Controversy Surrounds Impound Reforms Designed To Help Illegal Immigrants

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Angry Angelenos voiced their concerns Tuesday night at a meeting of the Los Angeles Police Commission over plans to stop seizing vehicles of unlicensed drivers who are stopped at DUI checkpoints.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck designed the reforms to remedy what he says is an unfair burden that impounds place on illegal immigrants, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The practice of impounding the cars of most unlicensed drivers was always aimed at illegal immigrants, according to immigration advocates. A majority of unlicensed drivers are believed to be illegal immigrants who do not qualify for a California driver’s license.

Beck says the hundreds of dollars in fees and fines that must be paid to retrieve an impounded car and the disruption to illegal immigrants’ jobs is an unfair blow to people “who are a valuable asset to our community and who have very limited resources,” the Times reports.

The police union, along with victim’s rights advocates, are fiercely opposed to the plan, which they say may allow dangerous drivers to remain on the road.

The new rules would allow unlicensed drivers with a clean record call someone with a license, who would then be allowed to drive the car away.

  • George

    How stupid. They’re illegal. Take their car, pocket the money for the services they’ve received at no charge, and send em back to where they came from. What an idiot LAPD chief we have. How about upholding the law; these people are illegal!!!!

    • ferni

      look buddy, these people are human just like you and me, and deserve respect and the same rights that we have, “do you think that God is going to say oh you are illegal you dont belong in heaven” do you understand be humble and stop being selffish.

  • Otis J

    Let’s all just stop playing by the rules…
    I’m going to tear up my license, cancel my insurance and just stop paying the registration!
    If this is the way it is, I’m going to get down with the new system!

  • Steve

    The continued pandering to ILLEGAL immigrants by elected officials is nothing short of sickening. It is a slap in the face to all the honest, hardworking, taxpaying citizens of this great nation. Consider that, as an ILLEGAL immigrant, our country affords the following perks…

    Free medical care for life
    Free education for life
    Immunity from ALL criminal prosecution
    Freedom from paying ANY taxes

    Name just one of these perks that taxpaying citizens receive. This is SO backwards and SO wrong.

    Name one other country where you are better off being there illegally.

    One last thought… Before you start typing your angry response, please note that I made not one reference to a particular race, color or creed. Why??? Because I don’t give a hoot what race, color or creed you are. I care that you are here illegally, living off my hard earned taxpayer dollars and receiving total and complete immunity from criminal prosecution.

    • buzz

      Steve you are 100 percent correct. Well stated.

    • Teri Newman


    • Just Me

      I agree with you 100%

  • John

    Beck says the hundreds of dollars in fees and fines that must be paid to retrieve an impounded car and the disruption to illegal immigrants’ jobs is an unfair blow to people “who are a valuable asset to our community and who have very limited resources,”
    That statement proves that Beck is more concerned about illegal aliens than LA taxpayers. No doubt the mayor is behind this 100%.
    GREAT!!!! Then the LAPD can pay my uninsured motorist bill.

  • Tom

    This is all wrong. Unlicensed drivers means no insurance. No insurance means no registration. Who pays for this? The person who is licensed and insured pays for it thats who. Why have laws? The law is supposed to e equitable. I see a court challenge to this. I say anybody illegal or legal that is driving with no license should have their car impounded and they do not get it back. They are a menace to society.

  • FreindlyMexAmerican

    Ive had my car impounded 3 or 4 times. I fit the description, Mexican, shaved head under 35. I gotta say it was the hardest times in my life. I had saved my money to bye these cheap cars that attracted police. Tail light broken or something of that sort would always get me pulled over. They wanted $800 from the impound yard all at once. I didn’t have that kind of money to get my cars out. My loss. car police and auctioned.
    Truth is I am a Mexican who was born at Nellis Airforce Base in Nevada, which , makes me more American then a lot of other Mexicans out there since my father was in the Airforce. I was stereo typed and taken advantage of from the city police. It’s true that it’s not fair. Maybe not for all of us, but some of us mean well, and would give our lives for our families and what ever we have to do to survive..Love the USA, hate the Prejudice Around the World…..

    • Disgusted in LA

      Hey Friendly…Your car was towed becuase you did not have a license to drive that car, and no inurance or registration…HAS NOTHING TO DO W/WHAT SKIN COLOR THE COPS SAW, they saw a vehicle w/faulty equipment and pulled you over like they have done to me when i have had a tail light out,etc (Oh and I am a white 30 year old female so I can’t CLAIM the race card) only difference is I have a valid drivers license so my car was not impounded!!


    • Mehilindosono

      If you quak like a duck you are a duck. Consider NOT shaving your head because instantly, you’re a gang banger or associated with such to not only police, but the rest of society. As much as you think you’re not, you are your own worst enemy. But, gang banger thug style and looks have become the norm in Mex/Mexican American culture. What can you do. You’ll blame everyone else but yourself, typical.

      I dont get pulled over homie, because I dont have the pinta and cops can tell when you have even a hint of thug in you.

      • Just Me


      • FreindlyMexAmerican

        I think you failed to notice I wrote been good for ten years now:) Still with the shaved head, just drive better cars:) Life is a lot better with more money. Even if you fit the discription.If you think about it, the majority of our military and police have shaved heads. So what gives? Point is impounding cars and auctioning them will not help you or society. If anything it helps the police dept buy new Chargers and Suburbans which I’m not against.. just saying lil homito!

  • Linda

    Hey Beck, what about the burden these illegals put on the American taxpayer ? How about you stop coddling these illegals and uphold the laws of the USA or quit your job and let someone do it that will.

  • John

    Hey, FriendlyMexAmerica, if you don’t have a license, don’t drive. It’s easy.

  • melody

    If you drive without a license YOU SHOULD LOSE YOUR CAR, illegal or not. How many people are victims of illegal drivers w/ no license each year who can’t read in their native language let alone read road signs printed in English? How many times does this occur and then the person who shouldn’t have been driving here in the first place just up and effs off back to Mexico? This is crazy. I don’t care what color you are or where you were born, if you don’t have a driver’s license USE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION!!! Driving is a PRIVILEGE not a CIVIL RIGHT!

  • FreindlyMexAmerican

    Ok John. I wont drive anymore with out a license. I have one now and its been good for 10 years now. I think it;s because I make over 75k a year now, and I am able to afford a car that doesn’t attract the cops. Point was that it’s really hard to live in California and prosper with out a car. I know you are a square who thinks no license no drive but hay every girl likes a bad boy right? Try to be a good person, and Ile try better too!

    • Jihad

      Whether you are legal or not, driving is a privilege granted by the state. You are so full of it. I know a lot of hispanic males who drive buckets, look very, very ethnic, broken or very little english however they obey the driving laws, have a license, liability insurance and guess what the police don’t impound their cars because they have not broken the driving laws. Get it? Stop being a sympathizer. The opposite of order is disorder/chaos. There can be no liberty without laws. Freedom comes with great responsibility. Stop playing the race card.

      • Just Me

        Say it again, they don’t understand

  • Scott

    What’s the hassle, just go to the local shopping center and steal another car.

  • Chuey

    How about calling it something different. Let us say that we tow the car for “safekeeping”? as opposed to “IMPOUNDING”. That way, any personal articles will not be stolen from the vehicle (if left on the street) and save the city from endless tort claims. This is a matter of Law & order…not public relations.

  • FreindlyMexAmerican

    Scott. You guys get all mad when I do that:)

  • Luis

    This is ridiculous. How is impounding a car of an illegal any more harsh than a citizen’s? The point in question is about driving, not someone’s legality to be in the nation. That is another matter altogether that a person needs to be charged for. Driving is NOT a right. It is a privilege. We test to show our ability to safely drive a car. We obtain insurance to show we can pay for damages that we incur with our heavy machinery transportation. There is no RIGHT, citizen or not, to drive. You must prove you are capable and possess the ability to pay for your damages. That someone illegal can not obtain this is not harsh, it’s part of the system. No special exemptions need be given for the safety of our roads and freeways.

    • Just Me

      This is so true, this public meeting was a joke and the ILLEGAL is going to win again and the US CITIZEN is going to lose again.

  • Delaware Bob

    STOP PANDERING TO ILLEGAL ALIENS! Impound the cars! Illegal aliens have NO RIGHT to be in tihs country!

  • allan gehr

    illegal mexicans not like our laws go home . im tired of illegal mexicans demanding this that . its more than just no DL they also dont know how to drive read road sighs [ english ] have no auto insurance , etc etc . im also sick tired of push 1 for english etc etc . this boo who who has to end . deport , put n=more guards border .

  • Gina Newton

    if you’re illegal you have no rights end of story…this is the thing we liberal Americans keep forgetting…although I am appalled by the racism in this county in the year 2012 (which I would have hoped we could be better people by now) I do not believe we should keep catering to people who continue to break the law by not getting a green card (and this goes for other illegal immigrants, mexicans aren’t the only ones here illegally you know). I don’t understand how can continue to allow the protesting, the demand for civil rights and the constant disregard for our laws by illegal immigrants in this country, California has to be the worse..we cater to them kiss their behinds and walk on water to make them feel as if they are still in their country..b.s. you’re here..get a green card..speak english…pay taxes…pay for insurance…get a license…be productive and for goodness sake..teach your kids to work for the american dream..not stand in line and get all you can for free…we definitely need to get a handle on the immigration problems in this county UGH!

  • Thomas Rollins

    I think it’s time for the citizens of California to recall the eclected officals that support giving them purks and put someone in office that will enforce the law because I’m tired of the over crowded schools, higher taxes and having to pay for mexican insurance..

  • Susi

    If I knew they were going to be so laxed about anything that has to do with illegals, 10 years ago i would’ve thought twice about going through hell and back, just to get my green card. Now a citizen (which also took some work and dedication) I’m even more angry about this whole thing.
    I am so sick and tired of our mayor putting the illegals in front of the people who pay taxes and contribute to the city. And I’m even more tired of our stupid mayor filling up the head of every single LAPD Chief with garbage because we all know Beck was NOT like this when he started.

  • Edgar Friendly

    How about the fact that all of us who play by the rules get penalized with higher car insurance rates than we deserve, to make up for all these “disadvantaged” folks driving without licenses…because most of them don’t have insurance, either… I, for one, am tired of it.

  • Blupearl

    Why are the paying citizens constantly being held hostage and paying in one way or another for the crimes committed by the illegal immagrants in this country. They can apply for grants that my child can’t get. They now can get more free health care that is coming out of my pay check. The also are allowed Social Security Benefits. Now they are trying to give them back a vehicle without paying the cost. I tired of the mayor taking care of the illegal and not the paying citizens. Can’t wait till we elect a new mayor.

  • Lisa

    So if I am injured in an accident caused by a person driving without a license and no insurance will the City pay for my injuries if it is an illegal immigrant

    • Disgusted in LA

      Only if YOU YOURSELF IS AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT INJURED IN THAT CRASH!!! Then the city will buy you a new car, pay you tons of cash and well kiss you ass while doing all that too!! But if you are a licensed US-Citizen, you are tough out of luck and by the way your insurance rates will go up to cuz you had to make a claim against your own policy (which we are required to have uninsured motorist on) cuz the Mayor and Chief thinks insurance is unfair for illegal to have to buy!!

  • Chris

    The 30 day Impound Law did keep unlicensed drivers off the road, just the thought of the fines & fee’s attached to being caught was enough detterent for some people who do not have a license, now to “CATER TO ILLEGAL MEXICANS”, the rest of the unlicensed drivers will get behind the wheel of cars becuase they won’t be facing the impound fees. THIS IS ABSOLUTLY RIDICULOUS!!! Whether you are here illegally or legally and don’t have a license YOU CAN TAKE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION TO & FROM WORK, ETC YOU DO NOT HAVE TO (NOR SHOULD YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO) DRIVE A CAR AND PUT OTHER MOTORISTS AT RISK. SAYING this law is aimed at ILELGAL MEXICANS is a SHAM its AIMED AT ENYONE WHO HAS NO LICENSE. LA already has some of the most dangerous roads in the state why are you making it a free for all and even more dangerous. IF THE MAYOR would mind his own business and stop trying to run the police dept (which he has not training to do!) and just let the CHIEF DO HIS JOB OF ENFORCING (NOT CHANGING) THE LAWS OF THE STATE THAN THIS B.S. changing of Policy would not be happening, the Chief really doesn’t agree with this he is just the Mayors puppet unfortunatly!! GET RID OF THE MAYOR!!!

    • icecream

      Do you mean Mayor Viva La Raza and his hand puppet ?

  • icecream

    When will our government leaders start representing the interests of United States Citizens and those who are here LEGALLY ???
    We are so sick of these pandering “Vote Wh0res” sucking up to people who have absolutely no respect for our laws and our culture.


    No disrespect intended to those countries, but we must FIRST devote allegiance to THIS COUNTRYand OUR PEOPLE.

  • The Truth

    My daughter was rear ended while stopped at a red light by a Mexican man that fled the accident scene in his beat up old sedan. My daughter now has to come up with a $1,000 deductable to claim it under her uninsured motorist coverage. The damage was estimated at $4,000. The police said the man was probably an illegal alien with no license, no car insurance and possible drunk since it was Friday at 5pm. What else can we reward illegal aliens with, winning the lottery.

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