go home to my family. Working on the docks is no joke. You haven’t done it, dont speak and instead have sympathy and say a prayer for not only the persons family but for his fellow co workers that saw this man get crushed.

    1. ILWU Selling out! says:

      proud ilwu girl ..ILWU is sellling out your childrens future with port automation and all members are just taking it as if nothing is happening …east coast ports are not taking it ilaunion.org

  6. john says:

    We have rules that prohibit you from working in the same bay as a working crane in case of an incident like this happens. Deeply saddened by this tragic event. Rip steve

    1. Alex A says:

      ILWU bossses rush workers all the time and put them in harms way under cranes to get work done . ILWU IS RESPONSABLE FOR THIS DEATH. as nobody should work under cranes at no time not even when a ship has to be finished . ILWU is selling out with port automation

  7. CONNIE says:

    Deeply saddened by this . I work for a logistics company and those container can be really dangerous .My prayers are with the family and co workers .RIP

  8. Rob G says:

    ILWU Union and Bosses are careless ! they always have workers always working under/close to cranes to get work done . ILWU

  9. John Bates says:


  10. susana says:

    i am sorry to hear this. my prayers go to his family may he rest in peace.

  11. union sister says:

    this segment was about a death at the docks! what does automation have to do with this story? show some respect for the families of the deceased and the crane operator! this poor man now has to live with this the rest of his life! RIP FALLEN BROTHER!

  12. Union bro says:

    There should have never been bosses or workers under in the Bite of this crane if it was moving… but when ILWU rushes workers to finish ships to save money this is what happens . And fellow Union “brother” should fight to stop these kind of deaths/accidents from happening due to pressure from higher ups to get jobs finished. and i agree has nothing to do with automation.

  13. A Brother of Both says:

    This tragic accident was just that. The operator is one of the best, and safety conscious driver’s on the entire West Coast. You can’t see an accident coming that’s why there called such. Furthermore, the primary Duty of all Operators is to ensure a safe working environment for all whom are around, under, (UTR) Drivers, and fellow Long-shore Personnel in his or her respective perimeter. And we are not driven by the Employer or anyone else to brake rules or our own standards of safety to increase production, or get the job done. We, of all people (Operators) want more than anything else for everyone to go home to their families when the job is done or the shift is completed, safe, and unharmed, by any of our actions. The water front has been, and will continue to be an extremely hazardous place to work simply because of the nature of what it takes to move the large volumes of containers and heavy loads. My heart goes out to both, the Family, and the Operator, for this was, truly, a tragic accident. We will all miss Steve, he leaves behind a Hugh Hole in the Universe that can never be filled.

  14. automation says:

    ilaunion.org is protesting automation ..someone in ILWU is getting paid to do nothing.

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