LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Southland residents are celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day just one day after the civil rights activist would have turned 83 years old.

Thousands are expected to spend the day fixing up schools, helping veterans and planting trees.

The 27th Annual Kingdom Day Parade, which starts at Western Avenue and Martin Luther King Boulevard, also kicked off at 11 a.m.

Roughly 30 marching bands, 23 drill teams and 20 floats will travel the parade route, which heads west on Martin Luther King to Crenshaw Boulevard, then south to Vernon Avenue before concluding at Leimert Park.

All federal, state, county and city offices, as well as post offices, schools and banks, will be closed.

Metrolink trains, buses and subways, however, are all running on their regular schedules.

Roughly 200,000 documents relating to Martin Luther King Jr. are also available to view online through the King Center Imaging Project.

Comments (19)
  1. MLK 2012 says:

    M. Obama for President 2016!

    1. Tango 99 says:

      Crime was down during the parade. All the mudflaps were busy acting like there good people. After the parade, LAPD and the Sheriffs Office reported a spike in crime.


    BANE rap and hip-hop it is satanic music because it causes latinos and blacks to gang bang and kill each other.

    1. Peaches says:

      Really? What effect does Heavy Metal have? Bird brain.

  3. mary says:

    i am a black woman and i will say WHY DO WE HONOR THIS MAN WHO WAS A KNOWN ASSOC. OF COMUNISTS AND GAVE INTERVIEWS TO PLAYBOY AND WHO OFTEN CHEATED ON HIS WIFE HE WAS NOT A GOOD MAN. did he do a few good things in his life SURE but so have millions of other people of all races do we honor all of them NO WE DO NOT. don’t belive what i am saying about his comunist ties? interview with playboy? and affairs on his wife?? read this page and see for your self

    1. kandles says:

      Could one of you left-wing intellectuals kindly tell us who hunter pitts o’dell was??

      1. dave says:

        he was a high ranking member of the civil rights movement and a known member of the comunist party

      2. Peaches says:

        Google him! Why would we want to explain anything to you, wrong wing.

    2. Peaches says:

      He without sin………
      You must be perfect.

  4. b please says:

    dont believe everything you read thats whats wrong with everyone they believe whatever they hear oh and mary you sound like a white woman i dont believe a black person posted this

    1. mary says:

      so just because i am black i am suppose to ignore the facts??
      FACT 2 of his top level aides were part of the comunist party. maybe he was not him self a comunist but he took advice from them and that has to have had an impact on his decisions.
      FACT he gave interviews to PLAYBOY. remember his title was REV. as such he should not have had any part of placing his words in a magizine like playboy.
      FACT he cheated many many times on his wife again something a REV. should not do
      i admit he did lots of good for civil rights BUT SO WHAT he was not the ONLY one involved in that fight so he should not have a holiday dedicated soley to him. HE WAS NOT A GOOD MAN, MINISTER OR HUSBAND and THAT is why i do not honor him there is NOTHING about the MAN worth honoring

      1. Peaches says:

        Were you there when he cheated? Some balcks still live on the plantation. Live your life; oneday you will be free.

      2. Peaches says:

        You don’t have to celebrate Dr.King, in fact we don’t want your support. But remember this, blacks were slaves when the Constitution was written.

    2. Peaches says:

      SPEAK THE TRUTH. Either she is an Aunt Tom. Remeber Uncle Tom’s Cabin?

      1. Peaches says:

        Spellcheck, remember.

  5. Frustrated American says:

    In honor of MLK Day I thought this video updating the current struggle in 2012 was really interesting:

  6. UNCLE CRACKER says:


    1. Peaches says:

      Uncle Cracker you are America’s Misfortunes

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