LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The owner of a stolen motorcycle spoke with KCAL9 News after his bike was involved in a wild police chase that ended in a horrific crash with two people riding Tuesday night.

The chase aired live Tuesday night on KCAL9 News.

“Amazing video, yes it is. Amazing video,” said Enrique Rey, who watched the crash numerous times.

The video shows Rey’s motorcycle crashing into the back of a car on the 60 Freeway and then flipping over twice. The male rider and his female passenger were sent sliding along the asphalt.

“It’s really not too bad; the damage. [But] I’m not an expert,” Rey said about his Honda CBR 600 sportbike.

The motorcycle had been stolen from his front porch on New Year’s Eve.

“I reported it stolen right away and I thought that I’d never get it back and here it is,” he said.

A tow truck driver dropped off Rey’s bike Wednesday and that is when he learned that it had been recovered in a high-speed chase.

But when he viewed the KCAL9 video, he not only realized how lucky he was to get it back, but also how lucky the suspects were as well.

“When the camera slows down, they show them sliding and sliding. They were slid and didn’t crash into anything. They were very, very lucky,” Rey said.

The male rider immediately got up after the crash and could be seen trying to help his female passenger, who lied motionless.

Police had not released the names of the two people involved in the crash. But police said they were being booked.

As for the bike, Rey said the console was switched out and an on/off switch was added to replace the ignition lock. The crash scraped up the seat and busted a few panels, but the bike is ride-able.

“Usually when they steal something, they take parts off it and you never see it again. But in this case, he looks like he was fixing it to keep it,” Rey said.

Although frustrated about the theft, he is glad that the suspects are OK.

“I’m glad that nobody got really seriously hurt.”

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  1. Greg says:

    The Thief/Rider is a moron. All the lanes around him were clear. You have to be drunk, blind, or looking in your rear view mirror to not notice a big car in front of you.

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