SoCal Congressman: Don’t Court-Martial Marines Over Urination Video

SAN DIEGO (CBS) — A Southland congressman voiced outraged Wednesday over four Marines who could face a court-martial over a video that shows them allegedly urinating on dead Taliban fighters.

KNX 1070’s Tom Reopelle reports Rep. Duncan Hunter is petitioning the Pentagon to change its mind about any potential disciplinary action.

Hunter (R-San Diego) recently sent a letter to defense secretary Leon Panetta stating that while the soldiers should be disciplined, a court martial would be excessive.

“These Marine snipers killed the enemy,” said Hunter. “Once you get past that point, there’s not too much more harm you could do to the bad guys after killing them.”

The video — which has gone viral online — depicts four Marines standing in a semicircle and urinating on three men in traditional Afghan garb, with one of the victims’ shirts stained in blood.

Panetta has assured Afghan leaders of a full investigation, but Hunter doesn’t believe one is warranted.

“The problem seems to be the video, so find the guy that took the video and maybe give him some extra punishment beyond non-judicial punishment that all of these Marines will probably be facing, but don’t do it excessively,” said Hunter.

Hunter, a former Marine himself, served two combat tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan between 2003 and 2004.

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  • Concerned

    Clearly what they did was wrong, however, this attitude we can kill people with guns and bombs, but wait a minute, now you’re going too pee on them too, well that’s just going too far! Pure and simple, this is insane.

  • Chuey

    Childish and embarrassing but these are young men who did something very stupid. Let this be a productive learning experience. This incident was tame compared to what was done in my day. We just handled thngs differently back then.

  • Red Meador

    How about we just pee on Rep Hunter?

  • Bryan

    Duncan Hunter’s beliefs don’t align with that of the American’s that his is supposed to be representing. With that being said how can we trust his decisions. He should reside from office and these solders should be punished for what they have done.

    Internationally we are hated, incidents like this don’t help the situation.

  • Reason

    Can I pee on G. Bush after he dies?

  • dave

    ummmmm has everyone forgot what was done to benito mussolini?? they killed him and hung him and his girl friend in town square and not onlt 4 soldiers peed on them BUT THE WHOLE TOWN is it curd SURE but is it worth a court martial NOT EVEN CLOSE give then article 15s at the most and move on with life

  • icecream

    A court martial is too excessive.
    I agree the soldiers need to be punished, but the punishment must be appropriate. Those soldiers were not sent there to be kind to the enemy, nor were they taught to be sensitive toward them. Their single mission was simply to target and eliminate certain threats by killing them.
    So I guess we can say; GO OUT THERE AND KILL, BUT DON’T PEE ON THEM !!!

  • Uhoh

    The congressman likes golden showers.

  • Llanviewer717

    We’re supposed to be the civilized society that believes in the dignity and worth of all people. (I know we don’t live it but that’s what we say.) Yes, this was a stupid acton by silly kids who didn’t think their actions through. But, in my opinion, it deserves much more than a slap on the wrist. I’m surprised that a member of congress doesn’t realize the global implications of our response to this action. Court martial seems very appropriate to me. Either we believe in human dignity or we don’t.

    • cindy

      find the person who shot this video and clearly got paid for it and who clearly did not find it to be a problem because he/she did not stop them and court martial THAT person BECAUSE it is slime like them who BETRAYS their buddy and should have been shot in the head for filming this and then shot again for saling it

  • icecream

    Punishment, yes. But their lives do not need to be absolutely ruined for what they did. A court martial can follow them for the rest of their lives.. They were not in a normal situation and should not be evaluated from a “normal” standpoint.

  • The Mad Man

    I don’t get this. These people (for lack of a better term) are terrorists who spearheaded the 9/11 attacks in NY for one issue. These terrorists have DESTROYED the minds and souls of our American soldier. These terrorists call us the INFIDEL all in the name of THEIR religious issues. They are zealots and all we are doing is sending a message of respect to their dead comrades. What else can we expect from the Taliban? They show they don’t respect any value of human life according to THEIR rule of law. We are still the infidel in their eyes and that will not change. I have read posts from soldiers who have done more in a time of war but never took a video or pictures. Maybe the mistake was made in the video BUT I still support these men for the message they sent to the Taliban!

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