LAUSD Students Roundly Reject Healthier School Lunch Menu

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The revamped school lunches at Los Angeles Unified School District have won awards, commending them for improving the menu at the second largest school district in the nation. Too bad the students don’t agree.

Rejecting healthful alternatives like vegetarian curries and tamales, quinoa salads and pad Thai noodles, students are throwing them in the trash by the thousands, bringing junk food from home and buying instant noodles and other decidedly unhealthy fare from the “black markets” that have begun to thrive at campuses across the district, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The wholesale rejection to its healthy menu comes about a year after a very public food fight with TV chef Jamie Oliver. Oliver filmed a few weeks of his ABC series “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” at one LAUSD campus, but the permit was terminated abruptly.

The series’ first season featured Oliver trying to revolutionize the eating habits and food policies of Huntington, W. Va.

The district said they welcomed Oliver, but not his cameras, in an effort to avoid gimmicks, like filling a school bus with 57 tons of white sand to represent the amount of sugar LAUSD students consume weekly in flavored milk.

The kerfluffle led to LAUSD’s decision to change the menu in favor of healthier options. The district decided to do away with chocolate- and strawberry-flavored milk.

Now, the Times reports cartons of plain milk are being thrown away en masse, unopened, along with uneaten entrees. Participation in the school lunch program has dropped by thousands of students, who are ditching lunch and are suffering from hunger-related ailments.

The complaints have been heard and LAUSD is planning changes to the menu, the Times reports. Burgers and (healthy) pizza are coming back, and dishes like quinoa salads and brown rice cutlets are out.

L.A. Unified serves 650,000 meals daily.

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  • jmz

    ok then then lets drop the whole program and let the kids bring their own lunches. if they are eating on the public dime then they eat what we tell them to. if its not wanted then kill the wasteful program and give it to the homeless or something along that nature. but im sick of wasteful govt programs slurping up my tax money because some corrupt politician wants more money “for the children or poor”

    • Daisy

      Yes, again. Bring junk food, healthy food or no food from home. Feeding able bodied people should not be the business of tax payers, but of the students and their parents.

    • ken

      Amen brother!!!

    • PabloKoh

      YES! YES! YES!

      • TGFD

        TGFD here. Ever since the hard left and the progressives took-over the schools, more and more money keeps getting spent on school-nutrition programs; however, the kids keep getting fatter and fatter. Now somebody please tell me…WhatTheF is wrong with that picture?

      • Gibbs Bentley

        Schools have no business feeding students. The reason they like junk food is because they have been eating it for years and are addicted to the MSG and Aspartame that are known excito-toxins that cause brain damage. Not only are they fat but are now also mentally deficient.

      • Donald Ducky

        Another worthless “journalist” who if had actually done some “journalism”, would have found that the union thug leftists had sent threatening letters to the parents, and threatened them, that they would lose their welfare benefits, if the schools adopted a non-union food source for the schools.

    • jULIA


      • inalienablewrights

        Will this this thread from hell never die? It is going on 500 posts and the software unfortunately was not designed to make navigation very effective or convenient.

    • Oldfart

      Schools receive financials benefits from serving school lunches, hence the reason they promote. Not many are familiar with the Erate program which takes the taxes from your phone bill and puts in a big govt slush fund. That fund then allocates the money back to schools for the purchases of capital technology equipment. The award of these funds is based upon the highest percentage of school lunches in a school, indicating the rate of underptivileged or poor kids.

      So lausd will never dump free lunches even though they are getting dumped by the students

    • john smith


    • HPS

      EXACTLY… we give the parents enough money to feed the kids 3 meals a day yet the schools feed them 2 of them.. .. I was poor and got food stamps for awhile years ago.. My kids ate breakfast at home and took a lunch to school ( they said the school lunches weren’t filling and more than 1/2 the time by the time they got to lunch there was no food left).. many of these kids DO in fact eat a breakfast at home and eat AGAIN when they get to school.. no wonder they are FAT…

      • Paul

        How about not give anything to anybody? Tell the kids if they want a meal to grab a broom. If they are hungry they will not only work for it, but will appreciate it.

      • harry

        just another example of feds telling states , citys and towns what they have to do.

      • Bedford

        OK, Paul…Some Black kids may push some brooms….Newt suggeste doing somerthing like that and the Rights/Welfare/Media indsutry called him racist – among other things…Gues that makes you a racist, too….Along with me….Maybe some other people1….

      • Bedford

        ..and scuse the typos….the light here in the basement is really bad…

    • Cory Kent

      That’s a horrible comment. I don’t want to waste the money either, and let’s not give them anything that they won’t eat, but I can’t ever call any human being trash. Even someone who would say such an awful thing.

    • American Patriot

      Says the white trash vermin from hell.

    • Linda Smithson

      Power source: I agree with you> I’ve tried to give them food, they don’t want it. Ive also seen the guy with the “big gash on his leg, going around with his cup for money, then tearing it off and getting into a Ford econoline van and driving off. I will NEVER give money to them again. I will feed them if they eat.

      • John

        Years ago, when the “will work for food” signs first started, I was leaving a strip center where our grocery store was. At the exit was a pathetic looking guy with his sign. I figured I’d help him so I went back to the store, bought a loaf of bread, peanut butter and a jug of water. I stopped, gave it to him. He looked in the bag, threw it back at me and started cussing me.
        They don’t get one dime now.

      • jqp

        If you’ve read one of these responses you’ve read them all. The “I did X for Mr. Y and he didn’t appreciate it so I don’t do X for anyone anymore”.

        Ignorant and small minded pretending to be selfless and generous. If Mr. Y doesn’t appreciate your generosity, and you genuinely want to help those in need, make your donation to someone else…don’t stop altogether and then tell stories about how you tried once and it didn’t work out.

    • Kim Legier

      Amen, JMZ! Couldn’t have written it better myself. So much for these “poor” kids being truly poor. The homeless or those from a third world country would have eaten the meals AND they would not have any options of bringing anything from home or purchasing something on the black market.

      • James

        So, WHITE TRASH FROM HELL? what a great comment (sarcasm). I’m sorry, if LA unified school district has more than 3 white students in it, I’ll eat all the food they throw away. THE majority of those students are Mexican illegals or anchor babies of mexican illegals. THEY are GETTING FREE FOOD. THEIR parents probably get section 8 housing. They probably get other welfare benefits as well.
        IF they are upset at having to eat healthy, perhaps they’d prefer to NOT eat at all and move back to Mexico??? I’m sure the Mexican city where they came from has a school lunch program. (if they don’t have to dodge gun fire or be a mule for drugs)

    • Bobby

      Just goes to show that government “do gooders” have no sense of reality. You can’t force people to do healthy things against their will. Same will happen with Obamacare….mark my words.

    • P Campbell

      Amen! Why *take* the food just to throw it in the trash? Ungrateful little twits. Since this is California, I figure the leftist legislation there will dream something up, like tickets for parents whose brats are caught throwing out untouched food.

    • George

      Fat fat fat just fat between the ears in Calif.

    • Mrs. Vandelay

      Suffering from hunger related ailments? Show me ONE student so suffering! If a child is hungry, the food will not be thrown away.

    • allan gehr

      i agree . besides whos in charge the kids ? or the adults . obesity is a big prob allready . getting fat from free services food stamps wic meals etc etc etc .

    • RobertG

      And again:


    • ST

      Tag is banned in a lot of these schools as being competitive, detrimental to self-esteem, and a potential liability for the school if a student gets hurt.

      Lawyers, bureaucrats, and feel-good lefties.

    • Tom

      Below that is the smartest thing I’ve read on here. Thus article smells of half truths and exagerations., written by someone with an agenda. There are politics behind this. No way in hell these kids rather go hungry than eat healthy. Why should we waste our dime to poison these kids with unhealthy food and then have to foot the bill in twenty years when the food options we forced on them catches up to them in a medical sense. I call bs and agree if it they don’t want it then take it away completely.

      • Emilee

        That’s a very good point — if they are throwing this food out, then they AREN’T THAT HUNGRY. So why are we being sold the impression that they’ll starve w/ out tax payers feeding them?!

        Besides, based on what the kids are “willing” to eat, it sounds like they’ll end up malnourished either way.

    • Paul G

      I agree with much of what you said but one bright spot YOUR kids probably don’t want drugs and probably won’t end up on welfare.

    • Yirmin

      In my day a kid could ride his bike and not worry about being murdered or raped by some sick pervert. Now that the liberal judge make sure those freaks are on the street and not in prison or worm food, a kid couldn’t ride his bike if he wanted to.

    • GOgogoStopSTOP

      A homeless woman in Los Gatos asked for money outside the famous coffee shop there each morning. My gf would give her money… I said one morning, “why don’t you by here food?” She said, “SHE DOESN’T WANT FOOD, SHE WANTS BOOZ, I’M GIVING HER WHAT SHE WANTS!”

      As a recovering misuser & abuser, if someone doesn’t want to bet better there’s no preachin’ or teaching’ that can help.

      When the student doesn’t want to listen, everything the teacher says is STUPID. WHEN THE STUDENT’S WILLING, THE TEACHER’S BRILLIANT!!!

    • harry

      damn dems and repubs ffor this mess. the only way to stop this is to first a heavy fine for first offense to anyone that hires them. second time-jail… they will deport themselves, all 20 million of them.

    • harry

      california is the greatest example of our failed illegal laws. california is the worse of all the states. they are the poorest of all and deeper in debt because they have the welcome mat out. schools,hospitals,prisons,job,wage rates etc etc etc. damn dems and repubs for this continuing destruction of our country.

      • JS

        You have to understand that from within a gated community, where it’s quiet and untouched by dumb strife, it’s very easy to kick back and wax politically correct, believing w/e you want to believe about how the world works.

    • Callous Disregard

      I have a favorite bum I give $1/day and i let it build to $5 if I don’t see him. I know he is going to buy drugs or booze with it and I fully support that. He dances in the rain with a broken umbrella and does tricks with his hat. I like that. I also like the feeling I get when I give him $5 after not seeing him for a week. Absolutely nothing you do from the window of your car will help a seriously addicted homeless person. Why not bring a smile to their face and give them a dollar. If you give $500 to some charity you can bet at least 250 will be eaten up by overhead, which includes lavish parties filled with the best booze.

      • Paul G

        Sometimes local charities are more efficint.

    • JW

      And … if they are throwing the food away, they can’t be very hungry. Rich people know that eating less makes your brain work better. Educators may know it too. Government overfeeding is perhaps just part of the “dumb ’em down” policy necessary to maintain an inert, compliant electorate

      • Walter Burns

        Eating less makes your brain work better? You’re dumb enough to have your own Reality TV show.

      • Scott

        Actually, Walter Burns, eating less does make your brain work better as long as you are eating adequately. Overeating, on the other hand, makes your body focus more on digestion than thinking which is something that you obviously need to do more of since JW mentioned “overfeeding” in his comment. You, sir, need to “synthesize” comments better…

    • Rachel

      AMEN, Mike.

    • david

      LA students also roundly reject learning anything and graduating!

    • Clearhead56

      Look closely, Dave. You’ll see them frantically manipulating their play stations, and texting each other

    • ant

      But if we do that, jmz, how will the Service Unions get their money to recycle into the Democrat coffers?

      • Rachel

        BINGO! That’s exactly right. They find things for these union drones to stick their nose into to justify these jobs with good salaries and overly generous benefits packages that WE pay for! And when the debt ceiling issue was raised, did Obama threaten having to fire thes euseless drones if we ran out of money? No, he threatened old people’s social security checks and the military pay. What a complete arsehole.

    • TGFD

      Ever since the hard left and the progressives took-over the schools, more and more money keeps getting spent on school-nutrition programs; however, the kids keep getting fatter and fatter. Now tell me, WhatTheF is wrong with that picture?

    • Jean Poole


    • jsquyres

      Well, trash is trash whether on two legs or not. What else can you call them?

    • lurkio

      Yep you bunch of Gov? dont you mean Mrs Obama know all

    • don

      Where is Newt when we need him.

    • SARAH

      AMEN. (But it will never fly because it is too sensible)

    • Fu Manchu

      Reading this thread, I just have to say…

      … you people are gross. I am ashamed to be of the same species as most of you.

      Is it so difficult to discuss an important issue without snarling? Do you not realize how ugly you appear talking this way? Why is it so hard to behave like a rational human being, instead of something that just crawled out of the slime?

      As Nietzsche put it, “Those who would fight with monsters should take care lest THEY become monsters”. What he meant by that is, don’t turn into y’all, who cannot seem to discuss anything on-line without vomiting up your views as disgustingly as possible.

      • P Campbell

        Leftie hand=wringer alert

      • AJ

        Would you care to make an actual researched point, or just call people names?

    • Jenna

      No kidding. Beggars can’t be choosers. What next, personal chefs?

    • jlou

      The response will more likely be that all companies that advertise food on television will have to stop. The government will outlaw the production of chocolate milk and snacks. Then the kids will be indoctrinated. The government will make sure that we all eat what they want us to eat.

      • KYWoman

        Well, if the parents don’t do it, then it’s left to the government to do it. Parents are obviously IGNORING nutritional foods, and feeding the kids junk food. Maybe it’s just as well we DO outlaw sugar and fat-filled foods so we don’t become even more of an obese nation.

    • Mad Hacker

      Here’s a Weird Idea. If the parent’s cant feed the children mahaps they should stop having them!!

  • jwilson

    Nobody likes a Nanny State do they?

    • Gary 1206

      You are kidding right. Too many folks like a nanny state but only if it doesn’t control them. You think Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t get salt when he goes out?

    • Bibby

      No one likes exploding health care costs, child diabetes and fat American’s populating the planet either.

      • Stpn2me

        And obviously no one like the healthy diet either..

      • GL Lee

        Stop voting democrat Bibby and you’ll take care of at least two of your ails… It’s government intrusion into the private sector that’s forcing healthcare costs up, along with the need for tort reform (loser pays court system). It’s also the Fed that took us off the four-food groups and implemented the food pyramid. Why is that relevant you ask? Because the Fed got in the business of schooling, and they implement their indoctrination programs on your kids.

        Now chew well and digest.

      • Ian McDonald

        Well if Americans would kill the socialist programs out there and actually regulate the insurance industry a bit, health care costs would be a non-issue. It not my responsibility to take care of let alone worry about someone else’s snot nosed off spring.

      • Franksam

        American Patriot,
        Just don’t think that I should pay for your health care, and don’t sit next to me on the airplane expecting me to share space with your ‘excess’. Other than that, eat on, fat boy.

      • American Patriot

        You obviously hate freedom and the American way of life. Being full and uncomfortable is no reason to stop eating. I eat massive quantities of pizza and burgers, even when I am not hungry. I drink massive quantities of beer and soda, even when I am not thirsty. WHY? Because I am a freedom loving American Patriot.

      • john

        maybe the kids ought to get off their butts and engage in some kind of physical activity…………too many kids sitting indoors playing computer games…..FYI, child diabetes (juvenile diabetes) is not attributed to being fat or to diet

      • David

        No we don’t thats why if your fat or smoke or do drugs or an other type avoidable unhealthy activities should pay higher permiums. Like car insurance. You speed alot / eat alot you pay more. Let for god’s sake some natural selection happen and quit trying to save everyone and maybe we won’t all drown each other..

      • Red Juventud

        Then you should leave this Earth as soon as you can, Bibby.

  • Mr. Beets

    In your face mrs. Mooch

  • HD Ritscher

    Unfortunately, most school cannot afford to leave the School Lunch Program. A large percent of their operating revenue comes from these programs. The real problem is that the Federal government is sticking its nose into areas that it has no constitutional requiremt. This is also the reason that there are so many lobbyists. If the Fed is not invloved, we don’t need people to lobby the government. But the Fed is now into everything. We are no longer the home of the FREE. Either learn to live under a fascist state or stand up for your self and reject that government handout.

  • Jon Galt

    This is a shining micro-example of what happens when idiotic liberal do-gooder nanny state nonsense runs head on into the reality of the real world.
    So perfectly typical of liberalism, all symbolism and no substance.
    Obama is nothing more than the cafeteria lady trying to tell us all where to sit, what to eat, when to stand, etc., this is beautiful.

    So, now can any of you libs tell me how we might expand this example to the real world? Of course not.

    Uh, uh, uh….its bush’s fault
    hope and change…
    Cheney’s evil
    Republicans want to starve children and hurt Mother Earth
    the planet is like, uh, warming dude, that al gore dude did a test or something. yea, its like totally Exxon’s fault…and stuff

    There, I even provided your standard response, your only apparent instinctual response when faced with logic and reason.

    • AL in LA

      Libs just don’t get it. In this case Atlas didn’t shrug….LAUSD Shrugged.

    • bulldog

      Typical response from a right wing Republican. You should have spend time watching the TV program. Spending too much watching Fox

    • Em Spearing

      Who ARE you?

    • Kathy Cordo

      Love your comment Jon. In addition, Curry is an acquired taste, no wonder they’re throwing it out. Quinoa is another fad food – I’m surprised they are not making the poor kids eat arugula. Who came up with this menu – I’m a scratch cook and baker who wouldn’t consider trying to feed kids this stuff.

      • Red Juventud

        This menu wasn’t planned by Moochelle. She actually went to Paula Dean’s show and almost ate her out of house and trailer. So, as a role model, Ms. Badonkadonk New Messiah will prolly be the next to admmit to having “sugar”.

      • jmz

        Its not that they dont like it thats the issue believe that these kids were going hungry. instead they just spend the money on other things. let their parents make lunch for them and cut out the free lunch program all together. if they are starving as the libs want us to believe then they should eat whats put in front of them. but this is just another reason to stop it, as the govt uses it as control, seriously how can you have fat starving picky eating kids? lets just kill the whole program. to heck with educating their palets. lil brats cant add 2+2 or speak ‘engrish good’ and we are worrying about their ‘palet development’

    • pitter43

      Hit the nail right on the head Jon. Liberal programs ALWAYS make things worse that they were to start with, nothing good ever comes from liberals.

      • American Patriot

        Or your mother’s vagina.

      • PabloKoh

        Not liberal but GOVERNMENT

    • Throw Away

      No one said you had the right to free speech! It’s offensive to the oppressed minorities.
      Secure that!

    • Jacob Johnston

      Jon Galt you may be the stupidest man to ever access the internet

      • Dave Turner

        You really don’t help your own case with only a pejorative insult and nothing to offer otherwise.

        If you disagree with Jon Galt, at least have the testicular fortitude to explain why instead of resorting to playground warfare insults. It just makes you look immature.

      • WhitemoonG

        Congratulations, Jacob!! You just further proved one of Ann Coulter’s original theses to be absolutely correct! Namely, liberals challenged with real facts and reality don’t soak it in, and grow intellectually as we all have, but just resort to stupid name calling.

      • David

        Jacob johnson for president of uranus!

      • Red Juventud

        Agree, Jacob is the dumbest on the internet(s)

      • Chip Tilson

        Sorry Jacob,

        The only stupid one here is your pathetic liberal diatribe instead of facing reality.

        You are a part of the problem.

        If you like the food so much, pick it out of the garbage can and eat it.

      • Bobster

        N, that would be you, Jacob Johnston!!!

  • Ben

    Another Nanny State program goes awry. It is time to stop trying to legislate peoples’ health.

    • Ian McDonald

      It’s time to stop legislating peoples lives period.

    • Who Cares

      It won’t ever stop Ben. It’s all about control and power.

      We know what best for you and you will do as we say. However don’t ask why it not the same for us because we are the elite and you just wouldn’t understand.

  • Cathleen James

    This article is proof that we do not *need* to have government sponsored meal programs for students. The can afford to bring food from home or buy it on their own.

    • Kim Legier

      Yay, Cathleen!

    • james pog

      Well, if you want to be technical, they did say that people were SKIPPING lunch and going hungry.

      • Jumping J

        If they are skipping lunch… they aren’t that hungry.

      • Focis

        Spoiled kids don’t eat what’s good for them. Well-raised ones do, those with parents who care about their health. One of America’s many problems is that many parents don’t care about their kids enough. I raised four kids as a single parent, tough times, but they all grew up eating and living healthy, and they’ll teach their kids the same. I’m sorry for all the kids whose parents just don’t care.

      • Fu Manchu

        @Jumpin J you obviously have never had a child. They do not eat what they do not like, even if they ARE hungry.

      • phil

        Kids in America skipping lunch and going hungry? HA! You want to see hunger? Travel to India. These kids may skip lunch, but they drive to homes with a computer in the house, satellite dish on the roof, and get government meal money every month! These homes have more disposable income than most middle class families in America.

  • Ray Marshall

    If they have enough money to purchase junk food, why do they qualify for free lunches?

    • Fu Manchu

      Where did it say the lunches were free?

      • Robert Yeip

        Uhh, the entire article was about the FREE LUNCH PROGRAM at LAUSD. Did you read the article, or just commented on the headline?

  • btn

    I applaud the entrepreneureal spirit of the students who see an opportunity to profit from absurd government policy. It is indeed a “Black Market” akin to those created by prohibition of alcohol (which gave the Kennedy’s their initial capitol) and that of drugs. I expect soon the jack booted thugs of government will soon have to crack down on these “Nutrition Terrorists.”

    The free market always finds a way in a free state and turns into a Black Market in opressive states…

  • chris

    kid’s don’t like rabbit food.

  • MissKitty

    If they are throwing it away they are probably not paying for it and they are certanally not hungry. So as one here has already proposed, let’s do away with the free lunch program. Mom can git off her lazy butt and fix her child a lunch.

    • Phil Ridge

      No, their parents are paying for it. It didn’t say it was the “free lunch” menu… this was the menu for all students. I don’t know if you have kids, but if a kid doesn’t like something, they won’t eat it… hungry or not, free or not. Most parents with kids in school pay for the lunches. Didn’t your parents ever teach you that nothing in life is free?

      • Focis

        If you don’t love your kids enough to teach them healthy eating habits, they will live on junk food.

      • Kim Legier

        The vast majority of students in LAUSD are on the free lunch program. It is highly unlikely that the children who pay out of pocket were the only students who were offered this new menu. I hold firm to my original post, these children cannot be that “poor” if they have the option to bring something from home, purchase something from the black market and or elect to go hungry. I am hard pressed to believe that a starving person from a third world country who is truly “poor” would throw away food because they did not like the way it tasted.

      • Timony

        Why on earth would you buy a lunch with money you can use to buy black market candy, and then throw it away? I do not believe the kids are buying their lunches and throwing them away. When I was in school, there was only one kind of lunch that got thrown away – the free ones.

  • Jeff Nolan

    A lot of these menu items would be much more flavorful, and accepted, if dietary guidelines were revisited on one specific ingredient. Salt.

    • John McElroy

      Oh my God! SALT, go wash your mouth.

    • Rachel

      Salt is banned…just like safe lightbulbs are banned. Thank you Big Brother…how would we survive without your wise guidance and heavy-handed rules??

  • James Moore

    Schools should stop serving lunch altogether and students should bring meals from home. “But what about the poor kids? (sobs, wailing).” They will be fatter than ever before thanks to the EBT program that advertises in certain cities seeking recruits. Ahem.

  • pfl

    Hmm… the Dogs wont eat the dogfood.

    • jbspry


  • Dave S

    We have no business feeding the students. Brown bag it kiddos, we aren’t your parents.

  • Mark in Sandy Eggo

    So, you say there were kids that were part of the research group? I just bet the kids that volunteered to be part of this were disproportionally the kinds of kids that would eat this kind of stuff. However, that is not representative of all the kids, including ones that like their pizza, burgers, and hot dogs. I am sure the do-gooders thought if the kids only had healthy choices, then they would eat them rather than go hungry. What they are finding is the kids through the (expensive) food away, don’t eat, and I am sure they are falling asleep in the afternoon due to low blood suger.

    Way to go LAUSD

  • Barry O.

    It’s all Bush’s fault.

  • FAB

    What moron went with grown up healthy food like pad thai or quinoa!?!? Quinoa is freaking expensive! There are plenty of ways to make kid friendly food healthy. Turkey burgers, vegetarian chili, baked chicken tenders, flatbread pizza, substituting brown rice…I could go on. The way to make kids eat healthier (and I don’t buy that they all needed to go full healthy) is by tricking them into eating healthy food disguised as stuff they liked. Did they get a single parents input here? What 2nd grader likes quinoa the first time?

    • jbspry

      What the *#@% is quinoa anyway? Sounds like a deviant sexual practice.

    • Focis

      You need to introduce it to them gradually. Worked for me.

    • David Blake Jones

      I love quinoa with olive oil and spices. Eat it with salmon and chicken and veggies drizzled with olive oil. Or put almond butter and maple syrup and apples on it for bfast. Delicious! and so healthy!

  • denver bill

    “PSSST, dude …. I got some fresh Chilean dog. First one’s free, and I got a great deal if you want quantity.”

  • Anna

    Does Michelle Obama know about this? She needs to dispatch the food police immediately and force these students to comply with the program.

    • Dwight Lee

      Don’t laugh folks, especially if you have children. It is not difficult to imagine a future in which students are detained after school to attend mandatory “nutrition re-education” programs if they are caught possessing or selling non-compliant food or beverages at school. This is the kind of world Americans voted for in 2008, whether they knew it or not, so they had better learn to eat their quinoa and like it.

  • Mari

    The heartening thing here is proof that free enterprise (even if it’s underground) is alive and well with this generation.

  • Karen

    I used to bring home made applesauce raison cake in my lunch (made with whole wheat my mom ground and honey) and warm milk in a glass mason jar. I hated it then…. but……, I ate it because I WAS HUNGRY! Those kids are not hungry or they would eat the food and be happy about it. Apparently they have enough to buy the junk so, do away with the government handouts and let them bring from home or keep buying at their black market!!

    • Phil Ridge

      no, you ate it because that was what you had to eat at home, too. If you were eating pizza and burgers at home and the school served home made applesauce raisin cake and warm milk, you’d have pushed it away like every other kid. But I agree… let them bring from home…. problem is, these days, most schools won’t allow it.

      • triplets

        The schools are monitoring ever bit of food that each kid eats and it is sent to the
        government. The only way around it now is to bring lunch from home. My kids
        all grew up to be healthy adults, they loved peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches.

      • Daisy

        Phil Ridge, Karen knows why she ate what she ate. You don’t.

  • rex dart eskimo spy

    why not just imprison the kids and force feed them all the healthy cardboard byproducts their little livers can stand. Government always knows best.

  • phil

    Best suggestion yet! Children: The school lunch program that you have been provided, is a classic example of Progressive, elitist, left-leaning, void of reality thinking that is always of good intent…but void on logic, substance…and thus of value. This lunch is endemic of a larger problem in society that has affected your public school system and government functions across your country.You are the future! Want real change? Never vote Progressive! Now grab a slice of Pizza Hut, throw this rabbit food in the trash, and gather around the radio for advanced Conservative Studies. Your Instructor is…Rush Limbaugh.

    • GL Lee

      I’ll second that phil!

    • AL in LA

      Unfortunately, the brilliant minds that put forth this new “healthy eating plan” are the same geniuses who are putting together our new Obamacare guidelines. But unlike the kids at LAUSD, we won’t have any choice but to participate or die of our ailments.

    • whattim

      you mean the fat, druggie Rush Limbaugh?

    • GL Lee


      Not to be confused with that fat druggie disbarred rapist Bill Clinton.

      Anyone wondering why Barry O’s cocaine problems haven’t been front page news? Or how about his Connecticut social security card?

    • GL Lee

      …matter of fact, where are Barry O’s ex-girlfriends? How about his transcripts from any of the universities he’s supposedly graduated from? How about a single student that he taught when he was a professor?

      WHERE IS BARRY O’S PAST???????

    • American Patriot

      A drug addicted pedophile? Whatever floats your boat.

    • Red Juventud

      Finally an effective teacher in a public school…Rush

    • drew

      NEVER for a moment believe a lib so called progressive has good intent. this kind of stuff is set forth in order for the government to own and control you. if they throw money in programs then they expect the upper hand in decision making. democrat party…the caring party? a bunch of BS!

    • Rachel

      AMEN, Phil.

    • Dave

      Rush has more common sense in his index finger than these Nanny state socialists running California do in their whole bodies.

      Stop the waste, stop trying to fix every social problem with more and more inefficient and wasteful government

      NOTE TO CALIFORNIA… you are broke, out of money and way in the RED
      stop wasting taxpayer money…

      ooops, I forgot, sorry! all you need to do is raise taxes AGAIN

  • Mike Astech

    Californians are such morons. From one extreme (fatty burgers with greasy fries), to another, (brown rice cutlets??????). Let the little brats bring their own food, stop the school buses and let ’em walk.

    • Kim Legier

      Right on, Mike!

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