Good Samaritan Dies After Being Shot By Parolee During Meat Market Robbery

LYNWOOD (AP) — Authorities say a Good Samaritan shot by a parolee while trying to thwart a meat market robbery in Lynwood has died.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department says 43-year-old Jorge Alvarado died Tuesday morning at St. Francis Hospital in Lynwood.

Alvarado and a co-worker stormed into the market Sunday after a cashier ran into their business and told them she had been robbed at gunpoint.

Sheriff’s Lt. Mary Leef says the two good Samaritans confronted the robber as he was fleeing the market.

Deputies say the co-worker was armed with a knife and stabbed the robber in the neck. The robber then opened fire and shot Alvarado in the torso.

Authorities say three suspects were arrested.

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  • greg

    The police will TRY to charge the co-worker with the knife for something, they will say “had he not attacked the robber his friend would not have been killed” that’s why you don’t bring a knife to a gun-fight

  • bounce

    I wonder if the robber was one of those guys that was released under court mandate to ease overcrowding…

  • rankin11

    parolee already has a gun, decent people in LA cannot get a gun permit, only 6 a year granted to judges and board of supervisors.

  • wobbles

    More of this and worse will come as Jerry Brown does his best to dump every state inmate back onto our streets without any punishment for their crimes. It’s a great time to be a crook in California thanks to Sacramento. Not such a great time to be a tax paying, law abiding citizen. Get armed and defend yourself. The state has abandoned us.

    • Reggie Hammond

      I hope the nazi’s at knx don’t censor this. I am done with following the stupid laws. I am going to start caring a gun illegally and kill people that F with me. I hate this state, I hate brown, and I hate our liberal laws. California is a toilet and all that reside in it big brown turds. It is time to flush.

      • Eigger Dnommah

        Then get the F out of Cali Reggie. Quit being a little whining b*tch and get the F OUT!

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