LOS ANGELES (CBS) — An auction of foreclosed homes in downtown Los Angeles was briefly interrupted Friday by a group of protesters affiliated with a nationwide anti-Wall Street campaign.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports the disruption from the “Occupy LA” protesters didn’t last very long.

Nearly a dozen demonstrators made their way into the Auction.com sale being held in a ballroom at the downtown Sheraton and began yelling “Shame on you!” and “Somebody lives there!”.

Hotel security and LAPD bike officers quickly moved in and escorted the protesters about 90 seconds after the disruption began.

“Obviously they have a First Amendment right to free speech but that does not extend inside a private location, which is what this is,” said Central Division Capt. Horace Frank.

“We basically warned them of what the consequences were, what the rules were, and they subsequently ended up leaving.”

No arrests were made.

Despite the setback, about 35 members of the Occupy group continued its demonstration outside the hotel at the 7th and Hope Street, where activist Carlos Marroquin openly questioned what he called an illegal foreclosure process by the banks.

“Some of ’em are people that are going through a modification period and banks are selling their homes right behind their backs,” said Marroquin.

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  1. hello100blog says:

    Reblogged this on Hello100blog.

  2. sixfive says:

    Not on private property they dont……………….

  3. Marie says:

    good luck to you and thank you occupy wall street these investors and Judges as well as others involved in this travisty need to be exposed!

    1. jmz says:

      I know how dare banks buy the property, pay for a house to be built on it, sell the house and expect to be paid. dont the evil banks know that people have a right to housing they cant afford!? i mean sure banks loose money on forclosures, and sure the people who bought the houses and signed the contracts KNEW that they could not afford the houses. but hey whats personal responsibility when you get to steal huh ows

      OWS=99% OF THE PROBLEM!!!

      1. Silvano says:

        Posted on If you could e-mail me with a few snsoegtigus on just how you made your blog look this excellent, I would be grateful.

  4. Edward says:

    Don’t you agree that a lender has an obligation to make sure the price is right and that the buyer can repay the loan?

    I think the blame is 50-50, lender and buyer/owner.

  5. steve says:

    Wow, a whole dozen losers Is this really news worthy or does the liberal media have an agenda?

  6. california politics 2011 says:

    Unless dramatic cuts are made to social programs, education, and bloated bureaucracy, this state is clearly headed toward bankruptcy. Also corporate welfare has to end and the tax breaks should instead be focused at small growing businesses.

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