LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The founder of the Long Beach Hearts For Hounds Dog Rescue and another woman are in a Tennessee jail on animal cruelty charges.

Police say officers pulled over a U-Haul towing a minivan outside Memphis Tuesday and found 128 dogs and one cat in deplorable conditions without food or water.

Bonnie Sheeman, 55, and her passenger, Pamela King-McCracken, 59, were arrested. The women told police they were moving the animal shelter to Roanoke, Virginia.

Two dozen dogs were loose inside the truck and many others were crammed together in animal carriers.

Sheeman founded Hearts For Hounds Rescue in Long Beach in 1997. The organization’s website is down for maintenance, but their Facebook page says they have rescued 12,000 dogs since Hearts For Hounds was founded.

Comments (7)
  1. Rooney says:

    Put her and her friend in the truck with all the feces for 24 hours without food or water. Oh, you might put a python in there with them.

  2. ransomlb says:

    I used to be a vet tech and one thing that I quickly realized is…the people that devote their lives to “rescuing animals” are NUTS!!!

    Every single one of them are! If, for one second they think that craming all those animals into the back of a U-Haul just is humane….they are crazy!

  3. Katie says:

    ransom, your comment is completely false and even more so offensive. I am perfectly normal, a female engineer with a masters degree, and I devote much of my life to saving dogs because I can’t stand that we kill 3-4 million every year.

    If saving lives makes me crazy, well then I’m crazy.

    1. Bryan Kaye says:

      I need saving- Pam stole over $ 180,000 from the HOA.
      She stole over $ 3,000 from me.

      Now I face homelessness and a Kelly Thomas future.

      Will you save me and my family!!!

  4. Bridget says:

    Why aren’t more people sticking up for Bonnie. I adopted my dog from her in 2009. The adoption facility was fine, she was fine, the dogs were fine. She has saved thousands of dogs through her adoption agency.

  5. aconcernedanimallover says:

    @ Bridget: I believe more people are not speaking up because of the violent response received from all the people who are ready to crucify these women without having any facts. But all one needs to do to see through this EXTREMELY FLAWED story is to read the reports coming from TN. In the same breath, the director of their SPCA says, “Most of the dogs were injured or emaciated and one was found dead Tuesday Jan. 17, 2012….”, and then half-way down the page this:
    Wingfield said generally the dogs were happy and appeared well fed and nourished.
    “Overall they’re healthy,” Wingfield said. “But if I just walked in and saw them (without knowing the history) I would say they came from a puppy mill.”

    ……SO WHICH IS IT? GET YOUR LIES STRAIGHT LADY! And walking in to a situation you know NOTHING about, then jumping to conclusions based on your own personal assumptions (not facts, investigation, research, etc) is completely unprofessional and just plain stupid. Who appointed this woman to her job? She obviously is not qualified for it. Oh and even better is how they say that they do not need volunteers, but ask people to donate money for “supplies”. You have got to be kidding me!

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