MOORPARK (CBS) — The men’s baseball program at Moorpark College, which gave rise to Major League Baseball stars like Dodger Gabe Kapler, may be shut down because of budget cuts.

The Ventura County College District Board of Trustees will vote Tuesday night whether to follow the college president’s recommendation to suspend Men’s Baseball.

Activists say suspension of a sports program at Moorpark College is like the kiss of death – over the past 10 years, seven sports suspended at the college have not returned to the campus.

It costs Moorpark College about $60,000 a year to run the baseball program, including salaries, umpires, equipment and travel.

Besides the cuts to Moorpark College’s athletics programs, trustees will also consider eliminating several programs like accounting, interior design and computer science. The district, which includes Ventura College and Oxnard College, faces a $6 million deficit in the next fiscal year.

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  1. James says:

    Why not some of these rich, rich ballplayers get together and keep these athletics programs going. Would this be a nice tax right off?? $60,000 a year, that’s pocket change to so many of them.

    1. fox mulder says:

      because you can’t make or depend on them on a regular basis…..mant of them do donate time and money but usually to the school they went to.

  2. Eric says:

    I think they need to consider all the huge salaries the Administration makes. 90-100k for the average administration position. Then add on to that their fat pensions that go on for life, yet 50k for baseball is to much. Whatever happened to football etc.
    Sad, we have to pay for all the illegal aliens, fat politician salaries, and bloated administration salaries, and then you wonder why your kids cant go to college.

    1. Smith-Garcia says:

      There are only 800,000 in LA of a 2,400,000 population costs each citizen about $550 a year.
$1,660,000 spent each day on them in just LA
$22,000,000,000 spent on them by the state
1/4 of the state budget is spent on them for education, they are 50% of the students in CA and the education budget for the state is 50% of the budget.
They closed 76 western state hospitals, why is health care so costly?
HOW’s that sanctuary state thing going?

      % Mexicans California
      Dunnigan, 100.00 %
      Helm, 97.97 %
      Heber, 88.06 %
      Calexico,87.47 %
      Huron, 87.39 %
      Coachella, 87.11 %
      Lost Hills, 85.12 %
      Kettleman City,85.05 %
      Mecca,84.27 %.
      Five Points, 83.86 %

  3. fox mulder says:

    Chop away….school has ended up costing way to much for many to even go for an education. If it is that important try the pay to play method and let business donate to help if they like.

  4. Smith-Garcia says:

    Boycott all colleges for a year and the salaries will go down.

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