BURBANK (CBS) — If this Hump Day is your getaway day to the Pacific Northwest, you may want to rethink your travel plans — or at least bring an extra coat.

A snowstorm in the Pacific Northwest forced several airlines to either delay or cancel flights departing from the Southland’s busiest airports.

LAX, Burbank and Long Beach have made changes to both departing and arriving flights to Seattle, Denver and Portland, with at least seven flights at Burbank airport and two at Long Beach airport canceled.

Burbank airport spokesman Victor Gill told KNX 1070 that fliers just need to check with their airline before heading for the terminal.

“Usually you will have a redundancy in the schedule that will at least give you a choice of taking a later flight in the day,” said Gill. “Then you the customer must decide what your best course of action is.”

Airliners that have affected so far include JetBlue, Alaska, American, United, Delta, Sky West and Air Canada.

The storm is expected to drop as much as four feet of snow to some mountainous regions and even several inches on the Seattle area.

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