Caught On Tape: Mailman Sends Cuckoo Clock On Wild Ride

NORTH HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — A North Hollywood man was tracking his rare and pricey package and its every move … but he never thought he would see his cuckoo clock fly on its own.

Randy Paige spoke to the homeowner who caught his delivery man lobbing (make that hurling) the package over a fence.

By estimation, the package was tossed at least 15-20 feet, says Paige.

The homeowner told Paige he was home at the time of the delivery and told the mailman he would be at the door momentarily. Homeowner Mike Oreb told Paige had to put on pants. “I was in my boxers!” Oreb says.

For some reason, he says, the mailman couldn’t wait.

The postal worker — who remains unidentified — is then shown sending the package flying.  Says Oreb, “I was kinda in shock. I can’t believe he did that.”

Oreb called the Post Office to complain. “And when I told them I had it on video,” he says, “they were here in about ten minutes.”

The fragile clock was…well, a bit cuckoo when he opened the box. “The second hand was cattywampus. The chains were all out of whack,” he said.

Paige says the Post Office would not provide anyone for an on-camera interview in the Los Angeles area. But they did say that carriers are instructed, if they can’t deliver a package, safely, that it should be returned to the Post Office.

Oreb was more than willing to speak his mind. “Every time I look at the video, I just go, ‘Ouch,'” he said.

Paige says they have offered an apology to Oreb and says a claim for damages has been initiated.

Oreb only hopes this story is a reminder to all carriers — someone might be watching and have your every move on tape.


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