Gov. Jerry Brown To Push His Tax Plan In Irvine Thursday

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Gov. Jerry Brown is scheduled to be in Irvine Thursday morning, where he will push for support of his controversial new budget proposal.

The plan includes tax increases for individuals making more than $250,000 a year, as well as budget cuts, infrastructure investments, pension reform and a temporary sales tax.

Just hours after delivering his State of the State address in Sacramento, Brown traveled to Southern California, where he spoke about his plan at Los Angeles City Hall before meeting with teachers in Burbank.

Republicans say higher taxes are not the solution to California’s financial problems, but Brown says he will campaign hard for his plan.

“You can expect to see me in Los Angeles a lot more during the coming months,” he said.


» Jerry Brown Pushes Tax-And-Cut Plan In SoCal

  • Reggie Hammond

    I want to see less of brown, preferably recalled. What a stain on california’s underwear. You are even worse the 2nd time around. I hope you get an air bubble to your brain so you can finally resemble the vegetable that you are. Go to hell bo-jo

  • Sheesh

    Here’s an idea…Enforce immigration laws and cut the salaries of elected officials by 20%.

    Why is it we always have to bleed?

    Time to recall this idiot.

  • Joe

    He’s imposing a $150.00 annual rural fire protection fee on me and thats on top of what I already pay ($50.00 annually)., and he wants me to approve his Tax plan!??? HAhahahahaha

  • FFL

    Old “Flush it down Brown” is like all liberal socialist democrats. They are learning impaired because they are emotional thinkers only. Their concept of the world will not allow them any logical or rational thinking. To understand their stance on Obama and life you only need to know that their grip on reality depends on the following: “Don’t bother me with facts, I know I am right!”

    If he would STOP free benefits to illegal aliens, cut ALL salaries ACROSS the board, and institute a hiring FREEZE, he just MIGHT find the money he seeks. But we know he will NOT do this because of the above..
    “Learning impaired” might be an understatement! We need to recall Brown ASAP!

  • 1Abdulla1

    Tax this, Tax that, Tax here, Tax there, Cut this, Tax some more, Cut, cut, cut, tax tax tax! Recall this Brown tax maniac! Enough Tax bull! Stop the cutting except for benefits to illegals! Recall Brown NOW!!! Cut Brown and Tax him!

  • Wetb@cks

    The two things that will solve all problems, pension refrom and illegal immigration. But he will not touch either one. Instead he will take from honest people.

  • rankin1

    Brown does he ever attend Raider, 49er games, never see him at sporting events.

  • Sergius

    This whole thing is just a mess. I love Chris Brown, but am soooo uevnliebably disappointed!xoxo,La C.

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